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Exam Code: 70-412
Exam Name: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSA: Windows Server 2012, MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure, MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSE: Server Infrastructure

2016 70-412 NEW Test Skills:

1.Configure and manage high availability
2.Configure file and storage solutions
3.Implement business continuity and disaster recovery
4.Configure Network Services
5.Configure the Active Directory infrastructure
6.Configure Identity and Access Solutions

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2016 NEW ADDED 70-412 Questions and Answers:

You have a server named Server1.
A Microsoft Azure Backup of Server1 is created automatically every day.
You rename Server1 to Server2.
You discover that backups are no longer created in Azure.
You need to backup the server to Azure.
What should you do?

A.    From the Azure Management Portal, upload the Server2 certificate as a management certificate.
B.    On Server2, run the Start-OBRegistration cmdlet.
C.    On Server2, run the Add-WBBackupTarget cmdlet.
D.    From the Azure Management Portal, modify the configuration on the backup vault.

Answer: B

You need to verify whether a DNS response from a DNS server is signed by DNSSEC.
What should you run?

A.    Nslookup.exe
B.    Dnscmd.exe
C.    Get-NetIPAddress
D.    Resolve-DNSName

Answer: D

Your network contains One Active Directory forest named adatum.com.
The forest contains a single domain.
The site topology for the forest is shown in th exhibit (Click the Exhibit button).
Each site contains one domain controller. Site link bridging is disabled.
You need to ensure that changes made to Site1 replicate to Site5 within one replication cycle.
What should you create?

A.    A site link bridge
B.    A subnet
C.    A site
D.    A site link

Answer: A
By creating a direct site-link between Site1 and Site5 changes made in Site1 can be replicated in one cycle to Site5.

You have the following microsoft azure backup policy
backup schedule : 9:00am, 12:00 pm,11:00 pm
every day
every 1 week(s)
dslist : {datasource
policyname : f77828d2-69b6-4c4b-b98a-e5e20d9ab7e9
retentionpolicy : retention days : 30
week1yltrsschedule :
days: monday
times: 12:00:00,
retentention weeks: 60
month1yltrschedule :
days of month : [last,monday]
times: 23:00:00
retentention weeks: 90
yearly ltrschedule :
yearly schedule is not set
state : existing
policystate : valid
Answer Area:
Of the backups that are created daily at 9:00, a maximum of recovery points will be available for restore _____
– 30
– 60
– 90
– 122
– 366
– 512
If a backup is performed on monday,january 31, at 9:00,the backup will be retained for _____
– 30 days
– 60 weeks
– 90 month
Answer: – 30  – 30 days

You havea dns server named server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
You need to disable recursion on Server1
What are three possible ways to achive the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Create a reverse lookup zone named 0.in-addr.arpa.
B.    Create a forward lookup zone named globalnames
C.    From dns manager,modify the advanced properties of server1
D.    From dns manager,modify the forwarders properties of server1
E.    Create a forward lookup zones named “”
F.    Run dnscmd.exe and specify the /config parameter

Answer: CDF

Your network uses the address space.
You are configuring video conferencing infrastructure.
You need to configure the dhcp server to lease ip address for multicast address for video conferencing.
What command should you run on the dhcp server? To answer,select the apprperiate options in the answer area
add-dhcpserverv4multicastscope -name “vc scope” -startscope
[Start Range] [End Range]
fd80:: fe80:
ff00:: ff02:

Your network contans one active directory domain named contoso.com.
The domain contains two servers named Server1 and Server2 that run Windows Server 2012 R2.
You perform daily backups of the data on Server1 to microsoft azure.
You need to restore the data from the 1st backup of Server1 to Server2.
What should you do first?

A.    On Server2, install the azure backup agent.
B.    In the domain, add server1 to the backup operators group.
C.    From the azure management portal, modify the configuration of the backup vault.
D.    On Server2, install the windows server backup feature.

Answer: A
Assuming you have the credentials for the vault.

You have DHCP server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
Server1 has two scope production and development.
Currently, all DHCP clients register their host name in a dns zone named contoso.com.
You need to ensure that only the clients that obtain an ip address from the development scope, register their host name in a dns zone named dev.contoso.com.
What should you do?

A.    Modify the advanced settings of the dhcp server.
B.    Run the set-dhcpserver4scope cmdlet.
C.    Modify the dns settings of the development scope.
D.    Run the add-dhcpserver4policy cmdlet.

Answer: D

Your network contains one active directory domain.
The domain contains the servers configured as shown in the following table.
server1 domain controllers
dns server
server2 domain controllers
dns server
server3 dns server
server1 hasthe zones shown in the following table:
zone name zone type Isautocreated Isdsintegrated Isreverselookupzone Issigned
adatum.com primary false false false false
contoso.com primary false true false false
litwareinc.com secondary false true false false
server3 has the following output:
zone name zone type Isautocreated Isdsintegrated Isreverselookupzone Issigned
contoso.com secondary false true false false
litwareinc.com primary false true false false
use the drop down list must select the answer choice that completes each assignment.
—you can protect [answer choice] by using dnssec:
only adatum.com
only contoso.com
only litwareinc.com
only contoso.com and adatum.com
contoso.com,adatum.com and litwareinc.com
—on server1,you configure permissions for the contoso.com zone. the permission will be efficitive on [answer choice]:
server1 only
server1 and server2 only
server1 and server3 only
server1,server2 and server3.
Answer: only contoso.com, server1,server2 and server3.

Your network contains an active directory domain anmed contoso.com.
The domain contains the server named server1 that runs Sindows Server 2012 R2.
Server1 has the active directory rights management services server role installed.
The domain contains a domain local group named group1
You create a rights policy template named template1.
You need to ensure that all the members of group1 can use template1.
What should you do?

A.    Convert the scope of group1 to universal and assign group1 the rights to template1
B.    Convert the scope of group1 to global and configure the email address attribute of group1.
C.    Configure the email address attribute of group1 and configure the email address attribute of all the users are members of group1.
D.    Configure the email address of all the users who are members of group1 and assign group1 the rights to template1.

Answer: D

Your network contains two Web servers named Server1 and Server2.
Both servers run Windows Server 2012 R2.
Server1 and Server2 are nodes in a Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster.
The NLB cluster contains an application named App1 that is accessed by using the URL
You plan to perform maintenance on Server1.
You need to ensure that all new connections to App1 are directed to Server2.
The solution must not disconnect the existing connections to Server1.
What should you run?

A.    The Set-NlbCluster cmdlet
B.    The nlb.exe suspend command
C.    The nlb.exe stop command
D.    The Suspend-NlbClusterNode cmdlet

Answer: D

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