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A hardware compatibility list recommends striping with double parity as storage for an application. In a test environment, a technician realizes that a different RAID level can be used to compensate for a limited number of available disks. Which of the following is the closest RAID level the technician should deploy while minimizing the number of disks and maintaining fault tolerance?

A.    0
B.    1
C.    5
D.    10

Answer: C

An emergency power off accidentally occurs in a datacenter during a fire alarm test. On recovery, the server administrator notices that an external storage array is performing consistency checks on all the volumes configured in the array. Which of the following components of the storage array has MOST likely failed or faulted?

A.    Redundant controller
B.    Cold spare drive
C.    Battery backed cache
D.    Cache memory modules

Answer: C

Which of the following is an example of the principle of least privilege and is the MOST secure when granting access to a shared network drive used by the Accounting department?

A.    Grant appropriate permissions to only users in the Accounting department for both the share and NTFS
B.    Grant all users full control permissions for the share only
C.    Grant the Accounting department full control for the share and appropriate NTFS permissions
D.    Grant modify permissions to the Accounting department and deny NTFS permissions to all other users

Answer: A

Which of the following methods should a technician perform to properly clear a hard drive before disposal?

A.    Delete the FAT
B.    Zero all block sectors
C.    Delete the partition
D.    Zero the NTFS journal

Answer: B

A server unexpectedly shut down as a result of overheating. An alert was sent to the administrator’s email address but the administrator was away from the workstation when the alert arrived. Which of the following would have been a more effective method for sending the alert notification?

A.    Broadcast messages
B.    SMS messages
C.    Telephone calls
D.    Console notifications

Answer: B

A server technician in a datacenter configures a daemon to monitor the battery health in a UPS. Over a two day time period, the daemon generates a warning message. Which of the following represents the FIRST action that should be taken by the server technician?

A.    Perform a test on the UPS batteries
B.    Immediately replace the UPS batteries
C.    Move the servers connected to the UPS to another existing UPS
D.    Immediately replace the UPS with a new UPS

Answer: A

A server technician is performing a server installation. This server must be able to resolve host names for users running a variety of client operating systems. At a minimum, which of the following services should be enabled on the new server? (Select TWO).

A.    NAT
B.    DNS
C.    LDAP
D.    WINS
E.    SNMP
F.    DHCP

Answer: BD

A technician has finished installing the operating system on a new server and needs to provide IP addressing information. The server will be connected to the DMZ network. Devices on the network use a default gateway address of Which of the following is a valid IP address for a server in the DMZ network?


Answer: B

Clients cannot connect to the network. A technician determines that port 68 is not open. Which of the following protocols is being blocked?

A.    POP3
B.    DNS
C.    LDAP
D.    DHCP

Answer: D

Which of the following protocols can be used to perform configuration management on a remote server using the MOST secure methods? (Select TWO).

A.    SMTP
B.    DHCP
C.    RDP
D.    SSH
F.    DNS

Answer: CD


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