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Which of the following is a best practice used in relation to MTBF?

A. Determine backup schedule based on uptime requirements
B. Proactively replace components before they fail
C. Determine downtime to perform a system recovery
D. Reactively replace components after failure

Answer: B

A system administrator needs to spread data storage allocation across multiple physical drives and ensure that these are mapped properly to communicate with the virtual server farm. The administrator also needs the ability to quickly create or remove these mappings so data storage is not assigned without being used. Which of the following storage techniques would fit these requirements?

A. Virtual LUN
B. Subnet masking
C. Multipathing
D. Physical LUN

Answer: C

An administrator has enabled monitoring for a new tenant environment. The administrator checks 24 hours after the new environment has been added and sees data for other tenants’ environments but no data for the new environment. Which of the following has NOT been properly configured?

A. SNMP Community String
B. SNMP Destination IP Address
C. SNMP Manager IP Address
D. SNMP Trap

Answer: A

A system administrator is tasked to harden a server so that it is not accessible using HTTP. Which of the following tools or techniques should the administrator use to accomplish this? (Select two.)

A. Change default passwords on the server
B. Antivirus software
C. Encryption software
D. Disable port 80
E. Disable port 443
F. Firewall
G. Patch management server

Answer: DF

A technician is converting a company’s physical server to a virtual server. Which of the following should the technician do before migrating? (Select two.)

A. Assign server roles in the virtual environment.
B. Perform and verify a full system backup.
C. Perform and verify a full system snapshot.
D. Install guest management tools.
E. Ensure all applications are compatible in the virtual environment.

Answer: AE

A new contract requires software to be developed, tested, and implemented within a month. Which of the following levels of service would allow rapid provisioning and deployment?

A. Cloud bursting
B. PaaS
C. CaaS
D. BPaaS

Answer: B

Which of the following is a zone, within a network, that is MOST likely to be accessed by both internal and external hosts?

A. Intranet
D. Management VLAN

Answer: C

Which of the following would be considered use cases for Object-Based Storage? (Select two.)

A. Transactional database
B. Cloud-based storage
C. Web server platform
D. Data archival solution
E. Enterprise email services

Answer: BD

Which of the following terms describes a system where multiple storage controllers allow access to data in a cloud environment where it appears as a single storage system to the user?

A. Flexible volume
B. Paired storage
C. Virtualized storage
D. Shared volume

Answer: C

Which of the following is the BEST way to achieve network throughput on any host with existing NICs?

A. 802.3ad
B. 802.3x
C. 802.11n
D. 802.11i

Answer: A

An administrator needs to test that a service is responding to external requests. Which of the following tools can be used to accomplish this task?

A. ping
B. tracert/traceroute
C. telnet
D. ipconfig/ifconfig

Answer: A


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