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Joe, a user, wants to send Ann, another user, a confidential document electronically. Which of the following should Joe do to ensure the document is protected from eavesdropping?

A. Encrypt it with Joe’s private key
B. Encrypt it with Joe’s public key
C. Encrypt it with Ann’s private key
D. Encrypt it with Ann’s public key

Answer: D

A director of IR is reviewing a report regarding several recent breaches. The director compiles the following statistic’s
– Initial IR engagement time frame
– Length of time before an executive management notice went out
– Average IR phase completion
The director wants to use the data to shorten the response time. Which of the following would accomplish this?

B. Containment phase
C. Escalation notifications
D. Tabletop exercise

Answer: D

To reduce disk consumption, an organization’s legal department has recently approved a new policy setting the data retention period for sent email at six months. Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure this goal is met?

A. Create a daily encrypted backup of the relevant emails.
B. Configure the email server to delete the relevant emails.
C. Migrate the relevant emails into an “Archived” folder.
D. Implement automatic disk compression on email servers.

Answer: A

A security administrator is configuring a new network segment, which contains devices that will be accessed by external users, such as web and FTP server. Which of the following represents the MOST secure way to configure the new network segment?

A. The segment should be placed on a separate VLAN, and the firewall rules should be configured to allow external traffic.
B. The segment should be placed in the existing internal VLAN to allow internal traffic only.
C. The segment should be placed on an intranet, and the firewall rules should be configured to allow external traffic.
D. The segment should be placed on an extranet, and the firewall rules should be configured to allow both internal and external traffic.

Answer: A

Which of the following types of attacks precedes the installation of a rootkit on a server?

A. Pharming
C. Privilege escalation
D. DoS

Answer: C

Which of the following cryptographic algorithms is irreversible?

A. RC4
B. SHA-256

Answer: B

A security analyst receives an alert from a WAF with the following payload:
var data= “<test test test>” ++ <../../../../../../etc/passwd>”
Which of the following types of attacks is this?

A. Cross-site request forgery
B. Buffer overflow
C. SQL injection
D. JavaScript data insertion
E. Firewall evasion scipt

Answer: D

A workstation puts out a network request to locate another system. Joe, a hacker on the network, responds before the real system does, and he tricks the workstation into communicating with him. Which of the following BEST describes what occurred?

A. The hacker used a race condition.
B. The hacker used a pass-the-hash attack.
C. The hacker-exploited importer key management.
D. The hacker exploited weak switch configuration.

Answer: D

Audit logs from a small company’s vulnerability scanning software show the following findings:
Destinations scanned:
-Server001- Internal human resources payroll server
-Server101- Internet-facing web server
-Server201- SQL server for Server101
-Server301- Jumpbox used by systems administrators accessible from the internal network
Validated vulnerabilities found:
-Server001- Vulnerable to buffer overflow exploit that may allow attackers to install software -Server101- Vulnerable to buffer overflow exploit that may allow attackers to install software -Server201- OS updates not fully current
-Server301- Accessible from internal network without the use of jumpbox
-Server301- Vulnerable to highly publicized exploit that can elevate user privileges
Assuming external attackers who are gaining unauthorized information are of the highest concern, which of the following servers should be addressed FIRST?

A. Server001
B. Server101
C. Server201
D. Server301

Answer: B

A security analyst wants to harden the company’s VoIP PBX. The analyst is worried that credentials may be intercepted and compromised when IP phones authenticate with the BPX. Which of the following would best prevent this from occurring?

A. Implement SRTP between the phones and the PBX.
B. Place the phones and PBX in their own VLAN.
C. Restrict the phone connections to the PBX.
D. Require SIPS on connections to the PBX.

Answer: D

An organization is comparing and contrasting migration from its standard desktop configuration to the newest version of the platform. Before this can happen, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) voices the need to evaluate the functionality of the newer desktop platform to ensure interoperability with existing software in use by the organization. In which of the following principles of architecture and design is the CISO engaging?

A. Dynamic analysis
B. Change management
C. Baselining
D. Waterfalling

Answer: B

A security administrator suspects a MITM attack aimed at impersonating the default gateway is underway. Which of the following tools should the administrator use to detect this attack? (Select two.)

A. Ping
B. Ipconfig
C. Tracert
D. Netstat
E. Dig
F. Nslookup

Answer: BC

A user is presented with the following items during the new-hire onboarding process:
– Laptop
– Secure USB drive
– Hardware OTP token
– External high-capacity HDD
– Password complexity policy
– Acceptable use policy
– HASP key
– Cable lock
Which of the following is one component of multifactor authentication?

A. Secure USB drive
B. Cable lock
C. Hardware OTP token
D. HASP key

Answer: C

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