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IT systems should be designed to reduce interdependencies, so that a change or failure in one component does not cascade to other components.
This is an example of which principle of cloud architecture design?

A. Scalability
B. Loose coupling
C. Automation
D. Automatic scaling

Answer: B
Explanation: (20)

Which AWS service or feature can enhance network security by blocking requests from a particular network for a web application on AWS? (Choose two.)

B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. AWS Direct Connect
D. AWS Organizations
E. Network ACLs

Answer: AE

An application runs on multiple Amazon EC2 instances that access a shared file system simultaneously.
Which AWS storage service should be used?

A. Amazon EBS
B. Amazon EFS
C. Amazon S3
D. AWS Artifact

Answer: B

A web application is hosted on AWS using an Elastic Load Balancer, multiple Amazon EC2 instances, and Amazon RDS.
Which security measures fall under the responsibility of AWS? (Choose two.)

A. Running a virus scan on EC2 instances
B. Protecting against IP spoofing and packet sniffing
C. Installing the latest security patches on the RDS instance
D. Encrypting communication between the EC2 instances and the Elastic Load Balancer
E. Configuring a security group and a network access control list (NACL) for EC2

Answer: CD

What is the benefit of elasticity in the AWS Cloud?

A. Ensure web traffic is automatically spread across multiple AWS Regions.
B. Minimize storage costs by automatically archiving log data.
C. Enable AWS to automatically select the most cost-effective services.
D. Automatically adjust the required compute capacity to maintain consistent performance.

Answer: D

The continual reduction of AWS Cloud pricing is due to:

A. pay-as-you go pricing
B. the AWS global infrastructure
C. economies of scale
D. reserved storage pricing

Answer: C

A company needs an Amazon S3 bucket that cannot have any public objects due to compliance requirements.
How can this be accomplished?

A. Enable S3 Block Public Access from the AWS Management Console.
B. Hold a team meeting to discuss the importance if only uploading private S3 objects.
C. Require all S3 objects to be manually approved before uploading.
D. Create a service to monitor all S3 uploads and remove any public uploads.

Answer: A

A Cloud Practitioner identifies a billing issue after examining the AWS Cost and Usage report in the AWS Management Console.
Which action can be taken to resolve this?

A. Open a detailed case related to billing and submit it to AWS Support for help.
B. Upload data describing the issue to a new object in a private Amazon S3 bucket.
C. Create a pricing application and deploy it to a right-sized Amazon EC2 instance for more information.
D. Proceed with creating a new dashboard in Amazon QuickSight.

Answer: B

What does the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator do?

A. Compares on-premises costs to colocation environments
B. Estimates monthly billing based on projected usage
C. Estimates power consumption at existing data centers
D. Estimates CPU utilization

Answer: B

Who is responsible for patching the guest operating system for Amazon RDS?

A. The AWS Product team
B. The customer Database Administrator
C. Managed partners
D. AWS Support

Answer: B

Which AWS services may be scaled using AWS Auto Scaling? (Choose two.)

A. Amazon EC2
B. Amazon DynamoDB
C. Amazon S3
D. Amazon Route 53
E. Amazon Redshift

Answer: AB

Which of the following are benefits of AWS Global Accelerator? (Choose two.)

A. Reduced cost to run services on AWS
B. Improved availability of applications deployed on AWS
C. Higher durability of data stored on AWS
D. Decreased latency to reach applications deployed on AWS
E. Higher security of data stored on AWS

Answer: BD

A user who wants to get help with billing and reactivate a suspended account should submit an account and billing request to:

A. the AWS Support forum
B. AWS Abuse
C. an AWS Solutions Architect
D. AWS Support

Answer: D

Which AWS Cloud best practice uses the elasticity and agility of cloud computing?

A. Provision capacity based on past usage and theoretical peaks
B. Dynamically and predictively scale to meet usage demands
C. Build the application and infrastructure in a data center that grants physical access
D. Break apart the application into loosely coupled components

Answer: B
In a traditional computing environment, you provision capacity based on an estimate of a theoretical maximum peak. This can result in periods where expensive resources are sitting idle or occasions of insufficient capacity. With cloud computing, you can access as much or as little capacity as you need and dynamically scale to meet actual demand, while only paying for what you use.

Which method helps to optimize costs of users moving to the AWS Cloud?

A. Paying only for what is used
B. Purchasing hardware before it is needed
C. Manually provisioning cloud resources
D. Purchasing for the maximum possible load

Answer: A

Under the AWS shared responsibility model, which of the following is a customer responsibility?

A. Installing security patches for the Xen and KVM hypervisors
B. Installing operating system patches for Amazon DynamoDB
C. Installing operating system security patches for Amazon EC2 database instances
D. Installing operating system security patches for Amazon RDS database instances

Answer: C

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