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A user moves a file from one NTFS disk to another NTFS disk. Which of the following describes the changes to the file permissions?

A. The file has both the source and destination permissions
B. The file keeps the source permissions
C. The file permissions have to be set manually
D. The file receives the destination permissions

Answer: A

A customer recently lost data because it was accidentally deleted. The customer calls a technician and asks to have a Windows backup solution installed. The customer needs to ensure all company data is backed up and quickly recoverable every time a change is made. Which of the following solutions would the technician MOST likely recommend? (Choose two.)

A. File level
B. Bare metal
C. Snapshot
D. Shadow Copy
E. Critical applications
F. Image level

Answer: CD

A technician is updating a Windows computer to the latest OS version. The customer does not want to lose any settings or have to reinstall any programs. Which of the following installation types should a technician use to meet the customer’s requirements?

A. In-place
B. Unattended
C. Clean
D. Repair

Answer: A

A user browses to a company’s intranet page and receives an invalid certificate message. A technician discovers the certificate has expired. A new certificate is put in place and installed on the user’s computer; however, the user still receives the same message when going to the intranet page. The technician tries with a third-party browser and connects without error. The technician needs to make sure the old certificate is no longer used in Internet Explorer. Which of the following Internet Options should the technician use to ensure the old certificate is removed?

A. Advanced
B. Clear SSL state
C. Publishers
D. Certificates

Answer: D

A technician is creating a network topology diagram. Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate to include? (Choose two.)

A. A list of network addresses for each device
B. A list of the ports on each device and what they are connected to
C. Technical specifications and performance ratings for the devices
D. Settings, configuration details, and notes on proper operations
E. A list of devices that need replacement within the next 6-12 months
F. The MAC address and serial number of each device on the network

Answer: AB

A remotely managed self-checkout machine in a retail store runs Windows 10. The image contains drivers for locally attached third-party hardware (i.e., receipt printers), third-party applications, and proprietary applications made by the company’s IT department. The self-checkout machine is experiencing errors, and the store employees are instructed to reload the OS. Which of the following would be the BEST option to restore full functionality to this machine with the least administrative effort?

C. Thin client
D. Network boot

Answer: A

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is giving a presentation at an industry conference but forgot to bring a laptop. The company has emailed several large presentation files and the links to several videos that will be streamed during the presentation. While showing the last video, it starts to buffer, times out, and will not display. The CEO restarts the phone that is being used for the presentation and verifies there is enough free storage space, but the video still will not play. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A. Data transmission over limit
B. Unauthorized account access
C. Resource over use
D. Unintended Bluetooth pairing

Answer: A

A desktop technician is responsible for the OS migration of 300 end users. As part of the migration, the technician must save the end users’ data to a temporary shared drive. The data must include any hidden files to ensure 100% of the data is retained. Which of the following commands will achieve this result by default?

A. robocopy
B. copy
C. xcopy
D. cp

Answer: A

A technician needs to connect to a server using a secure terminal application. The technician must be able to reboot the server quickly and restart all the daemons with this application. Which of the following methods will the technician MOST likely use? (Choose two.)

B. Telnet
C. Putty
E. Remote Assistance

Answer: AF

A technician is alerted to a virus on a PC. The technician isolates the PC from the network. After verifying there are no other infected PCs on the network, which of the following is the SAFEST method for the technician to use to clean the infected PC?

A. Download and apply the security patch that addresses the vulnerability that was exploited
B. Use System Restore to bring the PC back to a previous restore point
C. Reimage the computer and update it with all the latest patches
D. Download another antivirus software that will quarantine the virus

Answer: C

A network administrator audited applications on a user’s desktop and noticed a program used to sync a mobile device to the desktop’s calendar. To ensure corporate data is not exchanged to cloud servers, which of the following mobile security methods should be implemented?

A. Remote wipe
B. Device encryption
C. Biometric authentication
D. Enterprise sandbox

Answer: D

Joe, a user, is unable to log into a laptop using his proper network credentials because of an incorrect username or password. However, Joe is able to log in without issue to a coworker’s PC using his credentials. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The administrator account was disabled during the installation of the OS
B. The laptop was not joined to the domain when the OS was installed
C. The laptop’s hard drive was formatted with FAT32 during the OS installation
D. The OS was not installed with the correct drivers for the laptop’s input devices

Answer: B

A customer’s computer was turned off overnight. When the customer restarts the computer, an advanced startup menu is displayed. The startup repair option is unsuccessful and causes the computer to reboot repeatedly until the advanced startup screen reappears. Which of the following should a technician attempt FIRST?

A. Go back to the previous build
B. Refresh the PC
C. Run System Restore
D. Perform System Image Recovery
E. Reset the PC

Answer: C

Ann, an employee, has been trying to use a company-issued mobile device to access an internal fileshare while traveling abroad. She restarted the device due to a mobile OS update, but she is now unable to access company information. Ann calls the help desk for assistance, and a technician verifies she can make calls and access websites. Which of the following should the technician suggest NEXT to try to fix the issue?

A. Navigate to the VPN profile in the device settings, delete the pre-shared key, and restart the device
B. Instruct Ann to open the company’s MDM application to ensure proper functionality
C. Navigate to the corporate intranet page and use hyperlinks to access the fileshare
D. Instruct Ann to disable TLS 1.0 in the device settings

Answer: A

Which of the following steps should a technician perform when the included Windows driver for a video card does not have the needed features?

A. Install the third-party driver from the manufacturer’s website
B. Update the included Windows driver from Windows Update
C. Flash the firmware on the BIOS to the latest version
D. Replace the video card with one that is supported by Windows natively

Answer: B

Which of the following installation methods allows a technician to install Windows from a remote location?

B. NetBoot

Answer: C

A customer is having trouble opening several files on a computer. The customer renames one of the files, but then the correct program will no longer open it. Which of the following settings is a solution to the issue?

A. Set the view options to detail
B. Hide the extensions
C. Utilize Credential Manager
D. View the system files

Answer: B

A company is implementing multifactor authentication and requires a solution that utilizes TCP. Which of the following will the company MOST likely select?

E. Kerberos

Answer: B

A technician is restoring files, which were deleted more than one month ago, from a backup on Mac OS X. Using the available GUI utility, which of the following utilities should the technician launch to accomplish this task?

A. Dock
B. Finder
C. Keychain
D. Boot Camp

Answer: B

When a computer accesses an HTTPS website, which of the following describes how the browser determines the authenticity of the remote site?

A. Certificates
B. Software tokens
C. Firewall
D. Port security

Answer: A

A new policy requires all users to log on to their corporate workstations using smart card authentication. Which of the following best practices should be implemented to further secure access to workstations?

A. Data encryption
B. Screen lock timeouts
C. Required screensavers
D. Strong passwords

Answer: B

Following a recent password change, a user can log on successfully to an Apple computer but cannot access a web-based service. An error message displays each time the user attempts to authenticate to the service. Prior to changing the password, the computer had no communication issues. Which of the following should a technician use to continue troubleshooting the issue?

A. passwd
B. FileVault
C. Keychain
D. Gatekeeper

Answer: C

A technician is troubleshooting vendor-specific software. Which of the following is where the technician should go to find problem-specific fixes on the vendor’s website?

A. Software user manual
B. Knowledge base articles
C. System requirements documentation
D. Installation instructions

Answer: B

A user’s PC has been running slowly. The user says there have been no changes to the PC. Which of the following tools should the technician use to troubleshoot the cause of the speed reduction?

A. DxDiag
B. Windows Memory Diagnostic
C. Performance tab in Task Manager
D. Disk defragmenter

Answer: C

After connecting to the corporate VPN, a user’s workstation is no longer to browse Internet websites. A technician discovers launching a different web browser on the same computer reaches the websites correctly. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Verify the browser’s proxy configuration settings
B. Instruct the user to use the alternate web browser instead
C. Flush the workstation’s DNS cache
D. Scan the user’s workstation for malware
E. Disconnect and reconnect from the corporate VPN

Answer: A

A user is unable to open a document on a shared drive from a Linux workstation. Which of the following commands would help the user gain access to the document?

A. chmod
B. ifconfig
C. pwd
D. grep

Answer: A

A customer is shopping for a new tablet. The customer is primarily concerned about transferring applications from the old tablet to the new one. Which of the following specifications is MOST important when selecting a new tablet?

A. Screen size
B. Storage
C. Wireless speed
D. Operating system

Answer: D

A technician needs to ensure users are prompted or warned when an installation takes place on a Windows system. Which of the following would meet this requirement?

A. Educate the user to run the installation with runas
B. Add the user to the local administrators group
C. Enable UAC on the workstation
D. Log in as the administrator to install the application

Answer: C

An end user submits a request for the IT specialist to install new software on a workstation. The workstation has the following specifications:
The minimum software requirements for the new application are a dual-core, 64-bit OS with 4GB of RAM and 60GB storage. Which of the following conditions will the technician encounter when attempting to install the software?

A. Insufficient RAM
B. Incompatible processor
C. Insufficient storage
D. Incompatible system architecture
E. Insufficient network bandwidth

Answer: C

A home user reports slow computer performance and application crashes after clicking a “repair” button on a pop-up warning while browsing the Internet. Which of the following are the FIRST steps a technician should take to identify and resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Perform a system file check and replace any changed files with their original versions
B. Enable the pop-up blocker on the Internet browser
C. Uninstall any recently installed unknown programs and browser extensions
D. Perform a hard shutdown and cold boot the computer
E. Scan the RAM and hard drive using an up-to-date antivirus program

Answer: BC

A user spills a small amount of toner from a laser printer onto the floor. Which of the following is the safest way to clean up the toner?

A. Use a wet/dry vacuum
B. Use a broom and dust pan
C. Use damp paper towels
D. Spray the toner with canned air

Answer: A

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