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A project manager provides the project charter to the sponsor for sign-off. A stakeholder indicates that they do not understand the project benefits and will not support the project.
What should the project manager do?

A. Ask the project sponsor to negotiate with the stakeholder.
B. Move forward by obtaining project charter sign-off from the sponsor.
C. Individually review the project benefits with each stakeholder before obtaining sponsor sign-off on the charter.
D. Review the stakeholder register for the proper stakeholder engagement strategy and update it if necessary.

Answer: C

An experienced project manager joins a project that has been ongoing for six months.
During their first meeting with stakeholders, the project manager learns of a customer concern that their expectations are not being met.
What should the project manager reference to address this concern?

A. Assumption log
B. Project charter
C. Stakeholder engagement plan
D. Scope management plan

Answer: D

A vendor delivers an important component that fails to meet quality requirements.
The vendor only agrees to financially compensate for a part of the delay caused by repairing the components.
What should the project manager do?

A. Refer to the procurement management plan and request compensation from the vendor in line with the contract.
B. Modify the risk management plan to include necessary decisions on the quality management approach.
C. Revise the quality management plan to address how poor quality should be compensated.
D. Ask the sponsor to approve additional funds to obtain the component more quickly from another vendor.

Answer: A

During a weekly status meeting, a key stakeholder complains that quality standards for some project deliverables are unmet. What should the project manager do?

A. Record the issue in the issue log.
B. Document the issue in the lessons learned.
C. Create a change request.
D. Update the project management plan.

Answer: A

A client asks a global IT company to develop a supply-chain monitoring system. A project manager then begins to assist in the creation of the project charter for the project sponsor.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Search the lessons learned repository for historical information on project charter development.
B. Identify and define the most appropriate implementation approach for the project deliverables
C. Meet with the sponsor to outline a detailed timeline with project milestones for resource allocation purposes.
D. Meet with key stakeholders and the sponsor to discuss project assumptions, success criteria, and critical inputs

Answer: C

During execution of a critical project, a project manager is removed due to continuous customer and stakeholder complaints about lack of communication. What should the new project manager do first?

A. Meet with the project team.
B. Review the project management plan
C. Manage stakeholder engagement.
D. Use influencing to obtain project support.

Answer: B

A new; unsupportive stakeholder joins a project during execution. What should the project manager do to help improve communications with this stakeholder?

A. Revise the stakeholder engagement plan to meet the new stakeholder’s needs.
B. Hold a team meeting to introduce the stakeholder to the other team members.
C. Speak with the other stakeholders to determine how best to communicate with the new stakeholder
D. Conduct a communication styles assessment to determine the best way to communicate with the stakeholder

Answer: D

During the inspection of a construction site, it becomes evident that the installed equipment does not comply with government standards. The stakeholders now disagree about the acceptance criteria
What should the project manager do?

A. Agree to a win-win solution with all stakeholders
B. Use conflict resolution skills
C. Apply quality control procedures
D. Submit a change request.

Answer: C

During a software development project, one team member fails to complete assigned tasks, which prevents integration with other components and causes a milestone to be missed The team member did not inform the project manager about any problems with their tasks.
What should the project manager do first to communicate this to the sponsor?

A. Escalate the delay to the sponsor informing them that the team member failed to complete assigned tasks.
B. Schedule a meeting with the sponsor to inform them of the issue and present a recovery plan.
C. Add it to the risk register as a materialized risk and send the updated risk register to the sponsor.
D. Include an updated project schedule in the weekly status report.

Answer: C

A critical project is in the execution stage The budget is strict, and managing the project to triple constraints is of high importance. A team member informs the project manager that there could be a significant cost overrun.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Ensure there are enough reserves to cover the cost overrun.
B. Capture this in the issue log: and monitor the cost overrun until project closure
C. Review risk threshold to determine if it is an allowable cost overrun percentage.
D. Investigate the reasons for the cost overrun.

Answer: C

A team member is working the required hours, but is delivering inadequate output. What should the project manager do first?

A. Allocate some of the team member’s work to other team members
B. Notify the human resource department that the team member is underperforming.
C. Advise the team member of the consequences for not delivering the work.
D. Meet with the team member to determine the reasons for low performance.

Answer: D

The CEO of a company notifies a project manager that a bill from a vendor working on the project amounts to US$50,000 each month. The CEO questions whether the vendor is meeting the deliverables to determine if the contract should be terminated early.
What should be provided to the CEO?

A. Seller performance evaluation
B. Performance specifications
C. Contract administration plan
D. Procurement management plan

Answer: A

During project execution, a high-performing team member leaves Following this loss, a planned quality audit is conducted that indicates the work products’ quality standards are unmet.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Crash the schedule
B. Create a cause-and-effect diagram
C. Consult the resource management plan.
D. Perform a reserve analysis of the work performance data

Answer: B

A project is dependent upon business owners providing resources to perform an important task. Since budget cuts will affect their ability to hire the needed resources, some business owners may potentially object to this requirement.
What should the project manager do next?

A. Perform a probability and impact assessment.
B. Add a risk to the risk register.
C. Update the resource management plan.
D. Use the management reserve to hire more resources.

Answer: B

During a project’s execution phase, project members have frequent disagreements.
As a result, the project is running over budget and behind schedule.
The project manager conducts project communication based on subjective ideas and does not consider other team members’ input. The project manager also objects to the idea of team members setting up an internal learning platform.
What communication method does the project manager use?

A. Independent
B. Pull
C. Push
D. Interactive

Answer: D

A new project manager assumes a project that is behind schedule. The delay is the result of a field technician’s reluctance to implement the approved design before adding a new feature.
What should the project manager do?

A. Have the field technician and design engineer meet to develop a solution.
B. Request design modification to accommodate the field technician’s new feature.
C. Insist that the field technician accept the approved design.
D. Meet with the field technician and design engineer to develop a solution

Answer: D

A project manager working with a risk-averse financial firm has just started a new project The project sponsor is extremely concerned that the project may run over budget and is looking to the project manager for confirmation that this won’t happen.
In order to alleviate the sponsor’s concern, what should the project manager do?

A. Perform a strengths, weaknesses opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis
B. Create the probability and impact matrix
C. Use historical data analysis
D. Run a monte carlo simulation

Answer: A

A new project is being planned and the project manager learns of a group that is concerned with potential impacts on the area.
To ensure that these concerns are addressed what should the project manager do first?

A. Perform a risk analysis
B. Use expert judgment
C. Identify the stakeholders.
D. Evaluate the stakeholders’ influence

Answer: A

A project manager in a matrix environment is struggling to keep the team fully engaged in the project.
The team’s line manager continually reprioritizes tasks leading to delays and quality issues
What should the project manager do?

A. Update the project status reports with delays
B. Revise the communications management plan
C. Refer to the stakeholder engagement plan.
D. Negotiate to agree on task priorities

Answer: C

A stakeholder teams from a project team member that the project has fallen behind in advance of the status report.
The stakeholder is agitated when communicating this to the project manager.
What should the project manager do?

A. Ask the project sponsor to arrange a meeting with all stakeholders to address concerns
B. Establish the stakeholder’s level of influence, and, if it is high, engage the stakeholder to discuss the schedule delay
C. Email relevant stakeholders explaining that the matter will be discussed at the next meeting
D. Review the risk management plan with the project team

Answer: B

A project manager at an international company has brand identification problems.
They propose hiring a marketing consultant to address the problem
What tool or technique did the project manager use to approach this problem?

A. Data gathering
B. Expert judgement
C. Decision making
D. Data analysis

Answer: B

Some project learn members claim that they failed to receive complete project information.
What should the project manager do to ensure proper information flow?

A. Schedule a team meeting
B. Follow the communications management plan
C. Initiate a weekly email newsletter
D. Store information in a central database.

Answer: B

After formal client acceptance project deliverables were provided to the end users.
These users then identified a defect, for which the client holds the project manager responsible
What could have prevented this misunderstanding’?

A. A negotiation with the client on warranty terms and conditions
B. Removal of project access to all team members after project closure
C. Proper project transition procedures
D. Ensuring the client understood this was not part of the original requirement

Answer: C

A project manager is working on a project involving stakeholders in multiple geographic locations It soon becomes extremely difficult for everyone to be available for meetings at the same time.
What should the project manager do to make sure the project management plan is approved?

A. Use expert judgment
B. Share the plan electronically then follow up when needed
C. Facilitate a brainstorming session with the project team
D. Meet with the project sponsor to finalize the plan

Answer: B

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