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What ADM phase defines the scope for the architecture development initiative and identifies the stakeholders?

A. Requirements Management
B. Phase D: Technology Architecture
C. Preliminary Phase
D. Phase A: Architecture Vision
E. Phase B: Business Architecture

Answer: D

What is the first step in the architecture development Phases B, C, and D?

A. Develop Baseline Architecture Description
B. Select reference models, viewpoints and tools
C. Perform gap analysis
D. Resolve impacts across the Architecture Landscape
E. Conduct formal stakeholder review

Answer: B

TOGAF Part VII describes how the ADM can be used to establish an Architecture Capability in an organization. Which architecture would describe the architecture processes and organization structure?

A. Technology Architecture
B. Data Architecture
C. Business Architecture
D. Transition Architecture
E. Application Architecture

Answer: C

Which one of the following is considered a relevant architecture resource in ADM Phase D?

A. Existing application models
B. Generic business models relevant to the organization’s industry sector
C. Existing IT services
D. Generic data models relevant to the organization’s industry sector

Answer: C

Which of the following terms is defined as the key interests that are crucially important to the stakeholders in a system?

A. Viewpoints
B. Concerns
C. Requirements
D. Principles
E. Views

Answer: B

What are the four architecture domains that the TOGAF standard deals with?

A. Capability, Segment, Enterprise, Federated
B. Business, Data, Application, Technology
C. Application, Data, Information, Knowledge
D. Process, Organization, Strategic, Requirements
E. Baseline, Candidate, Transition, Target

Answer: B

What ADM phase includes establishing the Architecture Capability and definition of Architecture Principles?

A. Phase C: Data Architecture
B. Preliminary Phase
C. Phase A: Architecture Vision
D. Phase F: Migration Planning
E. Phase B: Business Architecture

Answer: B

In which part of the ADM cycle do the earliest building block definitions start as abstract entities?

A. Phases E and F
B. Preliminary Phase
C. Phase B, C, and D
D. Phase G and H
E. Phase A

Answer: E

What is an objective of the ADM Preliminary Phase?

A. To create the initial version of the Architecture Roadmap
B. To develop a vision of the business value to be delivered by the proposed enterprise architecture
C. To select and implement tools to support the Architecture Capability
D. To obtain approval for the Statement of Architecture Work
E. To document the baseline architecture

Answer: C

What is an objective of ADM Phase G, Implementation Governance?

A. To ensure that implementation projects conform with the Target Architecture
B. To ensure that the enterprise’s Architecture Capability meets current requirements
C. To assess the performance of the architecture and make recommendations for change
D. To establish the value realization process
E. To prioritise the projects through risk validation

Answer: A

What are considered as generic Building Blocks in the Solutions Continuum?

A. Common Systems Solutions
B. Strategic Solutions
C. Industry Solutions
D. Organization-Specific Solutions
E. Foundation Solutions

Answer: E

What version number does the TOGAF ADM use to indicate that a high-level outline of the architecture is in place?

A. Version 0.5
B. Version 0.7
C. Version 1.0
D. Version 0.1
E. Version 0.9

Answer: D

In which ADM Phase is the focus the creation of an Implementation and Migration Plan in co-operation with the portfolio and project managers?

A. Phase A
B. Phase F
C. Phase D
D. Phase G
E. Phase E

Answer: B

What level of risk is the risk categorization prior to determining and implementing mitigating actions?

A. Marginal
B. Residual
C. Low
D. Initial
E. Critical

Answer: D

Complete the sentence. The major information areas managed by a governance repository should include __________________.

A. Common Systems Solutions, Organization-Specific Solutions and Industry Solutions
B. Catalogs, Matrices and Diagrams
C. Artifacts, Best Practices and Standards
D. Audit Information, Process Status and Reference Data
E. Capability, Segment, and Transition Architectures

Answer: D

Which one of the following best describes the purpose of a Change Request?

A. To act as a deliverable container for artifacts created during a project
B. To ensure that the results of a Compliance Assessment are distributed to the Architecture Board
C. To request a dispensation or to kick-start a further cycle of architecture work
D. The ensure that information is communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time
E. To review project progress and ensure the implementation is inline with the objectives

Answer: C

Complete the sentence. In the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework, a work product that shows the relationship between things is known as a ___________.

A. deliverable
B. matrix
C. building block
D. diagram
E. catalog

Answer: B

Within the Architecture Repository, what does the class of information known as the Architecture Capability include?

A. Parameters, structures, and processes to support governance of the repository
B. Specifications to which architectures must conform
C. The organization specific architecture framework, including a method for architecture development and a metamodel for architecture content
D. A record of the governance activity across the enterprise
E. Patterns, templates, and guidelines used to create new architectures

Answer: A

What are the levels of the Architecture Landscape?

A. Foundation, Common and Solution Architectures
B. Business, Data, Applications and Technology Architectures
C. Capability, Segment and Strategic Architectures
D. Corporate EA, Project Team and Portfolio Team Architectures
E. Baseline, Transition and Target Architectures

Answer: C

In which ADM phase does the value and change management process determine the circumstances under which the Architecture Development Cycle will be initiated to develop a new architecture?

A. Phase H
B. Phase F
C. Phase E
D. Preliminary Phase
E. Phase G

Answer: A

Which of the following best describes Requirements Management within the TOGAF ADM?

A. Reviewing business requirements
B. Addressing and prioritizing architecture requirements
C. Developing requirements that deliver business value
D. Validating requirements between ADM phases
E. Managing architecture requirements throughout the ADM cycle

Answer: E

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Architecture Requirements Specification?

A. It is sent form the sponsor and triggers the start of an architecture development cycle
B. It provides a list of work packages and a schedule for implementation of the target architecture
C. It defines the scope and approach to complete an architecture project
D. It provides a set of statements that outline what a project must do to comply with the architecture
E. It contains an assessment of the current architecture requirements.

Answer: D

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