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While starting a new project, management is aligning the project to the organization’s strategy, assigning limited resources based upon priorities, and optimizing resource deployment between projects.
Which of the following BEST describes these actions?

A. Portfolio management
B. Agile management
C. Project management
D. Strategic management

Answer: A

Which of the following should be updated FIRST, once the hurricane season has ended?

A. Scope statement
B. Issue log
C. Risk register
D. Communications plan

Answer: C

A project team member has completed an assigned task on time.
After updating the project schedule, which of the following steps should the project manager take NEXT?

A. Send an updated schedule to the CCB.
B. Send a project status update to the sponsor.
C. Release the team members to the functional manager.
D. Notify the team members to begin successor tasks.

Answer: D

A firm, fixed-price project is on pace to exceed the maximum defect rate identified in the project charter. The customer has stated the project must be delivered on time.
Which of the following is the BEST option for the project to complete on time and within parameters?

A. Reduce the project scope.
B. Crash the schedule.
C. Request additional budget from the customer.
D. Apply new resources to the project.

Answer: B

A contract manager is reconciling project invoices and needs to charge work performed by an outside contractor to a general ledger.
Which of the following would be the BEST project document to reference for this information?

A. Cost management plan
B. WBS dictionary
C. Statement of work
D. Vendor selection matrix

Answer: A

Project B cannot start before Project A is complete, but Project B has been given authorization to begin to meet legislative requirements.
Which of the following is the BEST way to expedite the projects?

A. Project A can reduce the number of deliverables.
B. Project A can be crashed using Project B’s resources.
C. Project B can have its resources leveled.
D. Project B can begin without Project A completing, therefore accepting future rework.

Answer: B

A project manager is collecting work package information from the project team for the first time.
Which of the following elements should the project manager have at the end of the meeting?

A. Task name, duration, and dependencies
B. Task leveling, baseline, and critical path
C. Task assignments, quality requirements, and project governance sign-off
D. Task start, finish, and estimate cost

Answer: C

A project manager is working on a project, which needs to be delivered within six months. The project sponsor has made it known that the six months is non-negotiable and additional funding can be provided, if required. The project is in the fifth month, and testing is ongoing. The project team has identified a major defect that will take up to one month to rectify.
Which of the following is the BEST action for the project manager to take to ensure the project finishes as planned?

A. Obtain additional resources to crash the timelines.
B. Continue the project as is and communicate the imminent one-month delay to the sponsor.
C. Fast-track non-critical-path activities.
D. Deliver the products to meet the timelines and create an additional phase to address issues.

Answer: A

A project team is creating a new product, and stakeholders are having a hard time understanding the product.
Which of the following should be sent to the stakeholders?

A. Printed sketches and potential uses
B. Memo outlining high-level requirements
C. Sponsor mandate for the product
D. Link to the project’s intranet site to review status reports

Answer: A

A manager is reviewing some projects with two project managers who are working on the financial system.
Which of the following BEST describes this type of review?

A. Operations
B. Project
C. Portfolio
D. Program

Answer: C

A functional manager within a project is requesting to edit the display features of an application that is being developed.
Which of the following has the authority to approve the edit?


Answer: A

As part of the early stages of a potential corporate acquisition, which of the following documents should the acquiring organization complete, showing regulators and investors the offered purchase price and target closing date?

A. Sales contract
B. Memorandum of agreement
C. Letter of intent
D. Purchase order

Answer: A

Which of the following characteristics would stakeholders MOST likely have?

A. Provide input, vested interest, affected by project
B. No vested interest, funding control, expertise
C. Project steering, funding control, vested interest
D. Expertise, provide input, good at controlling

Answer: A
Explanation: management/

A solid line is connecting a project team member to two people above the member on the organizational chart.
Which of the following types of organization does this indicate?

A. Functional
B. Merged
C. Split
D. Matrix

Answer: D

Which of the following documents is a snapshot in time of a project during the execution phase?

A. Scope document
B. Performance indicators
C. Status report
D. Risk register

Answer: C

A concrete pad needs to be laid for a new house and requires three days to cure. The project manager notes that rain may be in the immediate forecast.
Which of the following would BEST avoid the risk of rain damage?

A. Place a tarp over the fresh concrete to protect it.
B. Refinish the concrete if it rains during that time.
C. Pour the concrete as quickly as possible to allow the most drying time.
D. Wait to pour the concrete until rain is not in the forecast.

Answer: C

A project stakeholder approaches the project manager and wishes to know how long the vendor will provide support for the application being developed for the project.
This information should be provided during the:

A. closure meeting.
B. kickoff meeting.
C. stand-up meeting.
D. team meeting.

Answer: C

A new project manager is assigned in the middle of a seven-month project. The project is behind schedule, and there is only historical weekly cost data available.
Which of the following best practices should the project manager perform to assess project costs?

A. Review the SPI.
B. Create a burndown chart.
C. Ask the project sponsor for additional funding.
D. Perform a cost benefit analysis.

Answer: A

Which of the following project management roles is responsible for estimating the duration of tasks?

A. Project scheduler
B. Project team
C. Project manager
D. Project coordinator

Answer: C

Project A is delivering the foundation for Project B. Construction regulations have changed during Project A, requiring work to be redone in the allocated buffer.
Which of the following is the MOST likely impact to Project B?

A. The cost will increase.
B. There will be no impact.
C. The scope will change.
D. The schedule will change.

Answer: D

A project manager is developing a risk management plan and has decided to score each risk based on composite score of impact and probability. In discussions with the project sponsor, they determined that all risks with a composite score lower than 1 will not receive further attention.
Which of the following risks should the project manager accept? (Choose two.)

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
F. 6

Answer: CE

A project team member states that the tasks identified in the project schedule for the week greatly exceed the number of available hours for the week.
Which of the following activities would have allowed the project manager to identify and correct this issue in advance?

A. Risk identification
B. Gate review
C. Resource allocation
D. Resource leveling

Answer: C

A project manager detects a defect in a project deliverable and suspects a team member missed a step during production.
Which of the following tools would be BEST for the project manager to use to confirm this suspicion?

A. Pareto chart
B. Process diagram
C. Run chart
D. Fishbone diagram

Answer: B

During the risk assessment process, the qualitative analysis results in the majority of risk scores being rated as medium.
Which of the following is the BEST course of action?

A. Increase the contingency reserve.
B. Add the risks to the watch list.
C. Establish and monitor trigger conditions.
D. Assign the sponsor as the primary risk owner.

Answer: C

A customer approaches a team member to report that old functionality is no longer valid due to technology restrictions. The team member has also noticed this during the execution of the project. The team member agrees with the new functionality provided by the customer, implements the change, and notifies the project manager.
Which of the following actions should the project manager take NEXT?

A. Notify the team that the change has been made.
B. Update the project management plan based on the change.
C. Proceed to the next task in the project schedule.
D. Conduct an impact analysis to verify there is no collateral damage.

Answer: C

The PMO has removed a vendor from a project for inflating costs and failing to complete deliverables in a timely manner. The PMO received complaints that vendor resources missed appointments and provided poor service. The vendor has initiated a lawsuit against the PMO, asserting the vendor was operating within the terms of the current agreement.
Which of the following documents should be reviewed by the PMO to support vendor removal? (Choose two.)

A. Communication plan
B. Project charter
C. Service level agreement
D. Project management plan
E. Action items
F. Statement of work

Answer: CF

Project cost control deals with:

A. controlling residual expenses and management reserves.
B. ensuring the project is within budget, time, and quality standards.
C. project team size, location, and monetary value of the project.
D. requirements of a project, project schedule, and cost.

Answer: B

Which of the following project management tools provides an authoritative source of the project performance guidelines?


Answer: A

A project manager is informed that the project sponsor was terminated from the project effective immediately. To ensure business continuity, the project manager has been asked to assume additional tasks to complete the project on time. Many of these tasks were performed by the former project sponsor.
Which of the following types of change does this illustrate?

A. Internal reorganization
B. Business demerger
C. Outsourcing
D. Business process change

Answer: A

A project manager at a projectized organization is resource leveling the upcoming phase. The project manager notices one of the resources is assigned with 20% of allocation to a secondary project. This situation limits and jeopardizes the commitment date.
Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

A. Ask the functional manager to release the 20% of allocation from the secondary project.
B. Ask the sponsor to negotiate with the project manager from the secondary project.
C. Ask the PMO to assign additional resources.
D. Ask the project manager of the secondary project to release the resource.

Answer: A

A project manager is assigned a global team. The project manager is having difficulty understanding some of what is communicated during conference calls.
Which of the following is the BEST way to address this issue?

A. Reassign the project manager to a different project.
B. Transfer the project team members who are difficult to understand to another project.
C. Inform the sponsor and ask for feedback on how to address the issue.
D. Communicate critical conversations and decision points via email.

Answer: D

Company A recently partnered with Company B. Over the past few months, multiple teams have been working to refine internal processes to deliver products in a more timely manner.
If the effort is successful, which of the following will MOST likely occur?

A. Reorganization
B. Relocation
C. Outsourcing
D. Demerger

Answer: A

A project sponsor asks if a construction project can be accelerated to meet a new timeline. The project manager analyzes the schedule and finds insufficient float to accommodate the new delivery date.
If more resources are provided, which of the following strategies would BEST help to achieve the new date?

A. Fast track
B. Burn
C. Crash
D. Reduce durations

Answer: A

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