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Vendor: Cisco
Exam Code: 350-080
Exam Name: CCIE Data Center Written Exam

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Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the output and diagram are true? (Choose two.)

A.    FI-A is configured in FC switch mode.
B.    VSAN trunking is enabled on FI-A.
C.    The native VSAN should be VSAN 1.
D.    Cisco UCS will allow all VSANs by default when FC trunking is enabled.
E.    FI-A requires VSAN pruning.
F.    Interface fc1/8 on MDS-A should be configured as a TE Port.

Answer: BD

You are about to assign a static UUID to a service profile. This particular UUID is also defined within the range of a UUID pool. The duplicate UUID in the pool has not yet been allocated. What will be the result of applying the static UUID?

A.    Applying the static UUID will fail with an error stating that the UUID exists within a defined resource pool.
B.    Applying the static UUID will succeed with no warnings.
C.    Applying the static UUID will succeed and a minor fault will be raised.
D.    Applying the static UUID will succeed and an information fault will be raised.
E.    Applying the static UUID will fail with an error stating that the UUID is a duplicate UUID.

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the management interface monitoring policy?

A.    to monitor the management interface counters for errors and drops
B.    to prevent VM traffic from being black-holed during a cluster switchover
C.    to sync MAC address tables between peer fabric interconnects
D.    to ensure that the management interface of the managing fabric interconnect can reach the gateway

Answer: D

How many traffic monitoring sessions can you create on Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    16
B.    8
C.    24
D.    32

Answer: A

Fault suppression allows you to suppress SNMP trap and Call Home notifications during a planned maintenance period. Which three commands are necessary to activate these suppression polices in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    default-chassis-all-maint
B.    default-chassis-phys-maint
C.    default-fex-all-maint
D.    default-FI-phys-maint
E.    default-blade-phys-maint
F.    default-vic-phys-maint

Answer: ABC

Refer to the exhibit. Assume that there is no disjoint Layer 2 configuration. Based on the output, what will happen if uplink eth1/7 on FI-A fails?

A.    The host will lose Ethernet uplink connectivity on FI-A.
B.    Fabric failover will force the vNIC that is bound to FI-A to use uplink eth1/7 on FI-B.
C.    Cisco UCS Manager will disable the host vNIC that is connected to FI-A.
D.    Traffic from any hosts using this pin group will use e1/8 on FI-A.

Answer: D

A load balancer performs an operation on a predefined parameter, such as the IP address, HTTP cookie, or URL, when a new connection is made so that another connection with the same parameter will always reach the same server. Which load-balancing predictor does this statement describe?

A.    round robin
B.    least-connections
C.    hashing
D.    least-loaded

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the exhibit are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The domain ID for SAN A is 0x64.
B.    fc1/8 and fc1/9 on the MDS-A are configured as E Ports.
C.    fc1/8 and fc1/9 on the MDS-A are configured as TE Ports.
D.    fc1/8 and fc1/9 on the MDS-A are configured as F Ports.
E.    FC trunking is enabled on the Fabric Interconnect.
F.    The domain ID for SAN A is 0x640.

Answer: AD

Which three options are valid ACE probes? (Choose three.)

A.    HTTP
B.    Telnet
C.    Java scripting
D.    TCL scripting
E.    XML scripting
F.    SSH

Answer: ABD

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output, what is the most likely reason for the failure of the iSCSI boot?

A.    There is no gateway configured on the iSCSI vNIC.
B.    The LUN is not masked correctly on the storage array.
C.    CHAP authentication is not configured correctly.
D.    The latency between the imitator and target is too high.

Answer: B

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