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New Question
When CAPWAP protocol runs over IPv4, which UDP port numbers are used for control and data traffic,respectively?

A. control 5246, data ?UDP-Lite(IP Protocol 136)
B. control 5247, data ?5246
C. control 5246, data ?5247
D. control 5247, data ?UDP-Lite(IP Protocol 136)

Answer: C

New Question
An engineer has deployed a WLAN in a high-density auditorium and expects the number of clients to grow.
Which WLC configuration can be used to increase the IP space without any service disruptions?

A. dynamic interface
B. interface group
C. AP group
D. RF group

Answer: B

New Question
A security engineer wants all guest users to be terminated on the DMZ of their firewall. Which two configurations must be implemented to fulfill this new requirement? (Choose two.)

A. TCP port 16666 and 16113 in an ACL on the controller
B. UDP ports 16666 and IP protocol 97 on the firewall
C. a mobility group with a controller in an isolated network on the firewall
D. an RF group with a controller in an isolated network on the firewall
E. UDP ports 1812 and 1645 in an ACL on the controller

Answer: BC

New Question
Which two access categories could use TXOP value higher than 0, as per 802.11e standard? (Choose two.)


Answer: AC

New Question
A wireless engineer is configuring a Cisco MSE by using the automatic installation script. Which two parameters are mandatory and must be configured at least once? (Choose two.)

A. Ethernet interface
B. hostname
C. GRUB password
D. domain name
E. NTP server

Answer: AB
Please note that the following parameters (indicated by *) are mandatory and must be configured at least once.
-> Hostname
-> Network interface eth0
-> Timezone
-> Root password
-> NCS Communication username
-> NCS Communication password
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/mse/7-6/Virtual_appliance/ Installation_Config_Guide/Cisco_MSE_VA_Config_Guide/Installing_MSE_Virtual_Appliance.html

New Question
Clients on access points within an AP group are not receiving multicast traffic after roaming to another AP within the AP group. Which configuration must be done to maintain multicast connectivity?

A. Enable an ACL on the router that serves the VLAN or subnet.
B. Enable NAC out-of-band support.
C. Enable a unique NAS-ID for the AP group.
D. Enable IGMP snooping.

Answer: D

New Question
Which two parameters are used by MSE location analytics to determine the behavior of a Wi-Fi device?
(Choose two.)

A. the transmit power
B. the Wi-Fi channel
C. the dwell time
D. the path choice
E. Layer 2 roaming

Answer: CD
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/mse/3350/7-4/Location_Analytics_Service/Guide/ Cisco_Location_Analytics_Service_Configuration_Guide/Location_analytics_overview.html

New Question
A customer is concerned that the mesh network will not converge quickly enough because of the 20 percent premium that is given to the selected parent. What is the purpose of the premium?

A. It speeds up convergence.
B. It uses SNR, regardless of the premium.
C. It prevents link flapping.
D. It creates a list of other potential parents.

Answer: C
To prevent flapping of the link, a premium of 20% is given to the selected parent.

New Question
An engineer needs to address roaming issues with sticky clients in high-density areas on a campus.
Which feature must the engineer configure?

A. Layer 3 roaming
B. load balancing and band select
C. optimized roaming
D. Layer 2 roaming

Answer: C

New Question
What is the AQ sensitivity when the EDRRM is set to high?

A. 60
B. 35
C. 40
D. 50

Answer: A
The EDRRM AQ threshold value for low sensitivity is 35, medium sensitivity is 50, and high sensitivity is 60.

New Question
How many mDNS profiles can you apply per WLAN?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 1

Answer: D
Note Only one mDNS profile can be applied to one WLAN

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