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A customer wants to store archived data on inexpensive optical media that will then be placed in a safe. According to the customer, each runoff of data will be between 2GB and 3GB. Which of the following devices does a technician need to install for the customer?

A. DVD-RW drive
B. CD-RW drive
C. Blu-ray drive
D. M.2 drive
E. NVMe drive

Answer: A

Which of the following connectors is oval-shaped and used to connect to mobile devices?

A. Lightning
B. RG-6
C. RJ45

Answer: D

A technician recently installed a new router. Since the installation was completed, a user’s PC loses network connectivity when another user’s PC comes online. Which of the following commands are BEST for the technician to run to resolve this issue? (Select TWO).

A. ipconfig /renew
B. ipconfig /all
C. ipconfig /flushdns
D. ipconfig /registerdns
E. ipconfig /release
F. ipconfig /displaydns

Answer: AE

The wireless feature of a user’s laptop has stopped working. A technician replaces the wireless card, but the wireless range is now very limited. The technician removes the case. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Update the drivers for the wireless card.
B. Replace the wireless antenna.
C. Check for an updated BIOS.
D. Verify the antenna connection.

Answer: D

Which of the following wireless standards provides the HIGHEST bandwidth?

A. 802.11a
B. 802.11ac
C. 802.11b
D. 802.11g

Answer: B

A virtual environment in which an application uses memory and a processor from a provider based on a leased rate that depends on the amount of resources used per month is referred to as:

A. virtual application streaming service.
B. metered service.
C. resource pooling.
D. SaaS.

Answer: D

A user received a new workstation but is unable to print successfully to the shared network printer. Other users are able to print without issues. Some recent OS updates were applied to the workstation, and all other services are working fine. The technician checks the printer’s properties and notices it is configured for LPT1. Which of the following should be performed NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Update the printer description name.
B. Clean the print heads.
C. Restart the print spooler.
D. Configure a new printer port.

Answer: D

A technician installed a new printer for a client and successfully printed a test page. The next day. the customer reports there are garbled characters on printed pages. The technician questions the user and discovers OS updates were applied overnight. Which of the following should the technician check NEXT to troubleshoot the issue?

A. If the device appears in the Device Manager
B. If the correct printer driver is selected
C. If the printer’s onboard memory is low
D. If the Windows Print Spooler service is running

Answer: B

Employees are reporting the image on the screen in a conference room is too wide at the top and too narrow at the bottom. A technician tries to adjust the resolution but is unsuccessful.
Which of the following settings should the technician adjust NEXT?

A. Contrast
B. Pincushion
C. Brightness
D. Keystone

Answer: D

Which of the following cloud computing concepts is used when a company requires its cloud infrastructure to grow with its business?

A. PaaS
B. Application streaming
C. Rapid elasticity
D. SaaS

Answer: D

A home user installed a new high-end video card for 3-D gaming and virtual reality into a mid-tower PC. The user frequency experiences sudden shutdowns in the middle of game play across multiple applications. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be taken to isolate the issue? (Select TWO)

A. Verify if the current power strip ampere rating is sufficient
B. Inspect the battery in the uninterruptible power supply
C. Examine cooling requirements to determine if the current coding solution is adequate
D. Confirm the latest patches for all impacted applications are installed
E. Check the BIOS configuration settings to ensure all fans are on automatic
F. Determine if the current power supply is capable of meeting the requirements.

Answer: AE

A technician is troubleshooting disrupted Internet connectivity in a small business environment with a perimeter firewall a domain controller managed switches and several access points. After running an ipconfig command on the affected workstations the technician observes an APIPA address being assigned. Which of the following should the technician perform FRST When troubleshooting the issue?

A. Update the perimeter firewall firmware from the vendor
B. Check if the DHCP service is running on the domain controller
C. Enable DHCP on one of the access points
D. Check the ACLs on the managed switches.

Answer: A

A user is not receiving emails on a laptop. A technician is able to send emails using the local client; however, no new emails are being received. The POP3 and SMTP settings in the corporate email configuration look correct. The technician notices a new antivirus program was installed on the machine recently. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the problem?

A. The POP3 port is being blocked.
B. The email password stored is incorrect.
C. The user needs to enable TLS.
D. The user is not connected to the Internet.

Answer: A

A technician performed a clean install of Windows 7 on a gaming laptop. The system boots into Windows, and the desktop performance is good. However, the laptop user states game performance is highly unsatisfactory because all games are operating at less than 20fps. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this behavior?

A. The technician did not install the manufacturer’s video drivers.
B. The laptop should be connected via a hardwired LAN cable.
C. The technician did not perform a BIOS update on the laptop.
D. The laptop does not have enough RAM.

Answer: A

A user reports paper output from a printer has toner that is not sticking to the page. The output smears when it is touched. A technician notes the appropriate paper is being used. The toner appears to be low but is a supported OEM cartridge. Which of the following would MOST likely fix this issue?

A. Replace the developer roll.
B. Replace the toner.
C. Find and remove any jammed paper.
D. Replace the fuser.
E. Replace the drum.

Answer: A

A user wants to build a new home computer that will be used exclusively for the latest offline games. The user consults with a technician on the best hardware to purchase. The user has already picked out the CPU, GPU. RAM, and motherboard, but is unsure what else is important to achieve top performance. Which of the following should the technician suggest? (Select TWO).

A. IDE connectors
B. PCIe slots
C. TPM unit
D. Liquid cooling
E. Gigabit NIC
F. Thermal paste
G. Visualization

Answer: BF

A customer travels often and needs to connect a laptop to the home office server. The customer wants to use a cell phone data connection but has connected to the wrong network in the past. Which of the following would work BEST to ensure a secure connection through the cell phone?

A. Bluetooth with PIN
B. Tethering with USB
C. Hotspot with WPA
D. Public WiFi with password

Answer: C

A technician is concerned that a newly pulled Cat 5e run is longer than recommended by specification. Which of the following tools should the technician use to measure the length of the run?

A. Tone generator
B. Probe
C. Multimeter
D. Cable tester

Answer: D

Which of the following devices passes traffic between two different subnets?

A. Hub
B. Bridge
C. Switch
D. Router

Answer: D

An administrator notices the RAID 5 array is reporting a degraded health message. It contains three HDDs. A technician replaces the faulty HDD with a new one. but users then report access to the fileshare is not as fast as it used to be. Which of the following is MOST likely preventing the RAID array from operating optimally?

A. The mirrored set is broken.
B. Write caching has been turned on.
C. The wrong drive was replaced.
D. The RAID array is rebuilding.

Answer: C

Which of the following should be considered FIRST when upgrading the power supply on a high-end gaming PC?

A. Wattage rating
B. PSU redundancy
C. Cooling fans
D. 20+4 pin adapter

Answer: A

The marketing department received a laser printer from the finance department. The marketing department wants to connect the laser printer to the Ethernet network, but it has no physical network jack. Which of the following should a technician try FIRST to connect this printer to the network?

A. Install an integrated print server.
B. Order the appropriate printer model for the department.
C. Connect the printer to a serial A/B switch.
D. Contact the vendor for a firmware update.

Answer: A

Which of the following, cloud models is BEST described as having resources hosted on both remote cloud servers and on-premises servers?

A. Hybrid
B. Community
C. Private
D. Public

Answer: A

A junior technician is working on a new server that will Intercept web traffic and file requests from users computers and retrieve the necessary content. Which of the following is the technician configuring?

A. DNS server
B. Authentication server
C. Proxy server
D. Web server
E. File server
F. DHCP server

Answer: C

A technician is deploying a wireless access point for streaming 4K videos and online gaming. Which of the following wireless frequencies is MOST appropriate in this scenario?

A. 2.4GHz
B. 5GHz
C. 900MHz
D. 1300MHz

Answer: B

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