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A Storage administrator would like to increase the capacity of the FAST Cache by 400 GB. The current configuration consists of two 400 GB SAS Flash 2 drives.
Which solution should be recommended for expanding the FAST Cache?

A. Two 200 GB SAS Flash 2 drives
B. Two 400 GB SAS Flash 2 drives
C. Four 200 GB SAS Flash 3 drives
D. One 400 GB SAS Flash 2 drive

Answer: A

Which UEM/CLI command is used to verify the FC ports designated as synchronous on the SPs?

A. /remote/sys show -fc
B. /remote/sys show -detail
C. /remote/sys show -summary
D. /remote/sys show -sp

Answer: B

What is the granularity of FAST VP when relocating data in the pool?

A. 128 MB
B. 256 MB
C. 512 MB
D. 1024 MB

Answer: B

According to best practices, what is the maximum latency of the link between local and remote systems when using synchronous replication?

A. 5 ms
B. 10 ms
C. 20 ms
D. 40 ms

Answer: B

What is the minimum requirement for a server to boot from a Dell EMC Unity XT storage system via iSCSI?

A. Hardware iSCSI HBA
C. Software iSCSI
D. iSCSI Initiator

Answer: D

What is maximum amount of time allowed when saving a configuration from the Collect Service Information menu from Unsphere in order to avoid a time-out?

A. 45 minutes
B. 60 minutes
C. 90 minutes
D. 120 minutes

Answer: B

What is the default setting of Advanced Deduplication when Data Reduction is selected within Unisphere?

A. Disabled for thick LUNs and enabled for thin LUNs
B. Disabled for thin LUNs in an All-Flash pool
C. Enabled for thin LUNs in an All-Flash pool
D. Enabled for both thick and thin LUNs

Answer: C

What is a consideration when specifying a Dial Home suppression time for a Dell EMC Unity XT storage array?

A. Can be lengthened or shortened
B. The time zone where the array is located
C. Should be set between 1 and 32 hours
D. Can be enabled at any time

Answer: C

A storage administrator configured a Hybrid Dell EMC Unity XT storage system using one default port containing three disk types. They need additional Flash capacity.
What is the correct way to expand the pool?

A. Add a RAID Group of SAS Flash 4 drives to the pool
B. Add 2 SAS Flash drives to the FAST Cache
C. Add 1 SAS Flash drive to the pool
D. Add a RAID Group of SAS Flash drives to the pool

Answer: A

What storage resources can be provisioned to a host that is connected to a Dell EMC Unity XT storage system via Fibre Channel?

A. LUNs, CIFS shares, and Consistency Group LUNs
B. VMFS datastores, NFS datastores, and VVol(file) datastores
C. LUNs, Consistency Group LUNs, and NFS datastores
D. Consistency Group LUNs, VMFS datastores, and VVol (block) datastores

Answer: B

The preferred production interface is active. What does the Dell EMC Unity XT system do once a NAS Server starts outbound traffic to an external service?

A. Selects interfaces based on advanced static routes
B. Uses Packet Reflect for outbound communication
C. Uses the active production interface
D. Selects the shortest path available

Answer: C

A company has a VMware host installed with FC HBAs that is connected to a Dell EMC Unity XT storage array. A 500 GB LUN is provisioned to this host from the Unity array and is in production. The VMware administrator has configured a new vSwitch with the NICs on the server intended for iSCSI traffic. The storage administrator is asked to configure software iSCSI and provision a new 1 TB LUN from the storage array via iSCSI.
What is a consideration when satisfying this request?

A. A connection must be established between the host iSCSI initiators and Unity iSCSI targets before provisioning the new LUN
B. Any single host should connect to any single array using one protocol only
C. The iSCSI configuration must use all the NIC connections to the host
D. Two iSCSI target interfaces must be configured with IP addresses from separate subnets

Answer: D

A company with multiple remote offices has decided to use asynchronous replication. What systems support this capability?

A. Dell EMC Unity XT and Dell EMC UnityVSA
B. Dell EMC UnityVSA only
C. Dell EMC UnityVSA and VNXe
D. Dell EMC Unity XT only

Answer: A

How does Dell EMC Unity XT differ from Dell EMC UnityVSA?

A. Unity XT supports FAST VP only
UnityVSA supports FAST VP and FAST Cache
B. Unity XT supports host I/O limits and monitoring and reporting UnityVSA supports monitoring and reporting only
C. UnityXT supports FAST VP and FAST Cache.
UnityVSA supports FAST VP only
D. UnityXT supports monitoring and reporting only
UnityVSA supports host I/O limits and monitoring and reporting

Answer: C

By default, the storage system transfers log information on which network port?

A. 138
B. 464
C. 514
D. 2049

Answer: C

A storage administrator has added multiple resources to a single density-based Host I/O Limit policy for the following storage resources:
– LUN A: 25 GB
– LUN B: 25 GB
– LUN C: 50 GB
– Density-Based Limit 20: IOPS
What is the total IOPS set by this policy?

A. 200
B. 500
C. 2000
D. 2500

Answer: A

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