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A server technician is setting up replication for a database server. The technician is designing a server that is fully redundant and highly available. Which of the following replication strategies should be used?

A. Mirroring
B. Log shipping
C. Disk-to-disk
D. Server-to-server

Answer: A

A file server on the network stores sensitive data for multiple departments in the company. A systems administrator has been instructed to ensure only data stored by the accounting department is encrypted. Which of the following solutions should the systems administrator implement to encrypt this data in the MOST efficient manner?

A. Disk-level encryption
B. File-level encryption
C. Data transfer encryption
D. User-initiated encryption

Answer: B

A virtual desktop user is in the process of saving a file when the UPS connected to the VM host server fails and the server powers off. After replacing the failed UPS, the user reports that the file did not save recent changes. Which of the following storage issues MOST likely caused this?

A. Cache battery failure
B. Improper disk partition
C. Insufficient space
D. Storage array rebuild

Answer: A

A server technician is replacing hard disk drives in a server. The server currently has 136GB SAS drives configured with a RAID 0 solution and is using approximately 90GB of its maximum storage capacity. Given this scenario, management would like the technician to replace the hard drives, utilize a “mirroring” RAID configuration, and support 20% growth in space annually for the next five years. Which of the following statements BEST supports these goals?

A. Procure two 250GB SAS drives and configure RAID 1.
B. Procure two 250GB SATA drives and configure RAID 1.
C. Procure two 500GB SAS drives and configure RAID 0.
D. Procure two 500GB SATA drives and configure RAID 0.

Answer: A

Corporate policy requires data replication to continue even if the servers, which are being protected, crash. Which of the following replication methods fulfills this requirement?

A. Storage array replication
B. VM replication
C. Email server database replication
D. Database log shipping

Answer: A

An administrator is attempting to install a 64-bit OS on a VM that is hosted by a server known to have 64- bit CPUs. However, the new VM will not boot properly. Which of the following is MOST likely the problem?

A. The server is not a Type 1 hypervisor.
B. The server is not a Type 2 hypervisor.
C. The server does not have AMD-V or Intel VT switched on.
D. The server does not have hybrid server capability turned on.

Answer: C

A server technician is attempting to find a server in the datacenter and only has the server’s name. The technician does not have access to log in to the server and does not know where the server is located. Which of the following items would be MOST useful to inventory to aid in future server identification? (Choose two.)

A. Server make
B. Server model
C. Server IP address
D. Server serial number
E. Server asset tag

Answer: DE

An administrator receives an alert of a failed hardware component in a virtualization host running critical services. Which of the following should the administrator perform BEFORE replacing the failed component?

A. Migrate all VMs to another host before replacing the failed component.
B. Shut down all VMs on the host before replacing the failed component.
C. Reboot all VMs on the host before replacing the failed component.
D. Suspend all VMs on the host before replacing the failed component.

Answer: B

A server technician is reviewing a list of WWNs within a SAN storage array before provisioning additional LUNs to VMs. The purpose is to ensure only specific HBAs will have access to a particular LUN. Which of the following BEST describes the technician’s purpose?

A. Direct access bridging
B. LUN zoning
C. LUN masking
D. NIC teaming

Answer: C

One of the servers in the datacenter shuts down multiple times a day. The technician has to physically go to the server and boot it up by pressing the power button. Which of the following are MOST likely causing the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Overheating
B. Processor failure
C. I/O failure
D. Power supply failure
E. Incorrect boot sequence

Answer: AD

An administrator is planning for the deployment of a new database. The database will be 100GB at inception and is expected to grow by 50% every year. Management wants the administrator to plan for the database to be in service for a maximum of five years. Which of the following is the MINIMUM amount of disk space that will meet these requirements?

A. 400GB
B. 600GB
C. 800GB
D. 1TB

Answer: C

A technician is troubleshooting an issue with communication to another server at a remote location. Which of the following tools should the technician use to help troubleshoot the traffic to and from the server?

A. Net use
B. Nslookup
C. Port scanner
D. Sniffer

Answer: A

Users at a remote site have reported that a regularly used server is inaccessible. The systems administrator knows users at another site also use the same server, so the administrator contacts them to see if the same issue is occurring. Which of the following troubleshooting steps is this an example of?

A. Establish a plan to resolve the issue.
B. Establish a theory of probable cause.
C. Establish the scope of the issue.
D. Test the theory of probable cause.

Answer: C

A server administrator is selecting hardware for a new backup server. Disk capacity is the most important requirement for the server. Which of the following drive interface types BEST meets this need?


Answer: B

An administrator is sizing the CPU requirements of a new application. The application requires 12 guest VMs to run concurrently on the host. If each guest requires 500MHz of CPU and the server has two sockets, which of the following CPUs will ensure there are sufficient host CPU resources for this application?

A. 1.6GHz CPU
B. 2.0GHz CPU
C. 2.5GHz CPU
D. 3.2GHz CPU

Answer: D

An administrator is adding NAS-based storage to a server. Which of the following strategies will allow users to see BEST performance with this new NAS storage?

A. Connect server to NAS storage using two redundant HBAs.
B. Connect server to NAS storage using two redundant SCSI controllers.
C. Connect server to NAS storage using two teamed 1 Gb NICs.
D. Connect server to NAS storage using two redundant fabric switches.

Answer: C

A server administrator is installing a 64-bit OS on a server hardware and receives the following error message: Processor architecture not supported. Which of the following architectures is causing this error?

B. x64
C. x86
E. Alpha

Answer: C

Users at a company cannot log into a server. An administrator reboots the server with liveCD and executes a df –h command. The following is returned:

Which of the following should be done NEXT?

A. Reformat the boot partition.
B. Compress or delete log files.
C. Reconfigure the server with a larger primary partition.
D. Ask users to clean out their home directories from another server.

Answer: B

An administrator is wiring some Cat 5 cable into a serial cable. Which of the following wiring types should the administrator use?

A. Rollover
B. Crossover
C. EIA 568A on both ends
D. Straight-through

Answer: A

A server technician installs a new CPU and heat sink in a server and reconnects all of the cables. After powering on the server, the technician discovers the server is now overheating. The technician ensures the fans in the server are all operating properly. Which of the following power and cooling components is the next MOST likely cause of the temperature issues?

A. The server is missing a fan shroud.
B. The power supply voltage is incorrect.
C. The thermal dissipation of the heat sink is insufficient.
D. The power consumption of the CPU is too high.

Answer: A

A technician created a job on a backup server to back up the new email server. After a few days, the technician notices the email server logs are not cleaning up after the backups are completed. Which of the following actions can the technician take to correct this issue?

A. Delete the logs before the backups.
B. Acquire an application programming interface for backup software.
C. Back up the server to a network location.
D. Stop email services, and then perform a backup.

Answer: B

A server has a disk array controller with battery-backed cache. Which of the following will MOST likely happen if the server loses power?

A. Information in cache will be written to disk once the server regains power, assuming the battery has a charge.
B. All information in cache is lost, even if the battery has a change.
C. The battery will supply power to the disk array in the event of a power failure, and cache will not be written to disk.
D. Information in cache will be transferred to firmware, and no information will be lost.

Answer: A

A server administrator is assigning an internally routable IPv6 unique local address to servers in a datacenter. Which of the following network addresses should the administrator assign to a server?

C. 2901:4868:4800::8844
D. fd00:1348:4ef0:1ab9::1fd4

Answer: C

The systems administrator received an alert that one of the servers went offline. The systems administrator logged on remotely to the machine using the IPMI connection and noticed the following message upon boot up: No logical volumes present. Press F1 to continue. Which of the following is the BEST step for the systems administrator to take to resolve the issue?

A. Check the array controller to see if the disks are visible.
B. Verify the array controller to determine if it is seen by the BIOS.
C. Enter the BIOS and enable the disk.
D. Resume the server reboot by pressing F1.

Answer: D

A system is having disk performance issues, and the administrator wants to upgrade the storage system. Which of the following would provide the fastest and MOST reliable storage?

A. SSD with SAS
B. SSD with SATA
C. Magnetic with SAS
D. Magnetic with SATA

Answer: A

A server administrator is gathering full datacenter inventory of all the server hardware to submit to the IT manager for next year’s budget for a technology refresh project. Which of the following life-cycle management stages is this?

A. Procurement
B. Usage
C. Disposal
D. End-of-life

Answer: D

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