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Your management has decided to take advantage of a public cloud infrastructure.
You have selected a VMware public cloud partner and are ready to begin the move.
Which product or component will you use to move all of your vApps to the public cloud?

A.    vCenter Orchestrator
B.    vCenter Server
C.    Site Recovery Manager
D.    vCloud Connector

Answer: D

Your company operates a hybrid cloud environment and the change control group wants to ensure all VM templates and App templates deployed in any of the private clouds come from a single synchronized content catalog.
Which component supports this requirement?

A.    vCloud Connector: Stretch Deploy
B.    vCloud Connector: Content Sync
C.    vFabric Suite
D.    vCloud Connector: Datacenter Extension

Answer: B

You are an automation engineer for your companies private vCloud environment. While you work on many projects, you are primarily responsible for automating workflows for the provisioning, altering configurations, and decommissioning virtual workloads. Which product is integrated with vCloud Automation Center’s workflow engine that will allow you to accomplish these tasks?

A.    Powershell
B.    vCenter Orchestrator
C.    vCloud Connector
D.    VMware NSX

Answer: B

You have just finished deploying your company’s private cloud. Now, management wants to make sure everything continues to run well and that you are meeting all of your Service-Level Agreements. Which vCloud software component will best help you to do this?

A.    vCenter operations Management Suite
B.    vSphere Management Assistant
C.    vCloud Management Assistant
D.    vCenter Server

Answer: A

Management is concerned with the rising costs of running services in your private cloud.
You need to compare your costs to similar offerings from other public cloud providers so that you can gauge if you are remaining competitive.
Which product is best for this task?

A.    VMware NSX
B.    IT Business Management
C.    vCenter Orchestrator
D.    vCenter Server

Answer: B

A newly-hired member of your team asks you to explain Site Recovery manager to her.
You tell her that after a disaster or in anticipation of a disaster-related event, Site Recovery Manager takes which action?

A.    SRM automatically reboots specified ESXi servers and VMs in place at your local datacenter as the earliest opportunity.
B.    SRM moves your VMs to a public cloud provided by an approved third party provider.
C.    SRM leverages vSphere Replication to automate the failover of VMs to another physical location.
D.    Before the disaster event, SRM replicates specified VMs at the recovery site and powers them on, so that it can switch control to the recovery site VMs after a disaster.

Answer: C

You have audited a customer’s private cloud and found that in the event of an outage, they cannot recover virtual machines quickly enough as determined by their recovery time objective. They do not have the budget to invest in building separate recovery site.
Which product will allow the customer to meet their RTO without investing in dedicated infrastructure?

A.    Site Recovery Manager
B.    vCloud Connector
C.    vCloud Hybrid service ?Disaster Recovery
D.    vCloud Automation Center

Answer: C

Your company has decided to use server, storage and networking equipment from a Public Cloud service provider. Your agreement with the provider says that you will have complete control over the virtual machine operating systems and will have the ability to configure services and software to best accomplish your business goals.
Which type of service are you using?

A.    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
B.    Data Processing as a Service (DPaaS)
C.    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
D.    Software as a Service (SaaS)

Answer: C

Your company is considering deploying a Private Cloud using only physical infrastructure.
Which two benefits of using a Software-Defined Data Center vs. a physical Infrastructure can you present to your company to convince them that a Software-Defined Data Center is a better choice? (Choose two.)

A.    No Cabling
B.    Faster Provisioning
C.    Elastic Scalability
D.    Zero Upgrades

Answer: BC

Your customer needs to simplify network service deployment and reduce the amount of time spent configuring their existing physical network infrastructure.
How will VMware NSX help your customer achieve these goals?

A.    VMware NSX only utilizes virtual switches.
The customer will have to install and configure physical switches to carry virtual switch traffic.
B.    VMware NSX provisions virtual ESXI servers to bypass the need for configuring the physical switching infrastructure.
C.    VMware NSX provisions network services in software, removing the need to configure the physical network infrastructure.
D.    VMware NSX removes the need for physical switches, reducing deployment time.

Answer: A

Your manager is concerned that the creation of hundreds of identical VMs is needlessly taking up too much storage space. You explain that this can be avoided by making use of which vCloud feature?

A.    Storage DRS
B.    Snapshots
C.    Templates
D.    Linked Clones

Answer: D

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