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A technician wants to employ RAID to store a large amount of data and has a large number of drives available. Which of the following RAID levels should the technician utilize to achieve maximum capacity and fault tolerance?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 5
D. 10

Answer: D

An administrator wishes to deploy network storage that provides block-level disk access. The solution must use the existing Ethernet infrastructure. Which of the following would BEST achieve this?


Answer: D

A technician is troubleshooting a blade server with correctable memory errors on only one DIMM. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician take FIRST?

A. Replace the suspected failed DIMM with a new DIMM
B. Swap locations of the DIMM with a known-good DIMM
C. Replace all the DIMMs in the suspect bank of memory
D. Apply all OS and applications software patches

Answer: A

An administrator has been given an OS DVD to install on a server. During setup, however, the DVD gives an architecture mismatch warning.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The administrator is trying to install the OS on a system equipped with ECC memory
B. The administrator is trying to install a 64-bit OS on a system with 32-bit CPUs
C. The administrator is trying to install on a system with multicore CPUs
D. The administrator is trying to install on an outdated BIOS

Answer: B

A server technician is setting up a 42U rack. The technician needs to install a 5U cable tray spacer at the 42U position. Which of the following is the amount of space the 5U cable tray spacer is taking up?

A. 5.75in (14.6cm)
B. 6.75in (17.1cm)
C. 8.75in (22.2cm)
D. 11.75in (29.8cm)

Answer: C

The server administrator is finding a solution to allow users to access the company’s internal network resources when they are not in the office. Which of the following should the administrator configure to allow the users to access the internal network resources while they are not in the office?


Answer: C

A cable management arm should be used:

A. when channeling cables in a rack for a 2U server
B. when channeling cables in a rack for a UPS
C. when channeling cables on a tower server
D. when channeling cables in a rack for a 48-port switch

Answer: D

A server technician is walking through the server room and notices a red or amber light on a drive in the server. No alerts have been received. Which of the following should be checked FIRST on the server?

A. RAID configuration utility
B. Performance monitor
C. Air flow
D. Temperature sensors

Answer: A

Two servers were stolen from a small business with limited physical security. Which of the following are the BEST methods to prevent physical security breaches of the server room? (Choose two.)

A. Store important data off site
B. Place servers in a rack or cabinet with a lock
C. Set up card-reader access to secure the server room
D. Move the servers to a different location
E. Install cameras in the building

Answer: CE

A company uses a physical server for both email and DNS services. The company recently moved to a cloud-based email platform and no longer needs email to run on this server. After removing the email application from the server, which of the following should be done NEXT to further harden the system?

A. Disable port 22
B. Disable port 53
C. Disable port 67
D. Disable port 143

Answer: D

A server technician has installed a full rack in a server room and must place the following items in the rack:
– One 2U server
– One 2U firewall
– One 1U server
– Two 3U UPS devices
Which of the following describes how the technician should arrange the rack?

A. Place one 3U UPS device on the top of the rack and one on the bottom
B. Place both 3U UPS devices on the top of the rack
C. Place both 3U UPS devices in the center of the rack
D. Place both 3U UPS devices on the bottom of the rack

Answer: D

While updates are being performed on a storage array, one of the virtual hosts loses connectivity to the storage. The server administrator confirms the virtual host has two HBAs, which each have green LEDs showing on the ports. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. Improper RAID configuration
B. Loose fiber connection
C. Incorrect volume partitioning
D. Multipathing misconfiguration

Answer: D

A technician added a new mail relay server to the network. During testing, the server fails to forward mail. Which of the following firewall ports should the technician check?

A. 25
B. 80
C. 110
D. 443

Answer: A

The server administrator is installing a new server. When booting up the server, the OS installer is unable to find any disk to load the OS. Which of the following should the server administrator perform to solve this issue?

A. Configure the array controller
B. Load the OS from USB
C. Change the boot order to PXE
D. Move the OS installer to a different USB port

Answer: C

An administrator uses a DVD to upgrade an application on a server. After completing the upgrade, the administrator restarts the server, but it does not launch the OS correctly. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the boot failure?

A. Failed RAID array
B. Incorrect boot order
C. Corrupt BIOS
D. Incompatible application

Answer: B

A technician has a server that requires 120V at 5A. Which of the following is the number of watts the server consumes?

A. 24W
B. 60W
C. 115W
D. 600W

Answer: D

An administrator is concerned about a volume on a server containing SQL databases with only 3% available disk space. The administrator is considering turning on NTFS compression to create space.
Which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. Compressing volumes that contain databases is highly recommended due to the poor space utilization of databases
B. Compressing a volume using NTFS is also known as compacting
C. Compressing a volume containing databases is not recommended since it slows down the speed
D. Adding additional memory is a better solution to a space problem since databases are stored in RAM

Answer: C

Which of the following failover designs BEST describes a warm site?

A. It is a site with a current replica of the data. Servers and storage are running and ready to provide services previously provided by the failed site
B. Servers and storage are actively running and ready to provide services previously provided by the failed site within an hour or less, though additional time might be required to bring data up to latest copy
C. It is a site with a replica of the backups from last night. Servers and storage are in place but are not currently running. Services previously provided by the failed site will be available within 24 hours
D. It is a site that has monthly replicas of backup data and a bare-bones server infrastructure to facilitate restores. Servers may need to be provided by a disaster recovery company before services can be restored

Answer: C

A database server is configured with the database files residing on a separate partition to meet vendor recommendations. The following schedule is used for system backup:
– Full backup Saturday at 12:00 a.m.
– Differential backup daily Sunday through Friday at 12:00 a.m.
– Database backups daily at 12:00 a.m.
New data is loaded into the database on Monday night, and OS patches are installed on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, it is discovered that the data loaded into the database on Monday is corrupted, and the database needs to be restored from Sunday’s backup.
Which of the following backup types would BEST allow restoration of the database without affecting the OS patches installed on Tuesday?

A. Restore the differential backup from Tuesday
B. Restore the server from Saturday’s full backup
C. Restore the server from Tuesday’s snapshot
D. Restore the database backup from Monday

Answer: C

A technician is connecting a new server to a Fibre Channel SAN. Which of the following needs to be added to the server?

A. HBA card
B. 1GB Ethernet card
C. SAS controller
D. RAID controller

Answer: A

A server technician has just finished provisioning a Windows server offline. Per company policy, all servers’ network settings must be configured manually. The technician is able to ping the IP addresses of servers on multiple networks. When attempting to join the server to the domain, the technician receives the error: Cannot find domain controller. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this issue?

A. WINS settings are not configured on the server
B. DNS settings are not configured on the server
C. The default gateway is not configured on the server
D. The subnet mask is not configured on the server

Answer: B

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