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Refer to the exhibit. A customer has implemented Cisco FlexConnect deployments with different WLANs around the global and is opening a new branch in a different location. The engineers’ task is to execute all the wireless configuration and to suggest how to configure the switch ports for new Aps. Which configuration must the switching team use on the switch ports?

A. Multiple VLAN
B. Access mode
C. Trunk mode
D. Single mode

Answer: C

After looking in the logs, an engineer notices that RRM keeps changing the channels for non-IEEE 802. 11 interferers. After surveying the area, it has been decided that RRM should not change the channel. Which feature must be enabled to ignore non-802.11 interference?

A. Avoid Cisco AP Load
B. Avoid Persistent Non-WIFI Interference
C. Avoid Foreign AP Interference
D. Avoid Non-802. 11 Noise

Answer: D

An engineer is configuring multicast for two WLCs. The controllers are in deferent physical locations and each handles around 500 wire clients. How should the CAPWAP multicast group address be assigned during configuration?

A. Each WLC must be assigned a unique multicast group address
B. Each WLC management address must be in the same multicast group
C. Each WLC management address must be in a different multicast grou
D. Both WLCs must be assigned the same multicast group address

Answer: C

An engineer must implement a BYDD policy with these requirements:
– Onboarding unknown machines
– Easily scalable
– Low overhead on the wireless network
Which method satisfies these requirements?

A. triple SSID
B. open SSID
C. dual SSID
D. single SSID

Answer: D

A wireless engineer must configure access control on a WLC using a TACAS+ server for a company that is implementing centralized authentication on network devices. Which role must be configured under the shell profile on the TACAS+ server for a user with ready-only permissions?


Answer: B

An engineer must provide a graphical report with summary grouped data of the total number of wireless clients on the network Which Cisco Prime Infrastructure report provides the requited data?

A. Client Summary
B. Posture Status Count
C. Mobility Client Summary
D. Client Traffic Stream Metrics

Answer: C

A network engineer wants to implement QoS across the network that support multiple VLANs. All the Aps are connected to switch ports and are configured in local mode. Which trust model must be configured on the switch ports to which the Ap are connected?

A. CoS

Answer: C

A customer wants to Aps in the CEO’s office to have different usernames and passwords for administrative support than the other APs deployed through the facility. Which feature must be enabled on the WLC and Aps to achieve this goal?

A. Override global credentials
B. 802.1X supplicant credentials
C. Local management users
D. HTTPS access

Answer: B

An engineer is implementing profiling for BYOD devices using Cisco ISE. When using a distributed model, which persona must the engineer configure with the profiling service?

A. Policy Services Node
B. Device Admin Node
C. Monitor Node
D. Primary Admin Node

Answer: A

An organization is supporting remote workers in different locations In order to provide wireless network connectivity and services, OfficeExtend has been implement. The wireless connectivity is working, but users report losing connectivity to their local network printers. Which solution must be used to address this issue?

A. WLAN static IP tunneling
B. FlexConnect local switching
C. OEAP split tunnel
D. OEAP gateway override

Answer: C

An engineer is using Cisco Prime Infrastructure reporting to monitor the state of security on the WLAN. Which utput is produced when the Adaptive wIPS Top 10 AP report is run”

A. last 10 wIPS events from sniffer mode APs
B. last 10 wIPS events from monitor mode APs
C. last of 10 sniffer mode APs with the most wIPS events
D. last of 10 monitor mode APs with the most wIPS events

Answer: B

A wireless engineer is configuring LWA using ISE. The customer is a starting company and requested the wireless users to authenticate against a directory, but LDAP is unavailable. Which solution be proposed in order to have the same security and user experience?

A. Use a preshared key on the corporate WLAN
B. Use Novell eDirectory
D. Use the internal database of the RADIUS server.

Answer: B

An engineer has successfully implemented 10 active RFID tags in an office environment The tags are not visible when the location accuracy is tested on the Cisco CMX Detect and Locate window. Which setting on Cisco CMX allows the engineer to view the tags?

A. Enable hyper location services for RFID.
B. Enable RFID tags in tracking options
C. Enable probing clients for active tags.
D. Define an RFID group globally and add the tags.

Answer: C

An engineer must implement a CPU ACL that blocks web management traffic to the controller, but they also must allow guests to r a h a Web Authentication Redirect page. To which IP address is guest client HTTPS traffic allowed for this to work?

A. controller management
B. DNS server IP
C. virtual interface IP
D. Client int rface IP

Answer: C

An engineer has been hired to implement a way for users to stream video content without having issues on the wireless network. To accomplish this goal, the engineer must set up a reliable way for a Media Stream to work between Cisco FlexConnect APs. Which feature must be enabled to guarantee delivery?

A. Multicast-Unicast Direct
B. Multicast Direct
C. Unicast Direct
D. IGMP Direct

Answer: A

An engineer needs to configure an autonomous AP for 802.Ix authentication. To achieve the h ghest security an authentication server is used for user authentication During testing, the AP fails to pass the user authentication request to the authentication server. Which two details need to be configured on the AP to allow communicator! between the server and the AP? (Choose two.)

A. RADIUS IP address
B. Username and password
C. Group name
D. Shared secret
E. PAC encryption key

Answer: AD

A company is collecting the requirements for an on-premises event. During the event, a wireless client connected to a dedicated WLAN will run a video application that will need to average 300000000 bits per second to fun tion properly. What is the QoS marketing that needs to be applied to that WLAN?

A. Bronze
B. Platinum
C. Silver
D. Gold

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The security team has implemented ISE as a AAA solution for the wireless network. The wireless engineer notices that though clients can authenticate successfully, the ISE policies that are designed to place them on different interfaces are not working.
Which configuration must be applied in the RADIUS Authentication Settings section from the ISE Network Device page?

A. Disable KeyWrap
B. Change the CoA Port
C. Correct the shared secret.
D. Use ASCII for the key input format

Answer: B

An engineer set up identity-based networking with ISE and configured AAA override on the WLAN. Which two attributes must be used to change the client behavior from the default settings? (Choose two.)

A. DHCP timeout
C. multicast address
D. DNS server
E. DSCP value

Answer: BE

A wireless network has been implemented to enable multicast video to be streamed reliably over the wireless link to the wireless to the wireless users. After a client reports that the video is unable to stream the administrator determines that the client is connecting a data rate of 12 Mbps and is trying to stream to a void multicast address on the network. Which two actions must be applied? (Choose two.)

A. Allow RTSP stream the video due to wireless multicast not using acknowledgments.
B. Allow multicast direct to work correctly and multicast-direct to be enabled globally.
C. Change the WLAN QoS value to Bronze for the WLANs on the controller.
D. Turn off IGMP snooping for all the configured WLANS on the controller.
E. Implement video stream for the multicast video on the controller

Answer: BE

A wireless engineer has integrated the wireless network with a RADIUS server. Although the configuration on the RADIUS is correct, users are reporting that they are unable to connect During troubleshooting, the engineer notices that the authentication requests are being dropped. Which action will resolve the issue?

A. Provide a valid client username that has been configured on the RADIUS server
B. Authenticate the client using the same EAP type that has been set up on the RADIUS server.
C. Allow connectivity from the wireless controller to the IP of the RADIUS s rver.
D. Configure the shared-secret keys on the controller and the RADIUS se ver.

Answer: C

An engineer must configure MSE to provide guests access using social media authentication. Which service does the engineer configure so that guests use Facebook credentials to authenticate’?

A. Visitor Connect
B. Client Connect
C. Social Connect
D. Guest Connect

Answer: C

An enterprise started using WebEx as a virtual meeting solution. There is a concern that the existing wireless network will not be able to support the increased amount of traffic as a result of using WebEx. An engineering needs to remark the QoS value for this application to ensure high quality in meetings. Which must be implemented to accomplish this task?

A. WLAN quality of service profile
B. QoS preferred call index
C. AVC profiles
D. UP to DSCP map

Answer: C

A network engineer is deploying 8865 IP phones with wireless clients connected to them. In order to apply the appropriate QoS, the IP voice traffic needs to be distinguished from client data traffic.
Which switch configuration feature must be enabled?

C. Voice VLAN
D. QoS routing

Answer: C

An engineer is setting up a WLAN to work with a Cisco IS as the AAA server. The company policy requires that all users be denied access to any resources until they pass the validation. Which component must be configured to achieve this stipulation?

A. AAA override
B. preauthentication ACL
C. WPA2 passkey

Answer: A

An engineer just added anew MSE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and wants to synchronize the MSE with the Cisco 5520 WLC, which is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. It is noticed that NMSP messages are failing between the two devices. Which traffic must be allowed on the firewall to ensure that the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?

A. TCP 1613
B. UDP 16113
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613

Answer: C

The Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold is currently set to -50 dBm. After reviewing the wireless user location, discrepancies have been noticed. To improve the Cisco Hyperlocation accuracy, an engineer attempts to change the detection threshold to -100 dBm However, the Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller does not allow this change to be applied. What actions should be taken to resolve this issue’

A. Place the APs to monitor mode shutdown the radios, and then ch nge Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold
B. Shutdown all radios on the controller, change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and enable the radios again.
C. Disable Cisco Hyperlocation. change the Cisco Hyperlocation detection threshold and then enable it
D. Create a new profile on Cisco CMX with the new Cisco Hyperlocation detection range, and apply it on the WL AN.

Answer: C

An IT department receives a report of a stolen laptop and has information on the MAC address of the laptop. Which two settings must be set on the wireless infrastructure to determine its location? (Choose two )

A. Location History for Visitors must be enabled on the MSE.
B. Location History for Clients must be enabled on the MSE.
C. Location History for Rogue APs & Rogue Clients must be enabled on the MSE.
D. Client location tracking must be enabled on the MSE.
E. Tracking optimization must be enabled on the WLC.

Answer: AB

Drag and Drop Question
The network management team in a large shopping center has detected numerous roque APs from local coffee shops that are broadcasting SSIDs. All of these SSlDs have names starting with ATC (for example. ATC302. ATC011. and ATC566). A wireless network engineer must appropriately classify these SSIDs using the Rogue Rules feature. Drag and drop the options from the left onto the categories in which they must be used on the right. Not all options are used.

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