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A coffee company, which operates a chain of stores across a large geographical area, is deploying tablets to use as point-of-sale devices. A security consultant has been given the following requirements:
– The cashiers must be able to log in to the devices quickly.
– The devices must be compliant with applicable regulations for credit card usage.
– The risk of loss or theft of the devices must be minimized.
– If devices are lost or stolen, all data must be removed from the device.
– The devices must be capable of being managed from a centralized location.
Which of the following should the security consultant configure in the MDM polices for the tablets? (Choose two.)

A. Remote wipe
B. Cable locks
C. Screen locks
D. Geofencing
E. GPS tagging
F. Carrier unlocking

Answer: AE

Which of the following should a company require prior to performing a penetration test?

B. CVE score
C. Data classification
D. List of threats

Answer: A

An employee on the Internet-facing part of a company’s website submits a 20-character phrase in a small textbox on a web form. The website returns a message back to the browser stating
Error: Table `advprofile’ entry into column `lname’ has exceeded number of allowed characters. Error saving database information.
Of which of the following is this an example?

A. Resource exhaustion
B. Buffer overflow
C. Improperly configured account
D. Improper error handling

Answer: D

Which of the following cloud models is used to share resources and information with business partners and like businesses without allowing everyone else access?

A. Public
B. Hybrid
C. Community
D. Private

Answer: C

A security team has completed the installation of a new server. The OS and applications have been patched and tested, and the server is ready to be deployed. Which of the following actions should be taken before deploying the new server?

A. Disable the default accounts.
B. Run a penetration test on the network.
C. Create a DMZ in which to place the server.
D. Validate the integrity of the patches.

Answer: A

A red team initiated a DoS attack on the management interface of a switch using a known vulnerability. The monitoring solution then raised an alert, prompting a network engineer to log in to the switch to diagnose the issue. When the engineer logged in, the red team was able to capture the credentials and subsequently log in to the switch. Which of the following actions should the network team take to prevent this type of breach from reoccurring?

A. Encrypt all communications with TLS 1.3.
B. Transition from SNMPv2c to SNMPv3 with AES-256.
C. Enable Secure Shell and disable Telnet.
D. Use a password manager with complex passwords.

Answer: C

A security engineer deploys a certificate from a commercial CA to the RADIUS server for use with the EAP-TLS wireless network. Authentication is failing, so the engineer examines the certificate’s properties:
Issuer: (A commercial CA)
Valid from: (yesterday’s date)
Valid to: (one year from yesterday’s date)
Public key: RSA (2048 bits)
Enhanced key usage: Client authentication (
Key usage: Digital signature, key encipherment (a0)
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the failure?

A. The certificate is missing the proper OID.
B. The certificate is missing wireless authentication in key usage.
C. The certificate is self-signed.
D. The certificate has expired.

Answer: A

A security analyst is investigating a report from an employee in the human resources (HR) department who is having sporadic issues with Internet access. When the security analyst pulls the UTM logs for the IP addresses in the HR group, the following activity is shown:
Which of the following actions should the security analyst take?

A. Ensure the HR employee is in the appropriate user group.
B. Allow port 8080 on the UTM for all outgoing traffic.
C. Disable the proxy settings on the HR employee’s device.
D. Edit the last line of the ACL on the UTM to: allow any any.

Answer: A

Which of the following provides the ability to attest to the integrity of a system from the initiation of an incident to the time the incident is litigated?

A. Chain of custody
B. Data encryption
C. Legal holds and preservation
D. Screenshots and witness interviews

Answer: A

Exercising various programming responses for the purpose of gaining insight into a system’s security posture without exploiting the system is BEST described as:

A. passive security control testing.
B. control gap analysis.
C. peer-conducted code review.
D. non-intrusive scanning.

Answer: A

A company is implementing a remote access portal so employees can work remotely from home. The company wants to implement a solution that would securely integrate with a third party. Which of the following is the BEST solution?

C. Secure token

Answer: A

A network administrator is configuring a honeypot in a company’s DMZ. To provide a method for hackers to access the system easily, the company needs to configure a plaintext authentication method that will send only the username and password to a service in the honeypot. Which of the following protocols should the company use?

A. OAuth
D. Shibboleth

Answer: B

During the penetration testing of an organization, the tester was provided with the names of a few key servers, along with their IP address. Which of the following is the organization conducting?

A. Gray box testing
B. White box testing
C. Black box testing
D. Isolated container testing
E. Vulnerability testing

Answer: A

A company would like to transition its directory service from an OpenLDAP solution to Active Directory. The main goal for this project is security. All authentications to the domain controllers must be as secure as possible. Which of the following should the company use to achieve this goal?

C. Kerberos
D. Shibboleth

Answer: A

A security administrator is reviewing the following information from a file that was found on a compromised host:
cat suspiciousfile.txt\njohn\miloveyou\n$200\nWorking Late\nJohn\nI%20will%20be%20in% 20the%20office%20till%206pm%20to%20finish%20the%20report\n
Which of the following types of malware is MOST likely installed on the compromised host?

A. Keylogger
B. Spyware
C. Trojan
D. Backdoor
E. Rootkit

Answer: A

Which of the following can be used to increase the time needed to brute force a hashed password?

C. Elliptic curve
D. Diffie-Hellman

Answer: A

Ann, a security analyst from a large organization, has been instructed to use another, more effective scanning tool. After installing the tool on her desktop, she started a full vulnerability scan. After running the scan for eight hours. Ann finds that there were no vulnerabilities identified. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of not receiving any vulnerabilities on the network?

A. The organization has a zero tolerance policy against not applying cybersecurity best practices.
B. The organization had a proactive approach to patch management principles and practices.
C. The security analyst credentials did not allow full administrative rights for the scanning tool.
D. The security analyst just recently applied operating system level patches.

Answer: C

A network administrator needs to prevent users from accessing the accounting department records. All users are connected to the same Layer 2 device and access the Internet through the same router. Which of the following should be implemented to segment the accounting department from the rest of the users?

A. Implement VLANs and an ACL.
B. Install a firewall and create a DMZ.
C. Create a site-to-site VPN.
D. Enable MAC address filtering.

Answer: A

Proprietary information was sent by an employee to a distribution list that included external email addresses. Which of the following BEST describes the incident that occurred and the threat actor in this scenario?

A. Social engineering by a hacktivist
B. MITM attack by a script kiddie
C. Unintentional disclosure by an insider
D. Corporate espionage by a competitor

Answer: C

A company recently changed its security policy to allow access to only pre-approved websites and setup to occur without any end-user configuration. Which of the follow is the BEST configuration for implementing the new security policy?

A. Install and configure a transparent proxy.
B. Install an ACL router and an agentless NAC.
C. Install a Layer 3 switch with loop prevention and a MAC filtering access point.
D. Install a SIEM with automated triggers and a heuristic NIDS.

Answer: A

Which of the following models is considered an iterative approach with frequent testing?

A. Agile
B. Waterfall
C. DevOps
D. Sandboxing

Answer: A

A company wants to provide a guest wireless system for its visitors. The system should have a captive portal for guest self-registration and protect guest devices from spreading malware to other connected devices. Which of the following should be done on the wireless network to satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Configure WPA2-PSK.
B. Configure a wireless IDS.
C. Use an open authentication system.
D. Enforce 802.1X with PEAP.
E. Disable SSID broadcasting.
F. Enable client isolation.

Answer: DF

After a breach, a company has decided to implement a solution to better understand the technique used by the attackers. Which of the following is the BEST solution to be deployed?

A. Network analyzer
B. Protocol analyzer
C. Honeypot network
D. Configuration compliance scanner

Answer: C

A security analyst is investigating a security breach involving the loss of sensitive data. A user passed the information through social media as vacation photos. Which of the following methods was used to encode the data?

A. Obfuscation
B. Steganography
C. Hashing
D. Elliptic curve

Answer: B

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