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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB2-701
Exam Name: Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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You need to programmatically retrieve the current display name of several custom entities by using a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) endpoint.
Which endpoint should you use?

A.    Organization Service
B.    Organization Data Service
C.    Discovery Service
D.    Metadata Browser Managed Solution

Answer: A

You need to return system errors by leveraging the Windows Communication Framework (WCF). Which code segment should you include in your catch statement?

A.    ReturnResponses = true
B.    ContinueOnError = true
C.    FaultException<Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.OrganizationServiceFault>
D.    ContinueOnError = false

Answer: C

Which statement describes the Organization Service?

A.    an Open Data Protocol (OData) web service that provides access to the business data for your organization by using a Representational State Transfer (REST) API
B.    a web service that provides information about the organizations that are available on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server by using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
C.    the public certificate that is required to configure the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration
D.    a web service that provides access to the business data and metadata for your organization by using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

Answer: D

You are working on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment in a single organization. Which service provides the information required to access the organization endpoint?

A.    Asynchronous Service
B.    Organization Service
C.    Organization Data Service
D.    Discovery Service

Answer: D

In a Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, you have the following code segment. Line numbers included for reference only.
What is the purpose of line 09 in this code segment?

A.    Verifies the identity of the user based on their Active Directory telephone number.
B.    It is used for Lync integrated authentication.
C.    locates the user record based on the incoming Caller ID from the organizations Private Branch exchange (PBX).
D.    It is used to impersonate the identity of another user who is using the telephone number to locate the User ID.

Answer: D

You are developing a plug-in that will be used in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and on-premises environments. Which trust level is required?

A.    partial trust
B.    Web services trust model (WS-Trust)
C.    full trust
D.    root authority

Answer: A

You are deploying a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online plug-in on a production environment.
Which storage system should you use?

A.    on-disk
B.    Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
C.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM database
D.    .NET assembly

Answer: C

Which two plug-in stages that are available to developers are always executed during the database transaction?

A.    Pre-operation
B.    MainOperation
C.    Pre-validation
D.    Post-operation

Answer: AD

You are working with entity classes in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM plug-in.
You use late binding. Which entity attribute name should you use?

A.    DisplayName
B.    DisplayCollectionName
C.    LogicalName
D.    SchemaName

Answer: C

What is a full trust plug-in?

A.    a plug-in that is registered with a third-party code-signing authority
B.    a plug-in that is registered inside the sandbox
C.    a plug-in that is registered for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online only
D.    a plug-in that is registered outside the sandbox

Answer: B

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