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Exam Code: 1z0-028
Exam Name: Oracle Database Cloud Administration
Certification Provider: Oracle
Corresponding Certifications: Oracle Certified Master, Database Cloud Administrator, Oracle Certified Professional, Database Cloud Administrator

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How does the National Institute of Standards and Technology define a Community Cloud?

A.    A common environment for use by a group of related organizations
B.    A combination of private and public Clouds for multiple organizations
C.    Separate environments for use by multiple organizations
D.    Separate environments for use by a single organization

Answer: A
The cloud infrastructure is provisionedfor exclusive use by a specificcommunity of consumers from organizations that have shared concerns (e.g., mission,security requirements, policy, and compliance considerations). It may be owned,managed, and operated by one or more of the organizations in the community, a thirdparty, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises.

Which two Cloud service types as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) may be used for self-service provisioning of an Oracle WebLogic Environment?

A.    Platform as a Service
B.    Infrastructure as a Service
C.    Software as a Service
D.    Middleware as a Service
E.    Application Server as a Service

Answer: AB

Which four are true concerning the mapping of source servers to destination servers when using custom consolidation scenarios with Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Consolidation Planner?

A.    Source servers may only be mapped to existing servers.
B.    Source servers may be mapped in balanced manner to all destination servers.
C.    Source servers may be randomly mapped to a subset of destination servers.
D.    Source servers may be mapped to the fewest destination servers.
E.    Source servers may be explicitly mapped to destination servers.
F.    Source servers may be auto-mapped to destination servers.
G.    Source servers may not be mapped to phantom servers.

Answer: ABEF

Which three are true about the collection of chargeback metrics and the generation of chargeback reports by Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c?

A.    The sysman user must run a job to collect the metrics.
B.    A user with the EM_CLOUD_ADMINISTRATOR role must run a job to collect the metrics.
C.    A user with the EM_SSA_ADMINISTRATOR role must run a job to collect the metrics.
D.    Metrics are collected automatically.
E.    Chargeback reports may be requested manually by the sysman user.
F.    Chargeback reports run on a daily basis automatically.

Answer: ACE

How does Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c discover resources that are deployed by end users using self-service deployment?

A.    The Enterprise Manager Agent discovers the newly deployed targets when a Cloud Control Administrator manually requests discovery.
B.    Resources that are created by end-user deployment requests automatically become managed targets in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control when the resources are deployed.
C.    The Enterprise Manager Agent discovers the newly deployed targets when a self-service user requests target discovery.
D.    Resources that are created by end-user deployment requests become managed targets automatically only when the agent is restarted.

Answer: B

Which three statements are true about the Oracle Homes in Platform as a Service (PaaS) pools?

A.    They come from a single PaaS infrastructure zone.
B.    They are all database or all middleware homes.
C.    They are on the same platform.
D.    They only have to be of the same major release.
E.    They can be included in other pools.
F.    They can be patched to a later version.

Answer: ABC

Which three are valid cost calculations for a Universal Charge Plan for Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control self-service targets?

A.    Memory allocation of $4 per gigabyte per week
B.    Storage allocation of $5 per gigabyte per month
C.    Database instances at $10 per month per instance
D.    CPU usage for a default CPU architecture at $3 per hour
E.    Database instances for version at $10 per month per instance

Answer: BCE

Which three are defined as part of the request settings for Database as a Service (DBaaS) when setting up the self-service portal?

A.    The time in advance that self-service portal users may request a database when using DBaaS self-service provisioning
B.    The time for which data about past self-service portal requests are retained for display
C.    The time for which self-service-provisioned databases may be opened before their instance or instances are automatically shut down
D.    The backup strategy for self-service-provisioned databases
E.    The time for which a database requested by using the self-service portal may remain active
F.    The maximum CPU time available for self-service-provisioned databases

Answer: DEF

How can Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control self-service chargeback metering data be accessed by external billing systems?

A.    By using an RSS feed from the Chargeback home page
B.    By defining the external billing system as an Enterprise Manager target that may connect to the Chargeback application
C.    By running emcli get_metering_data and importing the output into the billing system as required
D.    By defining the external billing system as an Enterprise Manager target that then uses a 81 Publisher report to obtain the billing data

Answer: B

What are three Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) request settings that can be overridden by a quota?

A.    Future reservation
B.    Request duration
C.    EM agent configuration
D.    Software library folder
E.    Partial deployment
F.    Archiving to Software Library

Answer: ABC
http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e28814/cloud_iaas_portal.htm#EMCLO222(see the bullet after the note)



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