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You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 that contains one server.
Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is installed on a different server.
You implement an Internet-facing deployment by using the default configurations and ports.
You have an organization named CRM in a domain named contoso.com.
You need to identify which URL users must use to access the Dynamics CRM deployment from the Internet.
Which URL should you identify?

A.    http://crm.contoso.com/default.aspx
B.    https://crm.contoso.com/main.aspx
C.    http://crm.contoso.com:443
D.    https://contoso.crm.dynamics.com/main.aspx
E.    http://crm.contoso.com/main.aspx

Answer: C

You install Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server 2015 on a server namedServer1.
You need to upgradeServer1to Dynamics CRM Server 2015 as quickly as possible.
What should you do?

A.    Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2 on another server on the network, and then install
Dynamics CRM Server 2015 on the new server.
B.    FromServer1, uninstall Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server 2015, and then install Dynamics
CRM Server 2015.
C.    Install Dynamics CRM Server 2015 on a new server, and then run the Microsoft SQL Server
Migration Assistant (SSMA).
D.    FromServer1, enter a new product key in Deployment Manager.

Answer: C

You install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook on 50 client computers.
You need to identify the location of offline Dynamics CRM data on the client computers.
Which location should you identify?

A.    An Outlook Personal Folder (.pst) file
B.    A Storage Space in Windows Server
C.    A Microsoft SQL Server Express database
D.    An Outlook Offline Data (.ost) file

Answer: C

Which statement correctly describes the backup and restore capabilities of Microsoft System Center 2012 for Dynamics CRM 2015?

A.    System Center 2012 can use the VSS writer to back up the Microsoft SharePoint Server
2013 databases used by Dynamics CRM 2015.
B.    System Center 2012 can provide automatic failover of the Dynamics CRM 2015 databases.
C.    System Center 2012 can be used to perform granular restores of individual objects in
Dynamics CRM 2015.
D.    System Center 2012 can be used to back up the databases used by Dynamics CRM 2015
while users are connected to the organization.

Answer: A

You ask a technician to deploy Dynamic CRM Server 2015.
Once the technician completes the deployment you discover that Dynamics CRM Workgroup Server 2015 was deployed.
You need to tell the technician what to use in the future to ensure that the Server edition is deployed.
What should you tell the technician to use?

A.    A different version of Microsoft SQL Server
B.    A different product key
C.    A different version of Windows Server
D.    A different version of the installer

Answer: A

You are planning a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
Dynamics CRM and SSRS will be installed on different servers.
You need to recommend a solution to ensure that Dynamics CRM can use SSRS without requiring Kerberos double-hop authentication.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    Anonymous authentication mode in Microsoft Internet Information Services (OS)
B.    Microsoft Kerberos Configuration Manager
C.    Dynamics CRM 2015 Reporting Extensions
D.    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Report Authoring Extension

Answer: A

You are deploying Dynamics CRM 2015.
You configure the following settings:
– Server Profile
– Incoming Email
– Outgoing Email
Users will not use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook.
You need to identify a method to implement synchronization for appointments, contacts, and tasks.
What should you use?

A.    Forward Mailbox
B.    Smart Matching
C.    Server-Side Synchronization
D.    Email Router

Answer: B

Your network contains an Active Directory domain.
The domain contains domain controllers that run Windows Server 2008 R2.
A domain controller named DO has Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) 1.0 installed.
You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015.
You plan to implement an Internet-facing deployment.
You need to update the domain to support the planned implementation.
You must achieve the goal in the least amount of time possible.
What should you do?

A.    Install Windows Server 2012 on a new server, and then add the Active Directory Federation
Services server role.
B.    Upgrade DC1 to Windows Server 2012.
C.    Uninstall AD FS 1.0 from DC1, and then install AD FS 2.0 on DC1.
D.    Install AD FS 2.0 on DC1.

Answer: A

You have a deployment of Dynamics CRM 2015 thatcontains a server named Server1.
Server1has the following components installed:
– All of the Dynamics CRM Front End Server roles
– All of the Dynamics CRM Back End Server roles
– Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions
– Microsoft SQL Server
From Deployment Manager, you disableServer1.
Which two components will stop? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM VSS Writer service
B.    Sandbox Processing Service
C.    The SQL Server service
D.    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
E.    Email Integration Service

Answer: AC

Which statement correctly describes the offline capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook?

A.    If two users make changes to the same field in a record, both changes are retained in the
B.    If the client goes offline because connectivity is lost, the client automatically goes online
when connectivity is restored.
C.    When working offline, workflows are executed locally against all cached data.
D.    When working online, locally cached data will be updated every five minutes.

Answer: C


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