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Exam Code: 70-515
Exam Name: TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCPD, MCPD: Web Developer 4, MCTS, MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications

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You create an ASP.NET server control in the SampleControl namespace.
The control uses a JavaScript file names Refresh.js to implement AJAX functionality.
You need to ensre that the JavaScript file is included in the assembly.
Which two actions should you perform (Choose 2)

A.    Add the following assembly attribute to the AssemblyInfo file.
[assembly: WebResource(“SampleControl.Refresh.js”,
B.    Add the following assembly attribute to the AssemblyInfo file.
C.    In the Properties window for the Refresh.js file, set the Build Action to Embedded Resource.
D.    In the Properties window for the Refresh.js file, set the Build Action to Content.

Answer: AC

You are developing an ASP.NET Web application.
The application is configured to use the membership and role providers.
You need to allow all users to perform an HTTP GET for application resources, but you must allow only the user named Moderator to perform a POST operation.
Which configuration should you add to the web.config file?

A.    <authorization>
<deny verbs=”GET” users=”*”/>
<allow verbs=”POST” users=”Moderator”/>
<deny verbs=”POST” users=”*”/>
B.    <authorization>
<deny verbs=”POST” users=”*”/>
<allow verbs=”POST” users=”Moderator”/>
<allow verbs=”GET” users=”*”/>
C.    <authorization>
<allow verbs=”GET” users=”*”/>
<allow verbs=”POST” users=”Moderator”/>
<deny verbs=”POST” users=”*”/>
D.    <authorization>
<allow verbs=”GET” users=”*”/>
<deny verbs=”POST” users=”Moderator”/>
<deny verbs=”POST” users=”*”/>

Answer: C

You are developing an ASP.NET Web application.
The application must pass an object that contains user-specific data between multiple pages.
The object is more than 100 KB in size when serialized.
You need to minimize the amount of data is sent to the user.
What should you do?

A.    Pass the object data in a hidden field.
B.    Store the object instance in a session variable.
C.    Use a cookie that contains the object data.
D.    Encode the object data and pass it in a query string parameter.

Answer: B

You are developing an ASP.NET website that uses multiple layers of themes.
You want to ensure that attributes will be correctly applied to controls when multiple themes specify the same control attribute.
What is the order of precedence that defines how ASP.NET applies themes?

mouseenter jQuery
In a page there is a div (I guess it was a div) and you need to execute a javascript function when if first moves the mouse over the element
<div id=”div1”></div>

A.    $(“#div1”).mouseenter(displayname);
B.    $(“.div1”).mouseenter(displayname);
C.    $(“#div1”).mousemove(displayname);
D.    $(“.div1”).mousemove(displayname);

Answer: A

Ajax extender
public class DisabledButtonExtender : ExtenderControlBase
Create an extender that extends a textbox and assigns to a button;
Using wich combination ?

A.    [TargetControlType(typeof(TextBox))]

Answer: A

jQuery CheckBoxes
In a web page with chechboxes you need to write e jquery that retruns the number checked checkboxes

A.    var n = $(“input:checked”).length;
B.    var n = $(“:input, :checked”).length;
C.    var n = $(“input:selected”).length;
D.    var n = $(“:input, :selected”).length;

Answer: A

State management
You have to store user data of 200 KB in an object.
Which state management technique to use:

A.    Server session
B.    Cookie
C.    ViewState
D.    Hidden Field

Answer: A

You develop an ASP.NET Web page that includes multiple WebPartZone controls, an EditorZone.
Users report that they cannot customize the layout of the page by moving WebParts from one …
You need to ensure that users can successfully move Web Parts from one zone to another.
What should you do?

A.    Configure the Web site to enable session state.
B.    Configure the Web site to require authentication and to use personalization.
C.    Add a ProxyWebPartManager control to the page.
D.    Add a AppearanceEditorPart control to the page.

Answer: B

You are implementing an ASP.NET Web page
The page includes several controls, but only a GridView requires view state.
You set the GridView…
You need to ensure that the page will omit unneeded view state.
Wich @ Page directive should you use?

A.    <% Page EnableViewState=”true” ViewStateMode=”Enabled” _ %> 
B.    <% Page EnableViewState=”true” ViewStateMode=”Disabled” _ %> 
C.    <% Page EnableViewState=”false” ViewStateMode=”Disabled” _ %> 
D.    <% Page EnableViewState=”false” ViewStateMode=”Enabled” _ %>

Answer: B

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