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What is a well-defined concept for GDPR compliance?

A. Records that are relevant to an existing contract agreement can be retained as long as the contract is in effect.
B. Data controllers must confirm to data subjects as to whether where, and why personal data is being processed.
C. Personal data that was collected before the compliance standards were set do not need to be protected.
D. Compliance standards apply to organizations that have a physical presence in Europe.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The cisco_devnet Docker swarm service runs across five replicas. The development team tags and imports a new image named devnet/test:1.1 and requests that the image be upgraded on each container. There must be no service outages during the upgrade process. Which two design approaches must be used? (Choose two.)

A. Implement rolling upgrades by using the docker service update command.
B. Enable parallel upgrades by using the docker service update command.
C. Ensure that the service is hosted behind a VIP with no session persistence.
D. Update the restart policy of the containers to restart upon failure.
E. Ensure that the service replicas are set to a minimum of 5

Answer: AC

How is AppDynamics used to instrument an application?

A. Provides visibility into the transaction logs that can be correlated to specific business transaction requests
B. Enables instrumenting a backend web server (or packet installation by using an AppDynamics agent
C. Retrieves a significant amount of information from the perspective of the database server by using application monitoring
D. Monitors traffic flows by using an AppDynamics agent installed on a network infrastructure device

Answer: A

An engineer is developing a Docket container for an application in Python. For security reasons the application needs to be accessible on port 5001 only. Which line should be added to the dockerfile m order to accomplish this?

B. PORT SRC 5001
C. ADO PORT 5001
D. EXPOSE 5001

Answer: D

Which OAuth mechanism enables clients to continue to have an active access token without further interaction from the user?

B. password grant
C. refresh grant
D. preshared key

Answer: C

A web application is being developed to provide online sales to a retailer. The customers will need to use their username and passwords to login into then profile and complete their order. For this reason the application must store user passwords.
Which approach ensures that an attacker wifi need to crack the passwords one at a time?

A. Apply the peppering technique
B. Store the passwords by using asymmetric encryption
C. Apply the salting technique
D. Store the passwords by using symmetric encryption

Answer: C

Which scenario is an example of the pseudonymization of sensitive data that meets GDPR requirements?

A. encrypting sensitive data at rest by using native cloud services and data in transit by using SSL/TLS transport
B. implementing XFowarded For at the frontend of a web app to enable the source IP addresses of headers to change
C. leveraging an application load balancer at the frontend of a web app for SSL/TLS decryption to inspect data in transit
D. separating the sensitive data into its own dedicated secured data store and using tokens in its place

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An attempt to execute a CI/CD pipeline results m the error shown. What is the cause of the error?

A. The VCS repository is unavailable
B. The unit tests failed to complete
C. The built artifacts failed to publish to the target server
D. The remote library repository is unavailable

Answer: D

Which security approach should be used for developing a REST API?

A. Use custom security relevant HTTP response codes
B. Utilise TLS for end to end encryption
C. Add an API key to each URL string
D. Utilize CORS headers

Answer: B

What is a benefit of using model-driven telemetry?

A. enables operational data to be collected at higher rates and a higher scale
B. enables the application to pull data faster than pushing the data
C. reduces the load on the server by enabling the client to pull data
D. simplifies the development of clients by using a single encoding standard for the data

Answer: D

A developer has issued git add file1 and file2 test.py command to add the three files for the next commit, but then decides to executed test.py from this command. Which command needs to be used to exclude test.py from this commit but keep the rest of the files?

A. git clean — test.py
B. git reset – test py
C. git checkout – file1 file2
D. git stash — file1 file 2

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. An application has been developed to serve the users in an enterprise. After HTTP cache controls are implemented m the application users report that they receive state data when they refresh the page. Without removing HTTP cache controls, which change ensures that the users get current data when refreshing the page?

A. Reduce the expire_after value to 60.
B. Add a Cache-Control header that has a value of no-cache, no-store must-revalidate.
C. Add an H-None-Match header that has a value of an Entity Tag.
D. Add an Expires header that has a value of 0.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. An application is developed to perform multiple API calls. The calls will be performed on the infrastructure devices Delays in the information transfer occur when the application is executed. What are two reasons for the issue? (Choose two )

A. The list devices API call is failing and does not return a result
B. Listing devices lakes longer than usual due to high network latency
C. One of the API calls takes roughly three times as long to complete
D. The list devices API call is inefficient and should be refactored
E. The requests are being rate limited to prevent multiple calls causing the excessive load

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Which action should be performed to avoid an SQL injection attack?

A. Encrypt the password that is used to connect to the database
B. Develop a denial of service response plan
C. Vacate the input on the platform variable
D. Compile the Python file instead of allowing live interpretation

Answer: C

A developer is deploying an application to automate the configuration and management of Osco network files and routers. The application must use REST API interface lo achieve programmability. The security team mandates that the network must be protected against DDoS attacks.
What mitigates the attacks without impacting genuine requests?

A. API rate limiting at the application layer
B. IP address filtering at the application layer
C. traffic routing on the network perimeter
D. firewall on the network perimeter

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer writes a script to test authentication workflow using Python and REST API. The engineer wants to ensure that the script handles expected errors by matching output to HTTP status codes. The scnpt uses the Python requests module.
Which line of code must be added on the snippet where the code is missing?

A. requests.error_code
B. response.sutus_code
C. response
D. requests.post

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit Pipenv is used to manage dependencies. The test funs successfully on a local environment. What is the reason for the error when running the test on a CI/CD pipeline?

A. The piple in the local environment was not pushed to the remote repository
B. All the unit tests in testsum py failed
C. Pytest did not detect any functions that start with test_’.
D. Nose2 was not used as the test runner

Answer: A

A local data center deployment using Cisco NX-OS switches is scaling and requires automatic configuration at scale. Configuration management must be set up for a Cisco NX-OS switch by using Ansible.
The Ansible control server is currently located on a different subnet than the switch. The solution has these requirements:
– The transport protocol used must be encrypted
– The connections must originate from a server m the same local network
– Enable mode must be supported
Which connectivity method must be used?

A. SSH through a bastion host and ansible_become method for privilege escalation.
B. HTTPS through a repository and ansible_become method for privilege escalation
C. XML-RPC through a web proxy.
D. HTTP through a web proxy.

Answer: A

An enterprise refactors its monolithic application into a modem cloud-native application that is based on microservices.
A key requirement of the application design is to ensure that the IT team is aware of performance issues or bottlenecks in the new application.
Which two approaches must be part of the design considerations” (Choose two.)

A. Periodically scale up the resources of the host machines when the application starts to experience high loads
B. Instrument the application code to gather telemetry data from logs, metrics or tracing
C. Adopt a service-oriented architecture to handle communication between the services that make up the application
D. Deploy infrastructure monitoring agents into the operating system of the host machines
E. Implement infrastructure monitoring to ensure that pipeline components interoperate smoothly and reliably

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. An application is created to serve an enterprise. Based on use and department requirements, changes are requested quarterly. Which application design change improves code maintainability?

A. Use global variables
B. Use double quotes instead of single quotes to enclose variables
C. Use different indent levels for variables
D. Use more verbose names for variables

Answer: D

An architect must optimize traffic that targets a popular API endpoint. Currently, the application downloads a large file hourly, but often the file is unchanged and the download causes unnecessary load and delays. Which cURL command must be used to determine the last modified date of the file and to optimize the API usage?

A. curl GET request
B. curl HEAD request
C. curl –silent request
D. curl -H ‘Cache-Control: no-cache’ request

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. A developer created a Python script to retrieve information about Meraki devices in a local network deployment. After requesting a security review of the code the security analyst has observed poor secret storage practices.
What is the appropriate secret storage approach?

A. Set the Base64 encoded version of the API key as MER_API_KEY m the code and Base64 decode before using m the header
B. Leverage an external secret vault to retrieve MER_API_KEY and embed the vault key as a new variable before running the code
C. Leverage an external secret vault to retrieve MER_APl_KEY and set the vault key as an OS environment variable before running the code
D. Set an OS environment variable for MER_API_KEY to the API key before running the code and no longer set MER_API_KEY within the code

Answer: C

When an application is designed that requires high availability, what is a reason to use a cross-region cloud?

A. Provide disaster recovery protection
B. Protect from a single component failure
C. Minimize costs
D. Account for failure in another zone

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A Docker swarm cluster is configured to load balance services across data centers in three different geographical regions west central and east. The cluster has three manager nodes and three worker nodes. A new service named cisco.devnet is being deployed.
The service has these design requirements:
– All containers must be hosted only on nodes in the central region
– The service must run only on nodes that are ineligible for the manager role
Which approach fulfills the requirements?

A. Create a second swarm cluster that is hosted only in the central region.
B. Create the service manually in the central region and set replicas to 0.
C. Use placement constraints to control nodes to which the service can be assigned.
D. Enable the control flag in the containers of the west and east regions to prevent the service from starting

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Refer to the exhibit A Docker swarm service is currently running m a local data center. The service is hosting an HTML website it the container fads then the service becomes unavailable. The design must meet these requirements:
– The service must be highly available and resilient against a data center outage.
– The service must be accessible from a single URL
– The HTTP session must remain on the server from which the original request was sent
– Failure of the server must force the client to reconnect
Which two design approaches must be used to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Create another swarm cluster within a data center and deploy a secondary instance of the service.
B. Create another node in the swarm duster to scale the service across the nodes over two replicas.
C. Configure an external load balancer to route requests to the swarm service by using session persistence
D. Scale the Docker swarm service to 2 and set endpoint-mode to DNSRR instead of the default value of VIP
E. Configure a routing mesh to route requests to the swarm service by using NAT on the network side

Answer: BC

A developer must deploy a containerized application foe network device inventory management. The developer sets up a Kubernetes duster on two separate hypervisors. The SLA is not currently meeting a specified maximum value for network latencyjitter CPU/memory and disk I/O are functioning property. Which two design approaches resolve the issue” (Choose two.)

A. Colocate services in the same pod
B. Replace the HDD drives with SSD drives
C. Enable IPv6 within the duster
D. Deploy the duster to a bare metal server
E. Upgrade the server NIC card

Answer: AE

A developer deploys a web application in a local data center that is now experiencing high traffic load from users accessing data through REST API calls.
Which approach enhances the responsiveness and performance of the API?

A. Use HTTP POST or other non-read methods for read requests when possible
B. Ensure that all read requests are clearly identified by the PUT method
C. Configure API payload to return errors in HTTP 200 responses
D. Use HTTP standard authorization header to submit authentication credentials

Answer: D

A custom dashboard of the network health must be created by using Cisco DNA Center APIs. An existing dashboard is a RESTful API that receives data from Cisco DNA Center as a new metric every time the network health information is sent from the script to the dashboard.
Which set of requests creates the custom dashboard?

A. PUT request to Cisco DNA Center to obtain the network health information and then a POST
request to the dashboard to publish the new metric
B. POST request to Cisco DNA Center to obtain the network health information and then a GET request to the dashboard to publish the new metric
C. GET request to Cisco DNA Center to obtain the network health information and then a PUT request to the dashboard to publish the new metric
D. GET request to Cisco DNA Center to obtain the network health information and then a POST request to the dashboard to publish the new metric

Answer: D

A developer wants to automate virtual infrastructure to provision and manage it.
The system will be implemented in large-scale deployment while offering redundancy and scalability with ease of management.
The solution must meet these requirements:
– Support the provisioning of up to 500 new virtual machines into private datacenters or the public cloud
– Support the modeling of a complex environment that consists of multiple virtual machines while supporting disaster recovery
– Maintain steady-state environments
Which configuration management solution must the developer use?

A. Puppet
B. Terraform
C. Docker
D. Arable

Answer: B

What are two building blocks of the 12-factor app? (Choose two.)

A. Stateful Processes
B. Easy access to underlying systems
C. Dev and Prod must be different
D. One codebase
E. Isolated Dependencies

Answer: DE

Which command is used 10 enable application hosting on a Cisco IOS XE device?

A. iox
B. iox-service
C. application -honing
D. app- hosting

Answer: A

A developer releases a new application for network automation of Cisco devices deployed m a local data center. The application utilizes complex design patterns such as microservices that host multiple third-party libraries and programming languages. The development must be simplified by implementing an observability-driven development lifecycle.
Which two considerations must be taken to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. description of low-level errors
B. which KPls to monitor
C. relevant metrics to expose
D. which monitoring tools to use
E. identifying customer priorities

Answer: BC

A developer must recommend an appropriate tool to deploy a configuration to hundreds of servers. The configuration management solution must meet these requirements:
– The servers must initiate the connection to obtain updates
– The configuration must be defined in a declarative style
Which tool should be used?

A. Chef
B. Terraform
C. Puppet
D. Ansible

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer writes a script to retrieve data from a REST API and must build support for cases where the response that contains data from the server may take a longer time than normal.
Which code must be added to the snippet where the code is missing to catch such a timeout?

A. request.exeception.ConnectTimeout
B. request.executions.DataTimeout
C. request.exeception.HTTPError
D. request.exception.ReadTimeout

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. The application follows a containerized microservices architecture that has one container per microservice. The microservices communicate with each other by using REST APIs. The double- headed arrows m the diagram display chains of synchronous HTTP calls needed for a single use/request. Which action ensures the resilience of the application in the scope of a single user request?

A. Redesign the application to be separated into these three layers Presentation. API. and Data
B. Implement retries with exponential backoff during HTTP API calls
C. Set up multiple instances of each microservice m active/active mode by using the Orchestrator
D. Create two virtual machines that each host an instance of the application and set up a cluster

Answer: A

What is the result of a successful OAuth2 authorization grant flow?

A. The user has the application rights that correspond to the user’s role within the application’s database
B. The application is provided with a token that allows actions on services on the user’s behalf
C. The user has administrative rights to the application’s backend services
D. The third-party service is provided with a token that allows actions to be performed

Answer: B

A timeframe custom dashboard must be developed to present data collected from Cisco Meraki.
The dashboard must include a wireless health alert count.
What needs to be built as a prerequisite?

A. A publicly available HTTP server to receive Meraki Webhooks from the Meraki Dashboard API
B. A publicly available HTTP server to receive Meraki Webhooks from the Meraki Scanning API
C. A daemon to consume the Wireless Health endpoint of the Meraki Scanning API
D. A daemon to consume the Wireless Health endpoint of the Meraki Dashboard API

Answer: A

An application has these characteristics:
– provide one service or function
– distributed database
– API gateway
– central repository for code
– configuration database
– uses session management
Which two design approaches contribute to the scalability of the application? (Choose two )

A. built to scale based on a star topology
B. modular design iteration
C. session management in a stateless architecture
D. planned before the first device is deployed
E. distributed computing with tightly coupled components

Answer: AC

What is an effective logging strategy according 10 the 12-factor app tenets?

A. Capture togs by the execution environment and route to a centralized destination
B. Tag and save togs in a local document database that has querying capabilities.
C. Back up log files in a high-availability remote cluster on the public cloud
D. Timestamp and save logs in a local time-series database that has querying capabilities

Answer: A

Which two encryption principles should be applied to secure APIs? (Choose two.)

A. Use temporary files as part of the encryption and decryption process
B. Transmit authorization information by using digitally signed payloads
C. Use encrypted connections to protect data n transit
D. Reuse source code that contain existing UUIDs
E. Embed keys in code to simplify the decryption process

Answer: BC

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