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What is a type of expansion opportunity?

A. additional user groups
B. positive customer sentiment
C. strong stakeholder communication
D. using latest release versions

Answer: B

Which sources should be used to uncover customer barriers?

A. data, health score, intuition
B. conversation, data, health score
C. intuition, observation, data
D. observation, conversation, data

Answer: D

Which adoption barrier results from failing to identify key stakeholders?

A. missing value of product roadmap
B. fragmented purchase
C. lack of resources
D. additional training requirements

Answer: C

What is the value proposition of customer success for customers?

A. business vision support
B. technical assistance prioritization
C. external publicity
D. incremental rewards

Answer: B

What is a consideration in evaluating readiness for adoption?

A. Identify features or functions that are not deployed or underutilized.
B. Identify potential accelerators that could optimize performance.
C. Review customer acceptance test plan.
D. Validate that all required items have been purchased.

Answer: C

What is a barrier to adopting software tools?

A. limited resources
B. recurring cost
C. commercial decision
D. organization size

Answer: A

A customer voices frustration because the purchased solution is not being adopted as expected within the organization, and the organization’s new leadership does not have a historical perspective of the expected outcomes. Which two activities should the Customer Success Manager initiate to create mitigation plans to address these risk factors? (Choose two)

A. Research the list of accelerators.
B. Review the account health score.
C. Analyze the adoption report.
D. Examine the recent QBR results.
E. Evaluate the architecture value cards.

Answer: CD

In which stage of the Customer Lifecycle does the Success Plan get updated for the first time?

A. Implement
B. Adopt
C. Use
D. Onboard

Answer: B

On which two objectives should communication with customer executives focus? (Choose two)

A. return on investment
B. new sales
C. product improvement
D. user training
E. time to value

Answer: AE

Which action should be taken to identify and remove barriers when a customer moves from the Implement to the Use stage in the lifecycle?

A. Provide break-fix support for technical problems experienced or observed by the customer.
B. Provide training content to address current and existing barriers.
C. Provide a detailed cost structure for the management team.
D. Provide direct and in-depth technical expertise upon customer request.

Answer: D

Which activity reduces the risk of chum?

A. providing a discount on renewal
B. lowering the service level
C. expanding the customer footprint
D. educating on product features

Answer: C

Which term describes the gap between the features and functions customers purchases and the features and functions customers use?

A. consumption
B. organizational
C. financial
D. capability

Answer: A

Who does a Customer Success Manager work with to overcome a technical solution adoption barrier encountered by a customer?

A. Customer Success Specialist
B. Technical Engineer
C. Sales Engineer
D. Solution Product Manager

Answer: B

What is the first step a Customer Success Manager should take to identify why the solution was purchased?

A. Review the bill of materials
B. Evaluate the Customer Success Plan
C. Collaborate with the sales team.
D. Engage with the customer

Answer: D

During the delivery of a security solution, adoption barriers were identified. Those barriers were addressed, and the customer’s business goals are now fulfilled. The customer is pleased with their solution and shares this experience in blogs and social medi

A. In which stage is the customer?
B. Adoption
C. Optimize
D. Expand
E. Advocate

Answer: D

Which two steps in the customer lifecycle approach are owned by the sales and marketing team? (Choose two)

A. Deployment
B. Adoption
C. Awareness
D. Evaluation
E. Experience

Answer: BC

Which task drives advocacy with customer stakeholders?

A. creating a success story
B. creating a Customer Success Plan
C. creating technical documentation
D. creating a stakeholder map

Answer: B

Why should a customer’s success be documented?

A. to establish KPIs that measure success
B. to provide awareness of the value achieved by the solution
C. to provide expansion opportunities for the sales team
D. to document roles and responsibilities for project management

Answer: A

What defines customer success?

A. the business methodology of ensuing that customers are always on the latest software releases and subscription contracts so customers can focus on core business activities.
B. a measure of the Net Promoter Score resulting from a disciplined engagement of sales, services, marketing, and customer success teams working seamlessly together to deliver a positive experience.
C. the business methodology of ensuring that customers achieve their expected and unexpected outcomes while using the product or service.
D. the business methodology for increasing recurring revenues by minimizing the risk of churn while driving adoption and expansion.

Answer: C

What is the customer success objective of a Quarterly Success Review?

A. Introduce new products and services.
B. Evaluate renewal contract.
C. Align work effort to outcomes.
D. Create a success plan.

Answer: D

What are two examples of leveraging data to identify a customer barrier? (choose two)

A. noting change in customer executive team
B. consulting the health index
C. providing training recommendations
D. reviewing installed base details
E. evaluating feedback from the customer operations team

Answer: BE

The executive team decided to purchase 500 licenses to reduce costs and replace the existing solution, which has been in place for the last 10 years. The end-users were not consulted. Three months into the project, reports show the consumption analytics indicate a high usage of the old system and only 75 licenses active in the new software. Which two adoption barriers must be investigated? (Choose two)

A. limited telemetry
B. purchase policy process
C. lack of common features
D. lack of communication
E. business misalignment

Answer: AD

During the past few months, the Customer Success Manager has been working on adoption sessions with all Network Security Staff from Company ABC. They had significant progress in how administrators are using the solution, implementing best practices, and reducing by half the time they spend performing a repetitive task. However, in a recent conversation, upper management questioned the renewal of the solution subscription. Which barrier must the CSM overcome?

A. operational
B. business
C. technical
D. data

Answer: A

Which type of analytics has telemetry that demonstrates the customer’s use of the software and actions to date?

A. diagnostic
B. descriptive
C. prescriptive
D. predictive

Answer: A

Which Key Performance Indicators contribute to customer value achievements?

A. profit and risk reduction
B. employee usage and training volume
C. product, services, and sales
D. cost, time, and customer satisfaction

Answer: D

A customer does not feel they have received value from a software solution, and the 3-year contract is expiring in 60 days. The customer is hesitant to continue spending money and is considering other alternatives. Which stakeholder is responsible for ensuring that the customer realizes value from solutions coming up for renewal?

A. Renewals Manager
B. Account Manager
C. Product Sales Specialist
D. Customer Success Manager

Answer: D

What is the purpose of capturing moments of success with a customer?

A. expanding the purchased solution
B. recognizing the value of the engagement
C. renewing the contract and subscription
D. validating deployment of the solution

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which role is accountable for the Develop and validate Success Plan update activity?

A. Account Manager
B. Customer Success Manager
C. Product Sales Specialist
D. Business Development Manager

Answer: B

Which two adoption outcomes are renewal indicators? (Choose two)

A. customer testimonial
B. solution discount
C. payment schedule
D. optimized services
E. training attendance

Answer: AC

Which tool is used by a Customer Success Manager to establish cross-functional alignment, ensure efficient execution and communication across a project team, and facilitate stakeholder management?

B. Stakeholder Map
D. Health Index Report

Answer: B

What is Quarterly Success Review?

A. new success plan that focuses on the upcoming goals for the customer.
B. gap analysis that focuses on the state of the customer’s current architecture.
C. technical analysis that outlines the implementation plan and adoption barriers.
D. a conversation that outlines key initiatives that are agreed upon in the success plan.

Answer: A

Which role within a Customer Success organization acts as a single contact point for a customer across multiple technologies?

A. Delivery Team
B. Account Manager
C. Customer Success Manager
D. Customer Success Specialist

Answer: C

What is a key driver that is creating the need for customer success?

A. financial resources
B. subscription economy
C. advanced specializations
D. portfolio management

Answer: A

What is the main objective of customer success?

A. customer’s return on investment
B. known and unknown features of our product and solutions
C. customer’s reduction of risk
D. outcomes customers are trying to achieve

Answer: D

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