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Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configures SW101 to send OSPFv3 interfaces state change messages to the server.
However, only some OSPFv3 errors are being recorded.
Which organization resolves the issue?

A. snmp-server enable traps ospfv3 state-change if-state-change
B. snmp-server-enable traps ospfv3 state-change restart-status-change
C. snmp-server-enable traps ospfv3 state-change neighbor-state-change.
D. snmp-server-enable traps ospfv3 state-change if-state-change neighbor-state-change

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. The security department recently installed a monitoring device between routers R3 and R5, which a loss of network connectivity for users connected to R5. Troubleshooting revealed that the monitoring device cannot forward multicast packets. The team already updated R5 with the correct configuration.
Which configuration must be implemented on R3 to resolve the problem by ensuring R3 as the DR for the R3-R5 segment?

A. image_thumb[8]
B. image_thumb[3]
C. image_thumb[5]
D. image_thumb[7]

Answer: C

The network administrator must implement IPv6 in the network to allow only devices that not only have registered IP addresses but are also connecting from assigned locations.
Which security feature must be implemented?

A. IPv6 Snooping
B. IPv6 Destination Guard
C. IPv6 Prefix Guard
D. IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard

Answer: A

What must be configured by the network engineer to circumvent AS_PATH prevention mechanism in IP/VPN Hub and Spoke deployment scenarios?

A. Use allows in and as-override at all Pes.
B. Use allowas in and as-override at the PE-Hub.
C. Use Allowas-in the PE_Hub
D. Use as-override at the PE_Hub

Answer: D

A network engineer must configure a DMVPN network so that a spoke establishes a direct path to another spoke if the two must send traffic to each other. A spoke must send traffic directly to the hub if required. Which configuration meets this requirement?

A. image_thumb[14]
B. image_thumb[15]
C. image_thumb[16]
D. image_thumb[17]

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. R3 cannot authenticate via TACACS. Which configuration resolves the issue?

A. image_thumb[23]
B. image_thumb[24]
C. image_thumb[25]
D. image_thumb[26]

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator must configure the router with OSPF for IPv4 and IPv6 networks under a single process. The OSPF adjacencies are not established and did not meet the requirement. Which action resolves the issue?

A. Replace OSPF process 10 on the interface with OSPF process 1, and configure an additional router ID with IPv6 address.
B. Replace OSPF process 10 on the interface with OSPF process 1, for the VPv6 addressma nd remove process route ID with IPv6 address.
C. Replace OSPF process 10 on the interface with OSPF process 1, and remove process 10 from the global configuration.
D. Replace OSPF process 10 on the interface with OSPF process 1 for the IPv4 address, and remove process 10 from the global configuration.

Answer: C

The summary route is not shown in the Router_B routing table after this below configuration on Router_A:
Which Router_A configuration resolves the issue by advertising the summary route to Route_B?

A. image_thumb[31]
B. image_thumb[32]
C. image_thumb[33]
D. image_thumb[34]

Answer: D

How do devices operate in MPLS L3VPN topology?

A. P and associated PE routers with IGP populate the VRF table in different VPNs.
B. CE routers connect to the provider network and perform LSP functionality
C. P routers provide connectivity between PE devices with MPLS switching.
D. P routers support PE to PE VPN tunnel without LSP functionality

Answer: C

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