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Exam Code: 1Y0-201
Exam Name: Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
Certification Provider: Citrix
Corresponding Certification: CCA-V

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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to temporarily stop connections to all machines belonging to the Finance Applications Delivery Group.
Which step should the administrator take to ensure that NO new connections are possible to this Delivery Group while performing maintenance?

A.    Use the PowerShell cmdlet: Set-BrokerAccessPolicyRule.
B.    Shut down all affected machines within the XenServer console.
C.    Select the Delivery Group and use the ‘Turn On Maintenance Mode’ option.
D.    Enable Maintenance Mode on a XenServer that hosts ‘Financial Applications’.

Answer: B

Scenario: Users report slow application launch times after a master image update. These users have critical deadlines and need access to their machines as soon as possible.
How should a Citrix Administrator resolve the slow application launch times?

A.    Revert to the previous image.
B.    Reset user profiles using Citrix Director.
C.    Restart the impacted Desktop OS machines.
D.    Migrate the Desktop OS machines to a different host.

Answer: D

Scenario: A user receives the following error when attempting to log in to a Desktop OS machine:
The desktop “Finance1” is temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.
A Citrix Administrator verified that the Finance1 Delivery Group is NOT in maintenance mode, and no other users report virtual machine issues from the same Delivery Group.
How could the administrator resolve this issue?

A.    Restart the Desktop OS machine.
B.    Turn off the maintenance mode on the specific Desktop OS machine.
C.    Turn off maintenance mode on the XenServer hosting the user’s Desktop OS machine.
D.    Shutdown the user’s Desktop OS machine and provision a new Desktop OS machine for the specific user.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to reduce power consumption during off-peak hours.
With the current configuration, the Desktop OS machines will remain powered-on when users disconnect at the end of the workday.
How could the administrator reduce power consumption during off-peak hours?

A.    Use the PowerShell cmdlet: Set-BrokerDesktopGroup.
B.    Set the Reboot Schedule policy from within Citrix Studio.
C.    Create a shutdown scheduled task on the Desktop OS machines.
D.    Configure Power Management settings in an Active Directory Group Policy.

Answer: A

Scenario: Employees in an organization work two separate shifts and use pooled-random Desktop OS machines. When employees working at night end their shift, they disconnect from their Desktop OS machines. When employees working the day shift log on, their Desktop OS machines are NOT available.
What could a Citrix Administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.    Configure the ‘Reboot Schedule’ in Citrix policies.
B.    Set ‘When Disconnected’ to Suspend during peak hours.
C.    Set ‘When Disconnected’ to Shutdown during peak hours.
D.    Adjust Power Management settings in the Active Directory Group Policy.

Answer: C

After installing Firefox and Adobe Reader on the master target device and updating the vDisk, users report the new applications are NOT visible.
What should a Citrix Administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.    Set the vDisk mode to ‘Production.’
B.    Merge existing vDisks with the base version.
C.    Revert the vDisk target to the previous version.
D.    Select ‘Update Machines’ on the Machine Catalog.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a XenDesktop environment where Provisioning Services is used to create and deploy Server and Desktop OS machines. The administrator needs to update the vDisk assigned to Desktop OS machines with a new version of an application.
What must the administrator do to initiate the update?

A.    Merge the vDisk versions in the Provisioning Services Console.
B.    Create a new vDisk version in the Provisioning Services Console.
C.    Select ‘Update Machines’ on the Machine Catalog in Citrix Studio.
D.    Select the Device Collection and restart the target device in the Provisioning Services Console.

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator could export Configuration Logging data from Citrix Studio in __________ and __________ file formats? (Choose the two correct options to complete this sentence.)

A.    .XLS
B.    .XML
C.    .PDF
D.    .CSV
E.    .HTML

Answer: DE

A Citrix Administrator returns from vacation to find that during peak logon times, users are experiencing extremely slow login times, with the typical login taking over 120 seconds.
How should the administrator generate the information needed to determine the changes that have led to this issue?

A.    Launch the Create Custom Report wizard from Citrix Studio.
B.    Run a custom report for the Delivery Group from Citrix Studio.
C.    Go to the C:\XDLogs and print the log file on the Delivery Controller.
D.    Create a custom view and print the results from the Delivery Controller.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is informed of latency at a branch office. Users report they are experiencing slow mouse and keyboard responses, as well as slow screen refreshes, while working within their Desktop OS machines. Users at the branch office access their Desktop OS machines through the NetScaler Gateway.
Which tool could the administrator use to monitor the user experience at the remote office?

A.    Citrix Scout
B.    Citrix Studio
C.    Citrix Director
D.    Citrix Command Center

Answer: C

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