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A user has an AWS account with a Business-level AWS Support plan and needs assistance with handling a production service disruption. Which action should the user take?

A. Contact the dedicated AWS technical account manager (TAM).
B. Contact the dedicated AWS Concierge Support team.
C. Open a business-critical system down support case.
D. Open a production system down support case.

Answer: D

A company wants to accelerate migration from its data center to the AWS Cloud. Which combination of AWS services should the company use to meet this requirement? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon Connect
B. AWS Direct Connect
C. AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS)
D. Amazon Route 53
E. AWS Organizations

Answer: BC

A company runs a web application on Amazon EC2 instances. The application has consistent usage and is expected to run indefinitely. Which EC2 instance purchasing option will meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

A. 1-year All Upfront Reserved Instances
B. 1-year No Upfront Reserved Instances
C. 3-year All Upfront Reserved Instances
D. 3-year No Upfront Reserved Instances

Answer: C

A company needs to automatically protect its Amazon EC2 instances from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Which AWS service or tool will provide this protection?

A. Network access control list (ACL)
B. AWS Shield
C. Security group
D. Amazon GuardDuty

Answer: B

A company is designing an application. For the data persistence layer, the company wants to use a NoSQL database. Which AWS service should the company use for the database?

A. Amazon Redshift
B. AWS DataSync
C. Amazon Athena
D. Amazon DynamoDB

Answer: D

A company distributes traffic evenly among a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The EC2 instances must accommodate unpredictable increases in traffic.
Which benefit does the AWS Cloud provide to meet this requirement?

A. Scalability
B. Resilience
C. Security
D. Agility

Answer: A

A company wants to deploy, scale, and manage third-party virtual appliances in a cluster in the AWS Cloud. These applications include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and deep packet inspection systems.
Which AWS service or resource will meet these requirements?

A. Application Load Balancer
B. Gateway Load Balancer
C. Network Load Balancer
D. AWS Global Accelerator

Answer: A

Which of the following are advantages of moving to the AWS Cloud? (Select TWO.)

A. Users can implement all AWS services in seconds.
B. AWS assumes all responsibility for the security of infrastructure and applications.
C. Users experience increased speed and agility.
D. Users benefits from massive economies of scale.
E. Users can more hardware from their data center to the AWS Cloud.

Answer: CD

A company is hosting an application in the AWS Cloud. The company wants to verify that underlying AWS services and general AWS infrastructure are operating normally.
Which combination of AWS services can the company use to gather the required information? (Select TWO).

A. AWS Personal Health Dashboard.
B. AWS System Manager
C. AWS trusted Advisor
D. AWS Service Health Dashboard
E. AWS Service Catalog

Answer: CD

A company is developing a new Node.js application. The application must have a scalabe NoSQL database to meet increasing demand as the popularity of the application grown.
Which AWS services will meet the requirements for the database?

A. Amazon Aurora Serverless
B. Amazon ElastiCache
C. Amazon DynamocDB
D. Amazon Redshift

Answer: C

A company puns to move its on-premises servers to Amazon EC2 instances. The company has 50 different business units and wants to separate each billing lot each unit. What should a cloud practitioner recommend?

A. Use separate AWS accounts for each business unit men filter by unit using the coverage report
B. Place each business unit in a different AWS Region then filter by unit in Cost Explorer.
C. Tag each business unit’s resources then filter by unit in Cost Explorer
D. Use a Afferent VPC for each business unit then Mar by unit using an AWS Cost and Usage Report

Answer: C

Which AWS service or feature will search for and identify AWS resources that are stared externally?

A. Amazon OpenSearch Service (Amazon Elasticsearch Service)
B. AWS Control Tower
C. AWS IAM Access Analyzer
D. AWS Fargate

Answer: C

Which AWS service will help a company plan a migration to AWS by collecting the configuration usage and behavior data of on-premises data centers?

A. AWS Resource Groups
B. AWS Application Discovery Service
C. AWS Service Catalog
D. AWS Systems Manager

Answer: B

A company plans to migrate complex legacy systems to AWS. The company will use several operating systems multiple databases and multiple programming languages. Which benefit of the AWS Cloud does this scenario represent?

A. Scalability
B. Flexibility
C. Reliability
D. Security

Answer: C

Which of lite following is advantages of the AWS Cloud? (Select TWO.)

A. Trade variable expenses tor capital expenses
B. High economies of scale
C. Launch globally in minutes
D. Focus on managing hardware infrastructure
E. Overprovision to ensure capacity

Answer: CE

A company has an on-premises Oracle database. The company spends a significant amount of time on database administration activities. The company is moving the database to AWS and needs to minimize the time that is requited lot these administration activities.
Which AWS service should the company use to meet this requirement?

A. Amazon ElastiCache
B. Amazon EC2
C. Amazon RDS
D. Amazon DynamoDB

Answer: C
Section: (none)

Which of the following are benefits that a company receives when it moves an on-premises internet-lacing website to the AWS Cloud? (Select TWO.)

A. Data that is stored in the AWS Cloud is automatically encrypted.
B. Website capacity can expand or contract as website traffic changes.
C. AWS automatically provides the company with the lowest-cost pricing model.
D. The website shows up with higher priority in internet search engines
E. The company can take advantage of the pay-as-you-go pricing model

Answer: BE
Section: (none)

Which AWS services are delivered globally instead of regionally? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon EC2
B. Amazon CloudFront
C. Amazon Route 53
D. Amazon VPC
E. Amazon RDS

Answer: BC

Which of the following can be used to identity a specific user who slopped an Amazon EC2 instance?

A. AWS CloudTrail
B. Amazon inspector
C. Amazon CloudWatch
D. VPC Flow Logs

Answer: A

Which task is the responsibility of the customer according to the AWS snared responsibility model?

A. Patch the Amazon DynamoDB operating system
B. Secure Amazon CloudFront edge locations by allowing physical access according to the principle of least privilege
C. Protect the hardware that runs AWS services
D. Use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) according to the principle of least privilege

Answer: D

Which AWS Cloud benefit is shown by architecture’s ability to withstand with minimal downtime?

A. Agility
B. Elasticity
C. Scalability
D. High availability

Answer: C

A company that is migrating to the AWS Cloud wants to reduce the operational costs of running its databases. Which combination of actions should the company take to achieve this goal (Select TWO.)

A. Activate Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
B. Deploy resources across multiple Availability Zones.
C. Decrease operational tasks by using AWS managed services.
D. Automate changes and responses to events.
E. Use the AWS global infrastructure to benefit from economies of scale

Answer: CD

Which component of the AWS global infrastructure does Amazon CloudFront use to deliver content to end users with low latency?

A. Edge locations
B. AWS Regions
C. Availability Zones
D. AWS Direct Connect connections

Answer: A

A company wants to receive alerts when resources that are launched in the company’s AWS account reach 80% of their service quotas. Which AWS service should the company use to meet this requirement?

A. AWS CloudTrail
B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. AWS Config
D. Amazon inspector

Answer: B

A company has deployed its IT infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. The company’s database must support reads with sub-millisecond latency.
Which AWS service will meet this requirement?

A. Amazon EMR
B. Amazon RDS
C. AWS Glue
D. Amazon ElastiCache

Answer: D

An ecommerce comply is using Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling groups to manage a fleet of web servers running on Amazon EC2. This architecture follows which AWS Well/architected Framework best practice?

A. Secure the workload
B. Decouple infrastructure components
C. Design for failure
D. Think parallel

Answer: C

Which of the following gives a company the ability to fake advantage of tiered pricing tor services across multiple AWS member accounts?

A. AWS Organizations service control policies (SCPs)
B. AWS Organizations consolidated billing
C. All Upfront Reserved instances
D. Cost Explorer utilization reports

Answer: B

A company wants to design its cloud architecture so that its workloads are resilient can consistently perform their intended functions correctly and can recover from failure quickly. Which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework does this architecture represent?

A. Security
B. Performance efficiency
C. Operational excellence
D. Reliability

Answer: D

What is the MOST secure way lo store passwords on AWS?

A. Store passwords in an Amazon S3 bucket
B. Store passwords as AWS CloudFormation parameters
C. Store passwords in AWS Storage Gateway
D. Store passwords in AWS Secrets Manager

Answer: D

A company uses a database that has a simple sign-up page to create users, and a basic login form to authenticate users so they can access the database. The company wants to give users the ability to store personal information, but user access must be controlled in a more secure and reliable way. Which AWS service or feature will meet these requirements?

A. Security groups
B. Amazon GuardDuty
C. AWS Secrets Manager
D. Amazon Cognito

Answer: D

A company wants to offer direct phone and chat channels for customer service. The company needs a pay-as-you-go solution that remote customer service agents can use to create and manage voice and chat contact flows.
Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events)
B. Amazon Connect
C. Amazon Cognito
D. AWS Direct Connect

Answer: B

A company has acquired several other companies. All the companies host their IT infrastructure in the AWS Cloud.
Which AWS service should the acquiring company use to centralize the account management?

A. AWS Systems Manager
B. AWS Organizations
C. AWS Security Hub
D. Amazon Workspaces

Answer: B
Section: (none)

A company recently mutated to AWS and wants to enable intelligent threat protection and continuous monitoring across all of its AWS accounts. Which AWS service should the company use lo achieve this goal?

A. Amazon Macie
B. Amazon GuardDuty
C. AWS Shield
D. Amazon Detective

Answer: B

A company needs a central user portal so that users can log in to third-party business applications that support Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0.
Which AWS service will meet this requirement?

A. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
B. Amazon Cognito
C. AWS Single Sign-On

Answer: B

A developer wants to deploy an application on a container-based service. The service must automatically provision and manage the backend instances. The service must provision only the necessary resources. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. Amazon EC2
B. Amazon Lightsail
C. Amazon Elastic Kubermetes Service (Amazon EKS)
D. AWS Margate

Answer: D

Which design principles of the AWS WelI-Architected Framework help increase reliability? (Select TWO.)

A. Automatically recover from failure.
B. Enable traceability.
C. Scale horizontally to increase workload availability.
D. Automate security best practices.
E. Keep people away from data.

Answer: AC

A company that uses AWS needs to transfer 2 TB of data. Which type of transfer of that data would result in no cost for the company?

A. Inbound data transfer from the internet
B. Outbound data transfer to the internet
C. Data transfer between AWS Regions
D. Data transfer between Availability Zones

Answer: B

A company wants to organize its users so that the company can grant permissions to the users as a group. Which AWS service or tool can the company use to meet this requirement?

A. Security groups
B. AWS identity and Access Management (IAM)
C. Resource groups
D. AWS Security Hub

Answer: B

A company uses AWS Direct Conned and wants to establish connectivity that spans VPCs across multiple AWS Regions. Which AWS service or feature should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Transit Gateway
B. AWS PrivateLink
C. Amazon Connect
D. Amazon Route 53

Answer: B

Which fully managed AWS service allows a user to bring their own machine teaming algorithm?

A. Amazon Forecast
B. AWS Artifact
C. AWS Data Pipeline
D. Amazon SageMaker

Answer: D

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