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Question: 20
You are designing a full mesh of connections between multiple enterprise In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Security and Internet control is applied at a central location
B. All sites are able to communicate directly with each other
C. It is easier for administrators to enforce application-aware services with a single point of management.
D. IPsec tunnels can be used to secure traffic between sites.

Answer: AB

Question: 21
According to Juniper Networks, which two statements describe OoB network design best practices? (Choose two.)

A. Ensure that all users are authenticated using individual accounts and credentials.
B. Ensure that the management network is accessible through the production network.
C. Ensure that the management network uses a unique IP network.
D. Ensure that only console ports are used to manage devices.

Answer: CD

Question: 22
Your customer is deploying a multitenant data center and needs help with the WAN edge design. What are two mam design considerations for this environment? (Choose two.)

A. control plane redundancy
B. NAT requirements
C. unified threat management
D. Virtual Chassis Control Protocol

Answer: BC

Question: 23
Since deploying VPLS, you notice an unusually high level of traffic In your nine topology. On further inspection, you determine that broadcast traffic is causing the problem. The traffic is legitimate. Nevertheless, you are asked to look into options that allow the network to scale.
In this scenario, what would you do to solve the problem?

A. Mark broadcast traffic with a high drop priority.
B. Move from LDP-signaled VPLS to BGP-signaled VPLS.
C. Add a broadcast policer and an unknown unicast policer to each VPLS.
D. Deploy P2MP LSPs.

Answer: D

Question: 24
Click the Exhibit button:
Referring to the exhibit, which mechanism is used to advertise routes from the enterprise network to the service provider network?

A. BGP flowspec
B. BGP export policies
C. BGP import policies
D. firewall filters

Answer: C

Question: 25
A customer reports a network outage at a branch office after users have reported intermittent Internet connectivity Upon further investigation, you determine that there is significant packet loss and that the majority of traffic on the WAN consists of DNS responses from many different sources.
In this scenario, which design consideration would reduce further occurrences with minimal chance of affecting valid traffic?

A. Implement CGNAT
B. Create a firewall filter to drop all traffic to the affected destination address of the attack
C. Create a firewall filter to drop all traffic based on the source addresses of the attack.
D. Configure BGP flowspec.

Answer: A

Question: 26
You must build a portable and customizable template to secure the What are two components of this template? (Choose two )

A. stateful firewall policy
B. generic policers
C. routing policy
D. firewall filter

Answer: CD

Question: 27
Your company is a large ISP that is upgrading their routers As part of the upgrade project, they want to implement a solution that will improve the effectiveness of their current RTBH solution for handling spoofed IP addresses coming across the WAN.
Which action would satisfy their requirement?

A. Implement manual firewall policies
B. Implement unicast RPF
C. Implement MACsec.
D. Implement EVPN

Answer: D

Question: 28
Which RFC standards-based feature allows for customer-specific configuration parameters to be passed between RADIUS and a BRAS?

A. DHCPv6 options
B. DHCP options
C. vendor-specific attributes

Answer: C

Question: 29
You 2 VPN services to interconnect three of their sites.

A. In this scenario, what are two functions of the CE device? (Choose two.)
B. It maintains all customer Layer 3 routing information.
C. It selects the appropriate circuit on which to traverse the Layer 2 VPN.
D. It maintains an MP-BGP session to all other sites to exchange route information for the Layer 2 VPN.
E. It maintains all MPLS LSPs between the sites.

Answer: BE

Question: 30
You are working on a multi-Data Center interconnect (DCI) solution. Your WAN is based upon a multipoint MPLS Layer 3 VPN. This design must provide Layer 2 connectivity between the data centers across your WAN.
Which technology would satisfy the requirement?


Answer: D

Question: 31
You are designing a new deployment of Paragon Pathfinder (formerly known as NorthStar). You are asked to ensure that LSPs can be created only from Paragon Pathfinder itself.
What will accomplish this task?

A. PCC initiated
B. PCC delegated
C. PCE delegated
D. PCE initiated

Answer: C

Question: 32
Your organization expenenced a man-in-the-middle attack and must protect against future attacks. In this scenario, what must you do to protect your network?

A. Implement EVPN
B. Implement MACsec.
C. Implement destination-based RTBH
D. Implement flowspec

Answer: A

Question: 33
You are responding to an ERFP for a customer’s MX-based BNG deployment that must accommodate at least 8000 subscribers. However, the customer’s aggregation device only support 4094 VLANs.
Which action would you propose to solve the customer’s capacity concern?

A. Use VLAN translation
B. Use stacked VLANs
C. Add an additional fabric module.
D. Add an additional line card.

Answer: D

Question: 34
What are two considerations for using the public Internet for WAN connectivity? (Choose two.)

A. End-to-end traffic is best effort.
B. It is inherently insecure, and additional encryption should be considered.
C. End-to-end CoS and larger MTU are possible.
D. It is inherently secure and does not require additional encryption.

Answer: BC

Question: 35
You are designing a solution for a company with a central office with several branch locations geographically dispersed. You are given the following requirements:
— provides a different bandwidth at each location,
— has any-to-any connectivity,
— offloads some network responsibility.
— is inherently isolated.
— has a simple network design.
Which statement satisfies these requirements?

A. Implement WAN over the public Internet.
B. Implement Layer 3 VPN services at each location
C. Implement Layer 2 VPN point-to-point circuits from each location to the central office.
D. Implement services on a mesh of dark fiber between each location

Answer: C

Question: 36
You are designing a Metro Ethernet ring topology that requires a sub 50 ms failover. Which two protocols will meet this requirement? (Choose two )

A. Spanning Tree Protocol
B. Link Aggregation Control Protocol
C. MPLS fast reroute
D. Ethernet ring protection switching

Answer: AD

Question: 37
You are asked to design a WAN for a large enterprise. Each site must have multiple connections for redundancy. MPLS is not available at every site but it is preferred where available.
Which topology satisfies these design requirements?

A. hub-and-spoke Internet WAN
B. full mesh SD-WAN
C. full mesh MPLS VPN
D. hub-and-spoke SD-WAN

Answer: D

Question: 38
Which two network availability features require a router to have two Routing Engines installed? (Choose two.)

C. nonstop routing
D. graceful restart

Answer: AC

Question: 39
Which two statements are correct about Junos Space Connectivity Services Director? (Choose two)

A. It is used to design, provision, and monitor Label Discovery Protocol (LDP) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) services on devices
B. It is used to design and simulate MPLS-TE and LSP routing.
C. It is used to design, provision, and deploy MPLS-dynamic, RSVP-signaled LSP, and static LSP services on devices.
D. It is used to provide zero touch provisioning (ZTP), which simplifies the deployment of networks by providing policy-driven plug-and-play provisioning and network bring-up operations.

Answer: CD

Question: 40
You are asked to provide a design proposal for a services provider’s core network. The network consists of both IPv2 and IPv4 addresses and must scale up to 50 core routing devices. As part of your design, you must in redundancy and ensure that future network expansion is easily incorporated.
In this scenario, which statement is correct regarding the BGP design?

A. You should create a full mesh of EBGP neighbors in your core.
B. You must use direct interface peering for your neighbors.
C. You should use a pair of route reflectors with peering’s to all other core devices.
D. You must separate the BGP network into multiple autonomous systems on geographic location.

Answer: C

Question: 41
Your customer’s enterprise is adding geographically dispersed branch offices and requires new WAN connections. The primary design consideration for this expansion is low cost.
Which type of WAN connection satisfies the customer’s requirement in this scenario?

A. leased line dedicated circuit
B. Internet connection with IPsec
C. transparent Layer 2 service
D. MPLS Layer 3 VPN

Answer: C

Question: 42
What are two network management benefits of using devices in your design proposals?

A. Virtualization allows network administrators to dynamically make configuration changes to all network devices.
B. Virtualization can lower costs because there are fewer physical devices that need to be purchased and managed.
C. Virtualization can increase the available network bandwidth because their interface speeds are only limited by the host device.
D. Virtualization allows network administrators to dynamically add and remove services being provided

Answer: BD

Question: 43
Which statement describes Juniper Networks network management design best practices?

A. You should ensure that automaton is used sparingly.
B. You should ensure that only off-box automation scripts are used
C. You should ensure that only on-box automaton scrips are used
D. You should ensure that automation is used as much as possible.

Answer: B

Question: 44
You are asked to create a DCI that does not require MAC learning. Which protocol would you use in this scenario?

D. pseudowire

Answer: D

Question: 45
You are responding to an RFP for a services provider that wants to upgrade their MPLS/LDP network to use traffic engineering.
Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two )

A. Segment routing requires a controller for bandwidth reservations
B. Segment routing uses LDP for label adjacency making it backward-compatible with LDP.
C. RSVP-TE requires a controller for bandwidth reservations.
D. RSVP-TE creates session states on core routers.

Answer: AD

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