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What is a constraint of Cisco MPLS TE tunnel configurations?

A. Tunnels cannot span multiple OSPF areas.
B. With ISIS as an IGP. only older-style metrics are used.
C. Tunnels cannot be configured over IP unnumbered links.
D. QoS-aware tunneling is not supported.

Answer: C


Refer To the exhibit. Which BGP attribute should be manipulated to have CE1 use PE1 as the primary path to the Internet?

A. The weight attribute should be manipulated on PE1 on outbound routes advertised to CE1.
B. The MED should be manipulated on CE1 on inbound routes from PE1.
C. The local preference attribute should be manipulated on PE2 on inbound routes advertised to CE1.
D. The origin of all routes should be modified on each router on inbound and outbound routes advertised to CE1.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A network operator working for a telecommunication company with an employee 3994:37:650 is implementing a cisco Unified MPLS solution.
What is the effect of this implementation?

A. EIGRP is deployed between the PEs and ABRs with RFC 3107.
B. OSPF is deployed between the PEs and ABRs with RFC 3107.
C. IS-IS is deployed between the PEs and ABRs with RFC 3107.
D. BGP is deployed between the PEs and ABRs with RFC 3107.

Answer: D

An engineer must extend Layer 2 Between two campus sites connected through an MPLS backbone that encapsulates Layer 2 and Layer 3 data.
Which action must the engineer perform on the routers to accomplish this task?

A. Configure a EtherChannel for E-LAN.
B. Configure a pseudowire for E-LINE.
C. Configure Cisco MPLS TE for use with E-TREE.
D. Configure QoS for MPLS and E-ACCESS

Answer: B

The engineering team at a large ISP has been alerted a customer network is experiencing high traffic congestion. After a discussion between the ISP and technical personnel at the customer site, the team agrees that traffic to the customer network that exceeds a specific threshold will be dropped. Which task must the engineer perform on the network to implement traffic policing changes?

A. Configure RSVP to reserve bandwidth on all interfaces when a path is congested.
B. Enable Cisco Discovery Protocol on the interface sending the packets.
C. Enable Cisco Express Forwarding on the interfaces sending and receiving the packets.
D. Set IP precedence values to take effect when traffic exceeds a given threshold.

Answer: D

An engineer is implementing IGMP with SSM on a multicampus network that supports video streaming. Which task must the engineer perform as part of the process?

A. Configure the network to use IGMPv3.
B. Configure the network to use bidirectional PIM.
C. Configure an RP that uses static assignments only.
D. Configure the network to use the PIM bsr-candidate

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has started to configure a router for OSPF, as shown Which configuration must an engineer apply on the network so that area 15 traffic from R5 to R1 will prefer the route through R4?

A. Place the link between R3 and R5 in a stub area to force traffic to use the route through R4.
B. Increase the cost on the link between R2 and R4, to influence the path over R3 and R4.
C. Implement a multiarea adjacency on the link between R2 and R4, with the cost manipulated to make the path through R4 preferred.
D. Implement a sham link on the between R3 and R2 to extend area 0 area 15.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer has started to configure a router for secure remote access as shown. All users who require network access need to be authenticated by the SSH Protocol.
Which two actions must the engineer implement to complete the SSH configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Configure an IP domain name.
B. Configure service password encryption.
C. Configure crypto keys
D. Configure ACL 100 to permit access to port 22.
E. Configure a password under the vty lines.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. A network operator has two IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stacked network on each side of the IPv4 core network. The operator must be able to provide connectivity between them while using specific assigned IPv6 space provided from the company IP administrator team. Which technology should the network operator use to accomplish this goal?

A. 6rd
B. NAT46
C. DS-Lite
D. NAT44

Answer: B

Which additional configuration is required for NetFlow to provide traceback information?

A. Cisco Express Forwarding must be configured for traffic that is egressing from the router to be properly reported.
B. A classification ACL must be configured to identify which type of traffic will be analyzed.
C. The BGP routing process must be started for any ingress or egress data to be reported when using NetFlow. Version 5.
D. LLDP must be configured or the device will be unable to locate a NetFlow analyzer.

Answer: B

What is a characteristic of prefix segment identifier?

A. It contains a router to a neighbor
B. It contains the interface address of the device per each link
C. It is globally unique.
D. It is locally unique.

Answer: C

An engineer working for a private service provider with employee id: 3994 37 650 is configuring a Cisco device to redistribute OSPF into BGP. Which task enables the device to filter routes?

A. Configure a distribute list and associate it to the BGP peer interface
B. Configure a prefix list and associate it to the BGP peer interface
C. Configure a route map and reference it with the redistribute command
D. Configure an access list and reference it with the redistribute command

Answer: C

A network engineer is configuring a newly installed PE router at the regional gateway location. The new PE router must use MPLS core routing protocols with the existing P router, and LDP sessions between the two routers must be protected to provide faster MPLS convergence. Which configuration must the engineer perform on the network so that LDP sessions are established?

A. Enable communication over TCP port 646 for T-LDP hello messages.
B. Enable RSVP-TE FRR on the LDP interface to protect the LDP session between routers.
C. Enable LDP session protection on either one of the routers, which allows them to autonegotiate.
D. Set the LDP session protection timer on each router to the same value.

Answer: C

What do Chef and Puppet have in common?

A. use Ruby
B. use a master server
C. require modules to be created from scratch
D. manage agents referred to as minions

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. CE1 and CE2 require connectivity to the internet through the ISP connected to PE3. What should an engineer configure to complete this task?

A. PE2 must be configured to serve as a route reflector for PE3 routes learned from the internet. PE2 then shares the routes with CE1 and CE2.
B. CE1 and CE2 must be configured with a route distinguisher in the PE1 VRF that dynamically imports the route from the internet.
C. CE1 and CE2 must be configured to use a static default route with a next-hop of PE3 to reach internet routes.
D. PE1 must be configured with an import route target in the CE1 VRF that matches the export route target for the internet VRF on PE3.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A Cisco engineer is implementing gRPC dial-out on an ASR. Receiver 192.168 1.1 will be assigned one of the subscriptions, and it will manage the ASR. Which command is needed to complete the router configuration?

A. protocol grpc
B. protocol all
C. protocol tcp
D. protocol any

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which show command shows statistics for the control plane policy and is used to troubleshoot?

A. show control-plane CoPP
B. show control-plane
C. show policy-map control-plane
D. show policy control-plane

Answer: C

A network engineer is configuring RIP as the routing protocol between multiple PEs and CEs. The engineer must avoid advertising the same routes back to their sources. Which action should be performed on the routers to accomplish this task?

A. Configure a different route distinguisher for each prefix.
B. Define the site of origin on each interface.
C. Define VRFs on each device to separate the traffic.
D. Enable bidirectional forwarding detection on each device.

Answer: A

The network-engineering team of a service provider is integrating several recently acquired networks into a more scalable common Unified MPLS architecture. The new network architecture will support end-to-end VPNv4 and VPNv6 services with these requirements:
– The IGP of the core layer is IS-IS In Area 0.
– The IGP of the aggregation layers is OSPF in Area 0.
– The LDP protocol Is used to distribute label bindings within each IGP domain.
Which task must the network engineer perform when implementing this new architecture?

A. Configure BGP-LU between ABR routers of each IGP domain to carry MPLS label information in NLRI.
B. Configure a BGP session between the ABR routers of each IGP domain to exchange VPNv4 or VPNv6 prefixes
C. Configure the ABR in each IGP domain to preserve next-hop information on all VPNv4 and VPNv6 prefixes advertised by the PE.
D. Configure mutual redistribution of each IGP domain’s loopback prefix to provide end-to-end LDP LSP

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. If RC is a stub router, which entry must be injected so that it will send traffic outside the OSPF domain?

A. virtual link between RB and RC
B. sham link
C. more specific route
D. default route

Answer: C

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