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Which of the following will happen when an administrator upgrades the Connection Server and a valid certificate is stored on the Windows Server?

A. The Connection Server installation will automatically extract end import the existing keys and certificates into the Windows Certificate Store.
B. The existing keys and certificates will be extracted and imported into the Windows Certificate Store only if Horizon is integrated with Workspace ONE Access.
C. Installing the Connection Server instance generates a self-signed certificate for the server.
D. If the import existing certificates checkbox is selected during the Connection Server installation, the existing keys and certificates will be extracted and imported Into the Windows Certificate Store.

Answer: D

Which two types of pools can be created in Horizon on Azure VMware Solutions(AVS)? (Choose two.)

A. full clone
B. Raw clones
C. linked clones
D. Instant-done
E. Pool clones

Answer: AD

After a disaster recovery failure which left the data center unavailable, a company’s Horizon Administrator team has dedicated to increase the capacity of their Horizon desktop pools and their resiliency.
Which two deployment options would support the requirement? (Choose two.)

A. Horizon Desktop deployed as a Service on vCloud Air.
B. Horizon deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS.
C. Horizon deployed m the same Local Data Center.
D. Horizon deployed on VMware Cloud on VMware.
E. Horizon deployed in a Remote Data Center

Answer: AC

Having configured two standalone Horizon pods, what steps should be taken to join them in a Cloud Pod Architecture (CPA) deployment?

A. Initialize the CPA on both Pods. On the second pod, sync the CPA. On one pod, create Cloud entitlements, and add local pooh from each pod.
B. Initialize the CPA on both Pods. On the second pod, sync the CPA. On one pod, create Global Entitlements, and add local pools from each pod.
C. On one pod, initialize the CPA. On the second pod, join the CPA. On one pod, create Global Entitlements, and add local pools from each pod.
D. On one pod, initialize the CPA. On the second pod, join the CPA. On one pod, create Cloud Entitlements, and sync pooh from each pod.

Answer: C

An administrator has been tasked with disabling USB redirection for all finance users in the virtual desktop environment.
Which of the following options would meet the requirement?

A. Create a new golden image, deselect USB redirection at the Horizon agent installation, and push the new image to all desktop pools.
B. Open the Horizon Console and m Global Policies set the USB Access Policy to disabled.
C. Open the Horizon Console and in Desktop settings set the USB Access Policy to disabled for all finance users.
D. Create a Horizon Smart Policy, disable USB redirection, and set a condition matching all finance users.

Answer: C

An administrator wants to leverage Horizon Cloud Service to manage their Horizon on-premises deployment. What does the administrator need to install to achieve this?

A. Deploy the Horizon Cloud Connector using DHCP
B. Deploy a Unified Access Gateway with a static IP
C. Deploy a Unified Access Gateway using DHCP.
D. Deploy the Horizon Cloud Connector with a static IP.

Answer: D

An administrator wants to reduce the number of primary that are used for floating instant-clone pools.
What solution would meet this requirement/

A. App Volumes
B. ThinApp
C. Install natively
D. Dynamic Environment Manager

Answer: A

An administrator is deploying Horizon and wants to enable users to connect from the internet.
What does the administrator need to deploy?

A. Unified Access Gateway in the DMZ
B. Replica Connection Server in the DMZ
C. New Horizon Pod in the DMZ
D. Security Server in the DMZ

Answer: A

An administrator needs to submit a network change request to have firewall ports opened to allow users to connect to a Horizon environment using RDP via Unified Access Gateway with the minimum number of ports.
Which ports selection meets the requirements?

A. 443, 3389, 4172
B. 443
C. 80,443
D. 443, 4172
E. 7443

Answer: A

An administrator configures VMware Dynamic Environment Manager’s Logon and logoff tasks to loads to load two PowerShell scripts on boot and logoff, but has noticed the scripts are not loading.

A. PCoIP needs to be used instead of Blast.
B. Permissions were not configured property.
C. Clipboard rejection policy needs to be configured.
D. URL Content Redirection policy needs to be configured.

Answer: D

A Horizon administrator has been running Application Profiler to preserve application-specific user defined settings. These files have grown to 2.3GB in size for a particular user and have negatively impacted the user experience.
What can be done to the configuration to improve the user experience?

A. Configure exclusions to filter out unnecessary registry entries.
B. Configure exclusions to filter out unnecessary folders.
C. Use Deepest Registry Path.
D. Change the default save path.

Answer: B

What is the benefit of using the Browse local Profile feature in the Dynamic Environment Manager to adjust the Import/Export configuration for an application DirectFlex?

A. The Import/Export Config can be deleted from a user profile.
B. The Microsoft Windows users profile configuration can be changed.
C. It allows backup of the user profile.
D. The registry or filesystem paths do not have to be typed in the editor.

Answer: A

An administrator has been tasked with determining the type of Horizon deployment for their organization.
These requirements have been provided to the administrator:
* It must support Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktops.
* It must support App Volumes Cloud.
* It must support hybrid cloud.
* It must support Centralize brokering.
* It must automatically route end to the most appropriate virtual workspace.
Which deployment solution meets the requirements?

A. Horizon On-Premises
B. vSphere Desktop Edition
C. Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management
D. Horizon Cloud Service on Azure

Answer: C

Which two databases are supported in horizon 8 for Event Database configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Oracle DB
B. DynamoDB
C. MariaDB
D. Microsoft SQL

Answer: AD

When trying to connect to the Connection Server using HTML access on Internet Explorer 11, a user sees a message stating that the server expects to receive login credentials from another application or server. The Connection Server instance is paired with a SAML 2.0 authentication server with a signed CA certificate.

A. HTML access is not allowed if the Connection Server is pawed with an 5AML 2.0 authentication server.
B. Workspace ONE mode is enabled on the Connection Server instance.
C. Internet Explorer 11 does not support HTML Access.
D. HTML access is disabled by the CA certificate.

Answer: A

An administrator is tasked with enabling two-factor authentication for Horizon administrators to login to the Horizon Console. Which option will the administrator use that supports two factor authentications?

B. RSA SecurelD
D. Smart Card Authentication

Answer: B

An end-user is experiencing a black screen when connecting to their virtual desktop. After a few seconds, the connection closes.
Which could be the cause of the issue? (Choose three.)

A. The Horizon Virtual Machine video memory is too high.
B. The incorrect video driver version is installed on the Horizon virtual machine.
C. The Client machine video memory is too high.
D. There is a vRAM shortage on the Horizon virtual machine
E. There in an incorrect firewall configuration.

Answer: ABD

A company will be deploying hundreds of desktops for temporary workers. The workers be heavy Microsoft 365 users and require access to local USB, camera, and printers. The company is challenged with no spare capacity to support the deployment in their datacenter. Which VMware solution can the company use to easily deploy the desktops, while keeping the base cost lower than other possible solutions?

A. Horizon on Google Cloud VMware Engine
B. VMware Horizon on Azure
C. VMware Horizon On-premises
D. VMware Horizon on AWS

Answer: B

An administrator needs to upgrade a Unified Access Gateway (UAG) appliance. The UAG is connected to a load balancer with other UAGs and has existing sessions. Which option provided allows zero downtime for maintenance?

A. Enable Quiesce Mode m the UAG Admin UI.
B. Remove the Horizon Connection Server thumbprint in the UAG Admin UI.
C. Suspend the UAG appliance.
D. Power off the UAG appliance

Answer: A

An administrator has added a support PCI graphics accelerator to a virtual machine configuration. Which the administrator tries to power on the virtual machine, an error is displayed and the virtual machine remains powered off.
Which of the following virtual machine configuration settings needs to be applied to enable the virtual machine to power on?

A. Reserve all guest memory.
B. Set Memory Shares to High
C. Enable Video Card 3D Graphics.
D. Disable CPU Hot Plug.

Answer: B

A user is complaining that each time they logon the need to change the settings for the e-mail client. Which three options can an administrator deploy to make sure the user’s settings are being saved?

A. Roaming Profiles
B. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
C. Flexible profiles
D. VMware App Volume Writeable Volume
E. Mandatory profiles

Answer: ABE

An end-user complains that their logon time has increased dramatically. A Administrator open the VMware Logon folder to troubleshoot the issue, but it does not contain log files for the reported session.
What could be the cause of this issue?

A. The Timing Profile is disabled on the Connection server.
B. The Horizon Event Database is not configured.
C. The VMware Horizon Logon Monitor service is not started.
D. The Windows Event Viewer is disabled.

Answer: C

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