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A vSphere administrator has migrated a virtual machine between two ESXi hosts using vSphere vMotion and notices that the VM can no longer be pinged.

What caused this situation?

A. The virtual machine has RDMs attached.
B. A different datastore is being used after the migration.
C. There is an MTU mismatch.

D. The destination portgroup has an incorrect VLAN tag.

Correct Answer: D

An administrator is asked to copy a single hard disk from one datastore to another. Which virtual machine Hie type should the administrator select?

A. vmdk
B. vswp
C. vmx
D. vmss

Correct Answer: A

Which vSphere feature protects against host hardware failures by restarting virtual machines (VMs) on hosts that are running in the cluster?

A. vSphere HA
B. vSphere vMotion
C. vSphere Fault Tolerance
D. vSphere DRS

Correct Answer: A

An administrator is concerned that a VM has high ballooning activity and needs to check the default display of the Advanced Performance pane in the vSphere Client to confirm this activity.

Which view should the administrator choose in the default display?

A. Network
B. Power
C. Memory
D. Virtual disk

Correct Answer: D

Which IP storage is supported on vSphere?


Correct Answer: D

Which feature must be enabled to configure vSphere Proactive HA?

A. vSphere DRS
B. Cluster EVC
C. Fault Tolerance
D. vSphere HA

Correct Answer: C

Which action should an administrator perform in the vSphere Client to create a VM template that can be used by more than one vCenter Server instance?

A. Right-click the VM > Clone > Clone to Template
B. Right-click the VM > Template > Convert to Template
C. Right-click the VM > Clone > Clone as Template to Library
D. Right-click the VM template > Convert to Virtual Machine

Correct Answer: B

An administrator must ensure that virtual machines have their initial placement performed automatically and that migration recommendations are displayed but not applied.

Which vSphere DRS Automation Level should the administrator use?

A. Aggressive
B. Manual
C. Partially Automated
D. Fully Automated

Correct Answer: C

An administrator is migrating 100 virtual machines from one ESXi Host to another. The current lGigE network cards are only migrating four virtual machines simultaneously.

Which action should the administrator take to increase that number to eight?

A. Add more memory to the ESXI hosts
B. Add a lOGIgE network card to each ESXI host
C. Configure port mirroring
D. Configure Load Balancing

Correct Answer: C

Which two VMware vSphere components provide automated uptime protection in a software-defined data center? (Choose two)

A. vMotion
B. High Availability
C. vShield Endpoint
D. Fault Tolerance

Correct Answer: BD

Which vCenter Server capability centrally stores virtual machines and templates in a virtualized data center?

A. Virtual Volume
B. vApp
C. Content Library
D. Virtual SAN

Correct Answer: C

What are two advantages of implementing Data Center Visualization? (Choose two.)

A. Reduced application licensing costs
B. Improved Disaster Recovery
C. Rapid provisioning
D. Unified application management

Correct Answer: CD

What are two ways vsphere cluster, enabled with high availability HA and distributed resource scheduler DRS , differs from traditional failover solution? (Choose two)

A. After a vsphere HA cluster is set up, all virtual machines in the cluster get failover support without additional configuration.
B. Vsphere HA requires special software and drivers to be installed within the application or virtual machine.
C. If a host fails, vsphere DRS can migrate virtual machines to optimize for increased workloads.
D. Vsphere HA only protects availability of virtual machines installed on a stand alone esxi host.

Correct Answer: AC

Which two block storage protocols are supported on vSphere?

D. NFSv4.1
E. NFSv3

Correct Answer: AC

An administrator notices a virtual machine named vm01 is missing from the inventory, but the configuration files can be located. Which file should the administrator click on to register the VM?

A. vm01.vmdk
B. vm01.vmsd
C. vm01vmx
D. vm01.nvram

Correct Answer: C

What is the purpose of an alarm?

A. It records user actions or system actions that occur on objects in vCenter Server or on a host.
B. It notifies about events or conditions that occur with an object on vCenter Server.
C. It represents system activities that do not complete immediately, such as migrating a virtual machine.
D. It keeps records of system actions and the frequency at which they occur.

Correct Answer: B


A vSphere operator discovers a storage problem with the following PDL error message: Permanently inaccessible device
:naa.6000eb31dffc33a0000000000000063 has no more open connections What should the operator conclude from this error message?
A. A storage device is disconnected, bit it is treated as a transient issue.
B. A storage device has failed and is not expected to become available.
C. A storage device has failed and is expected to become available.
D. A storage device is disconnected, but it can be reconnected by a host reboot.

Correct Answer: B

Which virtual machine (VM) problem is solved using vSphere Storage vmotion?

A. The ESXi host on which a VM is running requires to enter maintenance mode.
B. The storage array on which a VM is running requires to enter maintenance mode.
C. VMs are running on one ESXi host that presents high CPU resource contention.
D. The vSphere Client shows that a VM needs to be consolidated.

Correct Answer: B

Traditional operating systems allocate resources such as CPU and memory for applications installed on computers.
Which vSphere component schedules resource for virtual machines in a similar way?

A. virtual Hardware
B. vCenter Server
C. ESXi Hypervisor
D. VMware Tools

Correct Answer: AC

A developer is concerned about a virtual machine’s CPU usage over the past month. How can an administrator show the CPU usage over this time period to the developer?

A. Select the VM’s Summary tab, then view the VM Hardware pane.
B. Select the VM’s Summary tab, then view CPU Usage.
C. Select the VM’s Monitor tab, then select Events.
D. Select the VM’s Monitor tab, then select Overview.

Correct Answer: D

A vSphere administrator has multiple virtual machines running on a VMFS datastore. Which setting prioritizes the disk access for the virtual machines?

A. Disk Shares
B. Disk type
C. Disk Mode
D. Hard disk Correct Answer: A QUESTION 64

An administrator need to migrate a powered off virtual machine to another cluster with no shared storage. Which option should the administrator select for a successful migration?

A. Change storage only
B. Migrate virtual machines(s) to a specific datacenter
C. Change computer resource only
D. Change both compute resource and storage

Correct Answer: D

An alarm is triggered in vSphere Client due to failure of a host in a cluster. The host has not returned to normal state, but the administrator wants to clear the alarm.
Which sequence of steps should the administrator take to accomplish this goal?

A. Host > Configure > Alarm Definitions > select an alarm > Delete alarm
B. Host > Monitor > Issues and Alarms > Triggered Alarms > select alarm > select Acknowledge
C. Host > Monitor > Issues and Alarms > Triggered Alarms > select alarm > select Reset to Green
D. Host > Monitor > Skyline Health

Correct Answer: C

A virtual infrastructure operator needs to migrate a virtual machine (VM).


Which action can the operator take to overcome the error message?

A. Select a different datastore for the VM.
B. Select a cluster that has access to additional storage space.
C. Change the virtual disk format to Thick provision Eager Zeroed.
D. Select a different ESXi host for the VM

Correct Answer: A

A VMware administrator monitoring a project has been advised to run the compute health check using the vSphere 7 client to monitor the ESXi hosts health.
How should the administrator approach this task?

A. Menu > Administrator > Deployment > System Configuration
B. Host > Monitor > Skyline Health > Expand Online Health Connectivity > Compute Health Checks > Reset
C. Host > Monitor > Events

D. Host > Monitor > Issues and Alarms

Correct Answer: B

Which sequence of steps must a vSphere operator take to create an NFS datastore for a host, a cluster, or a data center?

A. Right-click on an ESXi host, select Storage > New Datastore
B. From the actions drop-down menu, select NFS > New datastore
C. From the datastore tab, select NFS > New datastore
D. Select an ESXi host, click the Configure tab > Storage Devices

Correct Answer: A

Which feature mist an administrator use to revert back to the previous of a VM template?

A. VM Snapshots
B. Content Library
C. VMware Tools
D. Storage vMotion

Correct Answer: B

Which two characteristics describe vSphere HA?

A. vSphere HA restarts VMs if their host becomes isolated in the management network.
B. In response to datastore accessibility failures, vSphere HA restarts VMs on unaffected hosts.
C. vSphere HA performs load balancing across the hosts in a cluster to prevent resources contention
D. By Keeping a secondary VM running at all times, vSphere HA protects VMs from data loss.
E. When vCenter Server experiences downtime, vSphere HA restarts VMs on unaffected hosts.

Correct Answer: AB

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