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Question: 30
In VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard, which items are available in the Event view?

A. Hashes, Reputations
B. Emails, Policies, OS, Locations
C. Connection, IP/Port
D. IDs, Indicators/TTPs

Answer: C

Question: 31
Which option would be considered an example of a Hardware Based Exploit?

A. SQL Injection
B. Social Engineering
C. Jail Breaking
D. Denial of Service

Answer: C

Question: 32
Network Security teams can leverage Micro-Segmentation for which purpose?

A. deny attackers the possibility to breach the data center perimeter
B. deny attackers the opportunity to move laterally within the internal network
C. replace the need to leverage traditional network segmentation
D. prevent a successful attack to any of the systems attached to the network

Answer: B

Question: 33
Which three common mitigations for social engineering attacks? (Choose three.)

A. user training
B. filtering Email attachments
C. update Antivirus software
D. remove applications
E. blocking execution of suspicious files

Answer: A, C, E

Question: 34
In Workspace ONE Intelligence, which of the following is a role that can be assigned to an administrator account?

A. Super User
B. Helpdesk
C. Read-only
D. Automater

Answer: A

Question: 35
In Workspace ONE UEM, from which menu would you access Workspace ONE Intelligence?

A. Apps & Books
B. General Settings
C. Device
D. Monitor

Answer: D
Reference:https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE/services/intelligence- documentation/GUID- 01_intel_intro.html#:~:text=Access%20Workspace%20ONE%20Intelligence&text=Access%20the%20 reports%20by%20navigating,console%2C%20follow%20the%20required%20steps

Question: 36
Which VMware application enrolls an endpoint into Workspace ONE?

A. Workspace ONE Web
B. CB Defense Sensor
C. VMware Horizon Client
D. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub

Answer: D

Question: 37
Least Privilege is a common method for minimizing the risk of what kind of threat?

A. Insider Threats
B. Spear Phishing
C. Distributed Denial of Service
D. Man in the Middle

Answer: A

Question: 38
Which VMware Carbon Black Cloud function allows an administrator to remotely run commands on protected endpoints?

A. Live Query
B. Alert Triage
C. Investigate
D. Live Response

Answer: A
Reference:https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Carbon-Black-Cloud/services/carbon-black-cloud-user-guide.pdf (26)

Question: 39
Which NSX functionality allows technology partners to integrate third-party solutions to examine North-South and East-West network traffic?

A. Guest Introspection
B. Network Introspection
C. Gateway Firewall
D. Distributed Firewall

Answer: B

Question: 40
An organization using VMware Carbon Black makes use of an unsigned third party application that is critical to business function. Unfortunately, the application has a reputation of Potentially Unwanted Program and is prevented from running based on the policy.
What Approved list mechanism will allow this application to run in your environment while maintaining the most secure posture?

A. MD5 Hash based
B. Certs based
C. IT Tools based
D. SHA-256 Hash based

Answer: D
Reference:https://community.carbonblack.com/gbouw27325/attachments/gbouw27325/product- docs-news/3221/1/VMware%20Carbon%20Black%20App%20Control%20User%20Guide%20v8.6.pdf

Question: 41
Which three are components of the NSX-T Software-defined Firewall? (Choose three.)

A. NSX Distributed IDS
B. NSX Identity Firewall
C. NSX Edge Firewall
D. NSX Intelligence
E. NSX Distributed Firewall
F. NSX Identity Manager

Answer: A, D, E

Question: 42
What is one of the limitations of traditional Antivirus when compared to Next Generation Antivirus?

A. Traditional AV does not need a client installed on the machines to function
B. Traditional AV focuses on signature or definition based threats
C. Traditional AV requires integration with a SIEM to use the next generation features
D. Traditional AV does not provide a dashboard

Answer: B

Question: 43
In VMware Carbon Black Cloud, which reputations have the highest priority during analysis?

A. Known Priority
B. Trusted Allow List
C. Company Allow List
D. Ignore

Answer: B

Question: 44
If the Compromised Protection switch is enabled in Workspace ONE UEM, what is the expected behavior on compromised devices in the environment?

A. A tag is assigned to the compromised devices and the admin gets notification
B. Compromised devices are automatically Enterprise Wiped
C. A block is set for all network connections except to the VMware servers
D. Devices are marked as non-compliant and the admin gets a notification

Answer: D

Question: 45
In a Workspace ONE deployment, Per App Tunnel uses the Native Platform API for which platforms?

A. iOS & Android only
B. iOS, Android, MacOS & Windows
C. iOS & MacOS only
D. Android & Windows only

Answer: A
Reference:https://techzone.vmware.com/deploying-vmware-workspace-one-tunnel-workspace- one-operational-tutorial#_1223703

Question: 46
Match each Workspace ONE Intelligence Security Risk Module tab on the left with its description on the right by dragging the tab’s name into the correct box.



Question: 47
In VMware Carbon Black Cloud, what is the search field you would use when searching for a command line?

A. command_line:
B. full_cmdline:
C. process_cmdline:
D. process_commandline:

Answer: D
Reference:https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Carbon-Black-Cloud/services/carbon-black-cloud-user-guide.pdf (29)

Question: 48
Which attack technique probes the environment for openings on devices or the firewall?

A. Port Scan
B. Denial of Service
C. Living off the Land
D. Phishing

Answer: A

Question: 49
Which three are VMware Workspace ONE SDK capabilities? (Choose three.)

A. data loss prevention
B. find my device
C. single sign-on
D. geofencing
E. application blacklist

Answer: A, C, D

Question: 50
In VMware Carbon Black Cloud, which two of these statements are true of the Permissions section of the Prevention tab under Policies? (Choose two.)

A. assigns access rights to specific applications
B. deny or close Applications or Actions
C. take precedence over blocking and isolation
D. allows specific operations or applications
E. assigns access rights to specific individuals

Answer: A, D

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