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Refer to the exhibit. Which code snippet must be added to the blank in the code to automate the evaluation and handling of errors due to wrong credentials when Basic Authorization is used?

A. image_thumb[5]
B. image_thumb[6]
C. image_thumb[7]
D. image_thumb[9]

Answer: C

A developer needs to build a new Docker image and has created a tag by using the command:
$ docker tag 32df423320458 local/app.1.2
Which command must be executed next to build the Docker image using the tag?

A. image_thumb[15]
B. image_thumb[16]
C. image_thumb[17]
D. image_thumb[18]

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A developer created a Python script to retrieve interface information for the devices in a MeraKi network environment.
A security analyst has reviewed the code and observed poor secret storage practices.
What is the appropriate password storage approach?

A. Set the Base64 encoded version of the API key as MER_API_KEY in the code and Base64 decode before using in the header.
B. Set an OS environment variable for MER_API_KEY to the API key during running the code and longer set MER_API_KEY within the code.
C. Create a secret for the API key, set MER_API_KEY using the value from the secret in the Pod, and no longer set MER_API_KEY within the code.
D. Leverage an external secret vault to retrieve MER_API_KEY and embed the vault key as a new variable before running the code.

Answer: D

Which action enhances end-user privacy when an application is built that collects and processes the location data from devices?

A. Pepper the MAC address for each device.
B. Salt the MAC address for each device.
C. Implement an algorithmic information theoretic loss to the MAC address for each device.
D. Use the network device serial number to encrypt the MAC address for each device.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

A. image_thumb[21]
B. image_thumb[22]
C. image_thumb[23]
D. image_thumb[25]

Answer: B

A new record-keeping application for employees to track customer orders must be deployed to a company’s existing infrastructure.
The host servers reside in a data center in a different country to where the majority of users work. The new network configuration for the database server is:
– IP:
– Subnet Mask:
– Hostname: CustOrd423320458-Prod-010
– MAC: 18-46-AC-6F-F4-52
The performance of the client-side application is a priority due to the high demand placed on it by employees.
Which area should the team consider in terms of impact to application performance due to the planned deployment?

A. jitter
B. decreased bandwidth
C. latency
D. connectivity loss

Answer: C

An application requires SSL certificates signed by an intermediate CA certificate. The crt files must be available to the application:
– The root CA certificate is root_certrficate.crt.
– The intermediate CA certificate is intermediate_certificate.crt
– The application-specific SSL certificate is crt_certificate.crt.
Which Bash command outputs the certificate bundle as a .pern file?

A. image_thumb[26]
B. image_thumb[27]
C. image_thumb[28]
D. image_thumb[29]

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit An application hosting server with the local data center is experiencing large amounts of traffic from enclusers.
A developer must optimize this API server to reduce the toad on its host.
What are two ways to optimize this code through HTTP cache controls? (Choose two.)

A. Include the “ETag” header in the API response.
B. Include the “Last-Modified” header in the API response.
C. Include the “Content-Type” header in the API response.
D. Leverage middleware caching and respond with HTTP code 104 m the API response
E. Leverage middleware caching and respond with HTTP code 204 m the API response.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. One part of an application routinely uses the Cisco Meraki API to collate data about all clients. Other parts of the application also use the Meraki API, but a single API key is used within the application. The organization has approximately 4,000 clients across 30 networks Some of the application users report poor performance and missing data.
Which two changes improve the performance of the application? (Choose two.)

A. Check for HTTP code 429 and wait until Retry-After time before further calls are made
B. Configure multiple API keys in the application and rotate usage of each one.
C. Use random values in the User-Agent header when HTTP calls are made.
D. Use fewer API calls to create a more efficient endpoint.
E. Check API response payloads for later reuse in real time during code execution.

Answer: AB

How should logs for an application be created?

A. Use a standard and easily configurable logging framework.
B. Use fault-tolerant protocols.
C. Monitor for backlogs and outages.
D. Filter sensitive data before transmitting logs.

Answer: A

Which approach is used to protect East-West API traffic?

A. Use encryption between services
B. Install a perimeter firewall
C. Use a dedicated cloud connection service.
D. Implement an API gateway

Answer: A

A developer creates an application for a Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch in a Docker container.
Which action must be taken to host the application on the switch?

A. Copy the application code to a NETCONF file and upload the file to the switch
B. Connect the switch to Cisco DNA Center and push the application through the platform.
C. Use the Cisco IOxClient tool to export the application to a ZIP file and push the file to the switch
D. Export the application as a TAR file and import the file to the switch

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must integrate error handling tor time-outs on network devices using the REST interface.
Which line of code needs to be placed on the snippet where the code is missing to accomplish this task?

A. elif resp.status_code == 429 or serf._retries < selff._MAX_RETRIES:
B. elif resp.status_code == 404 or self, retries < self._MAX_RETRIES:
C. elif resp.status_code == 429 and self .retries < self._MAX_RETRIES:
D. elif resp.status_code == 404 and self._relries < self._MAX_RETRIES:

Answer: C

Two Elasticsearch database servers use bidirectional asynchronous data replication. Both servers accept writes from clients. The design must meet these requirements:
– The cluster must survive if a fault occurs that causes the network connection to go down between nodes.
– The data must remain consistent if communication between nodes fails.
– The data must be spread evenly across all nodes in the cluster.
Which design approach must be used to meet the requirements?

A. Set the initial voting configuration to force a specific node as the master.
B. Scale the master nodes down to a single node.
C. Set the minimum_master_nodes to 2 in the configuration.
D. Add a third cluster node to provide majority votes.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer developed an Ansible playbook and committed it to GitLab.
A GitLab CI pipeline is started but immediately fails. What is the issue?

A. The runner task uses an incorrect parameter.
B. The Ansible playbook task has a formatting issue.
C. The Ansible playbook has an undefined variable.
D. The runner is running the wrong Docker version.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. Which URI string retrieves configured static routes in a VRF named CUSTOMER from a RESTCONF-enabled device?

A. image_thumb[35]
B. image_thumb[36]
C. image_thumb[37]
D. image_thumb[38]

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which action resolves the error for the GitLab CI/CD pipeline execution?

A. Download the correct artifacts by specifying them in GitLab.
B. Use the python:3.9.0a4-alpine3.10 Docker image
C. Install the missing python libraries via pip3.
D. Add the absolute path to the python3 executable

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is implementing the response for unrecoverable REST API errors.
Which message needs to be placed on the snippet where the code is missing to complete the print statement?

A. “Error; The server is unable to handle your request.” “Error:
B. The data requested has not been found.”
C. “Error: The rate limit has been exceeded for sending API requests at this time”
D. “Enor: The server requires authentication to complete this request.”

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Recently, users have reported problems logging into an application with their usernames and passwords.
The logs have captured an authentication attempt.
Based on the messages and errors contained, what is the cause of the problem?

A. The sign-in redirection is sending clients to the wrong server for SSO.
B. There is a time synchronization issue between the application and LDAP.
C. Users are providing incorrect credentials when logging in.
D. The LDAP server used for authentication fails to respond to connection requests

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing in the Python code to complete the greeter function white also mitigating against XSS threats. Not all options are used.

Drag and Drop Question
Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the components from the Oauth2 authorization protocol flow on the left onto the letter that matches the location in the exhibit.

Drag and Drop Question
A developer is creating a Python script to use the Webex REST API to list joined spaces and handle and print the errors it receives. Drag and drop the code from the bottom of the code snippet onto the blanks in the code to complete the script. Not all options are used.

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the code from the bottom onto the box where the code is missing on the Dockerfile to containerize an application that listens on the specified TCP network port at runtime. Not all options are used.

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