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Which two events can be found in data-filtering logs? (Choose two.)

A. Specific users attempting to authenticate
B. Sensitive information attempting to exit the network
C. An unsuccessful attempt to establish a TLS session
D. A download attempt of a blocked file type

Answer: BD

Which statement applies to the Intrazone Security policy rule?

A. The traffic within the same security zone will not be allowed.
B. It requires a Zone Protection profile to be applied.
C. It applies regardless of whether it is from the same security zone or a different one.
D. It applies to all matching traffic within the specified source security zones.

Answer: D

Review the screenshot below. Which statement is correct about the information it contains?

A. Highlight Unused Rules is checked.
B. Tunnel Traffic has the High Risk tag applied.
C. There are six Security policy rules on this firewall.
D. View Rulebase as Groups is checked.

Answer: D

An administrator wants to enable users to access retail websites that are considered minimum risk.
Which two URL categories should be combined in a custom URL category to accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)

A. e-commerce
B. known-good
C. shopping
D. low-risk

Answer: AC

What are three advantages of user-to-group mapping? (Choose three.)

A. It does not require additional objects to be configured.
B. It does not require a Server profile.
C. It simplifies user administration.
D. It automatically adds new users to the appropriate group.
E. It allows an administrator to write more granular policies.

Answer: CDE

Which situation is recorded as a system log?

A. A connection with an authentication server has been dropped.
B. A file that has been analyzed is potentially dangerous for the system.
C. An attempt to access a spoofed website has been blocked.
D. A new asset has been discovered on the network.

Answer: A

Within an Anti-Spyware security profile, which tab is used to enable machine learning based engines?

A. Signature Policies
B. Signature Exceptions
C. Machine Learning Policies
D. Inline Cloud Analysis

Answer: D

Which two statements correctly describe how pre-rules and local device rules are viewed and modified? (Choose two.)

A. Pre-rules can be modified by the local administrator or by a Panorama administrator who has switched to a local firewall.
B. Pre-rules and local device rules can be modified in Panorama.
C. Pre-rules can be viewed on managed firewalls.
D. Pre-rules are modified in Panorama only, and local device rules are modified on local firewalls only.

Answer: CD

The administrator profile “SYS01 Admin” is configured with authentication profile “Authentication Sequence SYS01,” and the authentication sequence SYS01 has a profile list with four authentication profiles:
– Auth Profile LDAP
– Auth Profile Radius
– Auth Profile Local
– Auth Profile TACACS
After a network outage, the LDAP server is no longer reachable. The RADIUS server is still reachable but has lost the “SYS01 Admin” username and password.
What is the “SYS01 Admin” login capability after the outage?

A. Auth KO because RADIUS server lost user and password for SYS01 Admin
B. Auth OK because of the Auth Profile TACACS
C. Auth OK because of the Auth Profile Local
D. Auth KO because LDAP server is not reachable

Answer: C

Which three types of Source NAT are available to users inside a NGFW? (Choose three.)

A. Static Port
B. Dynamic IP and Port (DIPP)
C. Dynamic IP
D. Static IP and Port (SIPP)
E. Static IP

Answer: BCE

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